If the fallopian tube is not connected, what should I do?Can I still get pregnant?

You are welcome to open this article today and touch this real story affectionately. I also hope that the "good pregnancy" you pay attention to every day pass through the screen and pass to you and everyone who is looking forward to your children.

I remember one of my patients, Ms. Tang, she had a fallopian tubal meticulous surgery at the age of 35. She did not conceive her baby for 3 years after surgery.Listening to Ms. Tang said, "I was very looking forward to having another child. After surgery, I did n’t have to conceive, but I had to give up.If you want to regenerate one, you want to leave a hand to be able to take care of each other after leaving a big hand. Now that we have suffered in the past few years. "As we get older, Ms. Tang, who is no longer young, decided to hurry up time to seize timeAction immediately.

On March 4, 2017, Ms. Tang was accompanied by her lover to our hospital. After my diagnosis, she preliminarily judged that she was blocked by the fallopian tube. It was recommended that she had a fallopian tubal radiography.Side tubal obstruction.

Because Ms. Tang came to Changsha from a foreign country, I arranged for Ms. Tang for the fallopian tube dredging surgery on March 5.After the operation, she opened a prescription. The Chinese and Western medicine tunes, and the healthy state of the uterus, fallopian tube and ovarian. After 1 cycle of auxiliary controlled ovulation treatment, Ms. Tang finally realized the wish of Sheng Erbao.

The fallopian tubes are the main reproductive organs of women. Only the smooth fallopian tubes can output eggs, have the opportunity to combine with sperm, form fertilized eggs, and then have pregnancy.If the fallopian tube is blocked on one side, the chance of pregnancy is reduced by half. If the fallopian tubes on both sides are blocked, the fertilized eggs will naturally not be formed, and infertility will naturally give up.

Female fallopian tubes are divided into four parts: umbrella, pot belly, interior quality, and gorge.The treatment methods of different blocks are not the same, and the treatment costs are also different.Patients need to choose the treatment method according to their own blockage site, and they must not be treated blindly.

1. The gorge and the interception department (proximal) blockage — sperm cannot go up to the abdomen of the pot to complete the fertilization.The blocking parts can be treated through the COOK guide wire.Dredging through the action of the wire under the hysteroscopy, the surgical operation is simple.

2. The plug of the pot belly (middle section) — the process of fertilization cannot be proceeded smoothly, causing infertility.The blocking part of the end -end kissing can be used.Remove the blocking part of the fallopian tube under the laparoscopy and occur in the two broken end of the fallopian tube.

3. The umbrella part (remote) is blocked -not to complete the fertilization or the fertilized egg cannot be traveled to the uterine cavity smoothly, causing ectopic pregnancy.A minimally invasive dredging of a tetramid mirror can be cleared.Jointly use the "three mirrors" and the Cook wire system "one trace" of tubal mirrors, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, and effectively intervene in dredging at one time.

If you are not pregnant for more than one year, then be careful if the fallopian tube is blocked. If you have not pregnant for more than one year for pregnancy, then you must go to a regular hospital for examination in time.

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