If there is such a trace on the underwear, it marks the fertilized egg security

Many newly -married couples, or families who want to go to their natural nature, do not know the signs of pregnancy due to lack of experience.Sometimes women themselves do n’t know if they are pregnant. If the behavior is wrong again, it is easy to endanger the fetus in the abdomen, and in this regard, it is not considered.

If there are more discharge secretions, some still have a small amount of bleeding, and let up the spirit, recall whether it is 7 to 10 days after ovulation. If there have been experience in the same room before, this trace appears on the underwear.Eight or nine is a symbol of pregnancy.

1. Dissatious: After women are pregnant, the progesterone hormone in the body is accelerating. At this time, women may feel physically and mentally exhausted and want to sleep.And the whole person’s spirit is not very good. When women have this situation, most of them are pregnant.

2. Rising body temperature: After pregnancy, the temperature will generally be higher than the normal person by about 0.5 degrees. In fact, this temperature change has appeared when ovulation, but the body temperature will slowly fall to normal body temperature after ovulation.However, after the fertilized eggs are in bed, the body temperature will rise by 0.5 degrees again, so people can judge whether they are pregnant by measuring the basic body temperature.

3. Brethrosis: Before menstruation, many pregnant women will have breast swelling, but it will not be hard. It is a bit similar to the feeling of menstruation, but it will not hurt.

4. Tired chills: Before menstruation, some pregnant women will have fatigue and chills. There is a feeling of cold and illness. It is likely to be pregnant. Everyone should not take medicine to avoid affecting embryo development.

5. Menstruation delay: Some pregnant women do not feel any, but menstruation begins to postpone it. When delayed 3-5 days, you can use early pregnancy test strips to test.If you do n’t come out, you can wait for 7-10 days to re-test.

The above content is about several performances of pregnancy. If you find that you have the above performances, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to do a good job in pregnancy and physical conditioning during pregnancy.

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