If you are pregnant, do you want to give away the dog at home?

If you are pregnant, do you want to give away the dog at home?Can pregnant women raise dogs?Pregnant people are best not to raise dogs. For the reason, do you agree?

1. Dogs may carry bow -shaped worms. This is a parasite. If a pregnant woman is infected with bow -shaped worms, it may cause serious consequences such as fetal malformations, abortion, and premature birth.Gow -shaped worms are mainly spread through food, such as eating unsustering meat or contacting soil, water, vegetables, etc. contaminated by the toxoplasma worm.If a dog eats foods containing bowworms or is exposed to an environment contaminated by bow -shaped worms, it may become the middle host of the bowworm, which will spread the bowworm to pregnant women.

2. Dogs may cause allergic reactions of pregnant women, such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, itchy skin, etc.Allergic reactions may affect the respiratory and circulatory system of pregnant women, thereby affecting the fetal’s oxygen supply and nutrition.Allergic reactions may also cause pregnant women to take anti -allergic drugs, and these drugs may have a adverse effect on the fetus.

3. Dogs may hurt pregnant women, such as bite or scratching the skin of pregnant women, causing bleeding or infection.If the dog does not take needle or deworming in time, some diseases may also be contagious to pregnant women, such as rabies and parasitic diseases.If the wound is not treated or treated in time, it may cause complications such as inflammation or purulent.

But after many families raise dogs, they will treat the dogs as a family member. Who will be patient to send away their family?There are some of the benefits of raising dogs here, and everyone can refer to:

1. Dogs can bring happiness and companionship to pregnant women, alleviate the pressure and loneliness of pregnant women, and increase the self -confidence and happiness of pregnant women.Stress is one of the main causes of depression and anxiety during pregnancy, and depression and anxiety will affect the nervous system and emotional development of the fetus.Interacting with dogs can release some useful hormones, such as dopamine, endorphin, nitrogen oxide, etc. These hormones can improve the mood and physical state of pregnant women, which is beneficial to the fetus.

2. Dogs can enhance the immunity and resistance of pregnant women, making pregnant women healthier, stronger, and more energetic.The flora on the dog is different from humans. In this case, it will stimulate the immune system of pregnant women, allowing pregnant women to adapt to more allergic sources and bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of allergies and infection.Dogs can also promote the movement of pregnant women, such as walking dogs, playing, etc. These exercises can increase the blood circulation and muscle strength of pregnant women, which helps childbirth and recovery.

3. Dogs can promote the physical and mental development of the fetus, improve the intelligence, creativity, imagination, and observation ability of the fetus.The interaction between dogs and pregnant women can be passed on to the fetus some useful information and stimuli, such as the dog’s voice, odor, movement, etc. This information and stimulus can stimulate the fetal sensory and cognitive ability, thereby promoting the fetal brain development.Dogs can also help pregnant women to build a connection with the fetus, such as expressing their love and care for the fetus through the dog, thereby enhancing the sense of security and trust in the fetus.

In short, whether pregnant women can raise dogs are a question without standard answers, and they need to be determined according to their actual situation and preferences.If you want to raise a dog, you need to consider the following points:

1. Choose a variety suitable for your family environment and economic conditions. It is best to have a stable and docile variety, and you must have good behavior training.

2. Regularly give the dog to prevent needles and deworming, keep the dog’s cleaning and hygiene, avoid letting the dog lick the mouth or wound of the pregnant woman, and keep the pregnant woman away from the dog’s feces and urine.

3. The method of church dogs correctly get along with pregnant women, such as gently stroking, do not grab or disturb the dog, do not look or scream with the dog, do not disturb the dog when the dog sleeps or eats.

4. Do not let the dog be too close or jump to pregnant women to avoid hurting pregnant women or fetuses.

5. If the pregnant woman is bitten or scratched by a dog, it should be cleaned in time and seek medical assistance. If necessary, give pregnant women with rabies vaccine.

6. Responsible for dogs, the best care and life for dogs, do not ignore or abandon the dog because of pregnancy.

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