Ichy in 28 weeks of pregnancy?Experts teach you to properly prevent pregnancy prurites

Itching of skin is a particularly common symptom, but when pregnant women have itching on the skin, body, or face, everyone may worry about whether it is allergic to "food", or is there a problem with allergens such as "pollen"?In fact, most pregnant women often have the above symptoms at 28 weeks of pregnancy, and clinical diagnosis is pregnancy prurites.

What is pregnancy mucus?

Pregnant women, especially in the early pregnancy, will appear through the body or local skin itching.The degree is light and heavy. In severe cases, it can be restless and unbearable.Because this skin itching is a unique symptoms during pregnancy, it is also called pregnancy pruritus or pruritus.

Features of pregnancy prurites:

1. It is related to pregnancy;

2. The symptoms during the day are mild, and the night is particularly heavy;

3. The postpartum fading by itself has no adverse effects on the fetus;

How many types are divided into pregnancy prurites?

1. Early hairstyle

It mainly occurs in the 3-4 months of pregnancy. The rash can appear in advance during pregnancy again. The trunk and limbs see itching pimples and scratches. The extension is more common, and both sides are symmetrical, severe itching, and special at night.

2. Test hairstyle

It often appears in the last 2 months of pregnancy, and it is most common in 2 weeks before childbirth.Pimplents are good at the abdomen and can be limited to stretch marks.The red wind pimples and plaques often appear first in the abdomen, which can extend to the hips. There are often narrow pale halo rings around the skin lesions, causing itching.

3. Severe type

That is, pregnancy pimple dermatitis.Termination, consciousness itching, scattered all over the body, and the tendency to gather in groups without gathering.

This type may be related to endocrine disorders, and itching is severe. It is often necessary to apply large dose of glucocorticoids to stop itching.

Prevention of pregnancy prurites:

1. Mood: It is important to maintain a happy mood, ensure effective sleep, and avoid staying up late.

2. Diet: Reasonable nutrition, balanced diet, try to avoid eating seafood and spicy and irritating food.

3. Exercise: Proper exercise, and increase the smooth increase of diet control in a reasonable diet.

4. Skin: Pay attention to the cleansing and hygiene of the skin, strengthen skin moisturizing care, and avoid scratching.

5. Consultation: As early as possible, dermatologists choose safe and effective treatment based on the characteristics of gestational week, symptoms, and rash. Remember not to use the medicine.

In short, the pathogenesis of pregnancy prurites is not clear, and diagnosis is mainly based on medical history and clinical manifestations.

This article is scientifically controlled by Liu Weiqun, chairman of the Community Nursing Working Committee of the Shanghai Care Association.

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