If you do n’t get pregnant, you do n’t come. What is going on?

The menstrual cycle of women is normal for 28 days, but many sisters in life will encounter it. I tried that I did n’t get pregnant with a pregnancy test stick, but my aunt just did n’t come. What was going on?Unified answer today!

What kind of ghost delaying menstruation?

The only reason for the delay in menstruation is irregularly excluded from pregnancy (pregnancy).So how do you cause irregular menstruation?

1 Endocrine disorders

When women have delayed menstruation, we must first consider whether it is endocrine disorders.Especially in young women and menopausal women, because of hormonal disorders caused ovulation -free bleeding, the menstruation is chaotic when the preliminary menstruation or is about to stop menstruation.This situation is generally more common in polycystic ovary syndrome, especially when it is accompanied by acne, obesity, hair, and female infertility, it is necessary to check whether the endocrine is normal.Because endocrine can cause irregular menstruation.

2 Emotional abnormalities lead to delay of menstruation

There are inevitably stress on work and life, but some people do not learn to reduce pressure. The more pressures, the more people, and the easier for people to have irritability.It is recommended that when the sisters are upset, they do not need to be alone, drilling the horns.Find more friends and participate in outdoor activities, because the more hidden places, the more boring, the more boring, and develop a regular habit of living, sleep regularly, get up, do not sleep, remind yourself that you are happy to be happyNot angry.

3 Gynecological diseases are coming

Maybe you have been entangled by gynecological diseases.Such as abnormal ovarian function, etc., it will affect normal menstruation, and menstruation may be delayed.

Premature ovarian failure: is caused by abnormal ovarian function.It is often manifested as delay, scarcity, amenorrhea and infertility.There are similar menopause symptoms such as dry vagina, difficulty in sexual intercourse, and insomnia.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: In addition to menstrual scarcity, it also has three characteristics of ovulation, obesity, and polymillary.This disease can not only cause irregular menstruation and infertility, but it is likely to increase hypertension, diabetes, and the risk of endometrial cancer.

Treatment of menstrual disorders:

Menstrual disorders, first go to the doctor, clear the reason, and then lack what to supplement. Without fertility, you can adjust the menstrual cycle.For outsiders, adjust the menstrual cycle, you can use short -acting oral contraceptives under the guidance of a doctor (Mom Fulong, You Siming, You Siyue, Da Ying 35), as long as there is no contraindication, you can eat it.Ovulation or reproductive centers with fertility requirements.Menstrual disorders, don’t drag, look at it early.This is not a senior high school student recently. Bleeding for nearly one month, severe anemia, hemoglobin is only 57g/L. It can only be transformed into blood transfusion to correct anemia.

Daily care

What can be noted in life, can we try to avoid menstruation as much as possible?

1. First of all, you have to build a good life and rest, and you can stay up late without staying up late (now the life is under pressure. Although this sentence is not practical, it can be considered a small goal)

2. Quit smoking and drinking, maintain a balanced mentality;

3. Proper physical exercise and maintain a good body type (in May without weight loss, June is sad …)

4. Supplement vitamin D and calcium, and a large number of studies have shown that after women are 25 years old, calcium flow vector increases significantly, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding women.

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