If these four changes appear on the body, beware of the early signal of cancer

Everyone has a mole on the body, the size is different, and the quantity varies.This is a benign skin tumor. These two types of nature appear and appear acquired. Most people on the mole appear acquired.

If the mole is not seen, there is generally no one care. If the mole is more conspicuous, and even on the face, many people who love beauty like to remove the moles.Many people think that moles are more ugly, and they don’t like moles on their bodies, but in fact, if there are many moles on their bodies, they have certain benefits to their bodies.

What are the benefits of more moles for the body?

First, the mole has a long life.

Studies have shown that more people with moles on their bodies are longer than those with less mole on the chromosomes in the body, so aging is slower.

Second, the mole is more slow.

The telometer will slowly shorten the length with the ability of the cells and the ability to divide. Once small to the limit, the cells will stop splitting and die.Therefore, the longer the telometer, the slower the rate of cell aging.

Some people have hair on the moles. The chance of cancer such moles is relatively small, and it does not matter if it removes hair.However, removal of hair can stimulate the hair follicles and cause pain and swelling. If this happens, go to the hospital for examination.

Although mole is a benign tumor, it does not mean that there is no chance of cancer. If the mole changes, it must be noticed. It may be that the cells have cancer.

1. After a period of time, the mole will bulge or fade, and then after a while, the surroundings of the mole will fade.

2. The size and color of the mole during pregnancy will also change, but when the production is produced, it will return to the original appearance, so some skin cancer will also appear during pregnancy. For the safety of themselves and children, it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible as soon as possible.Essence

3. If a new mole suddenly appears after the age of 40, it is necessary to pay attention to the reason why the mole grows.

4. If a mole in the body is getting bigger and darker, the color is darker, turning black or brown, mole is becoming more and more irregular with the shift of time, and there is a liquid exudation, itchy and painful pain.The feeling of the hospital should be checked as soon as possible to find out the reason.

Most moles are mostly healthy performance. Do not inferiority for the sake of a lot of moles, or more moles on your face, and do not use some unhealthy methods to remove moles.If skin inflammation appears in a mole, do not touch it with your hands, and go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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