If you are unmarried, you want to be pregnant first, swallow the tiger for a boy, and be provoked by green tea in public

In 2011, Xiao S was exploded to swallow the geckon.This news is not edited, but Taiwanese artist Lin Xiuqin said in the variety show.Guess what kind of tricks have you tried to give birth to a boy?IntersectionPour the time back to 2007. The nearly 30 young S re -produced a woman. Ask for men to start trying all kinds of recipes, in addition to eating gecko, she also took some counterfeit and inferior drugs.

Why does a modern woman with a bad education ability has this kind of dross concept? I can only say that not every woman’s in -laws will feel as good as boys and women.The minimum little S’s mother is such a deep -rooted thought, just like the little name of Xiao S "Tingting" Homesty "stopped" including Xu Xizhen "brother."Male Ding.That’s why Xiao S was also cruel to his in -laws.

Xiao S, who has never given birth to a boy, has not been very good in her in -laws’ house. From time to time, she has been violent and her husband is derailed.In 2014, Green Tea provoked the war in person directly in her "Kangxi is Coming".Your husband boasts that my back is very tender, and this Wang Yiping woman is known for "green tea" in Taiwan.Xiao S’s face was so stiff at the scene, but for the effect of the show, he had been covering embarrassment with laughter.The misfortune of Little S’s marriage is also obvious to all. Get hot girls home late at night, transfer money to tender models, and hook beautiful women in the nightclub. These are the "glorious history" of his husband.of.Everyone is doubting that Xiao S has the ability to be independent, why should it consume on this crooked neck tree?Intersection

Don’t ask Big S to divorce again, will Xiao S be far away?IntersectionFrom the behavior of the following youngs, it can be seen that 80 % of her will not divorce. After all, every time Xu Yajun was photographed, it was Xiao S to clarify the first time. It can be said that she was very maintained.After all, this husband was forced to get married in public when he was 3 months pregnant. At that time, Xu Yajun married her and freshly married her.Women will always become more fresh and cute, and Xu Yajun will soon rebel.Now Xiao S not only makes money by himself, but also takes his daughter to make money.After all, her family has also made her give up so many years of career.

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