If you don’t want accidental pregnancy, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the selection of drugs?

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Sexual life is the normal physiological needs of both men and women, and it is also a kind of emotional maintenance. However, if you do not plan to want children, you must take contraceptive measures. Girls must know how to protect themselves.Regardless of the consequences.If you accidentally get pregnant and want to give birth, if the situation was not suitable for leaving the child at that time, the only way is to let the woman have a miscarriage.There are two ways of abortion: drug abortion and artificial abortion. Because many people know that when they are pregnant, they have passed the best period of drug abortion. Therefore, they can only choose artificial abortion.

With the advancement of society, the current young people’s thoughts are becoming more and more open. More and more people come to the hospital for abortion surgery. Lao Miao usually sees a lot of women who perform abortion surgery, and some people do it more than once more than once.Overllow surgery.However, in the process of people flow, the most injured is the woman itself. Some women combine their own situation, such as physical condition, economic source, and family burden.In particular, unmarried women did not realize the seriousness of the matter, they just regarded the flow of abortion as a conventional remedial measure. This is a manifestation of its own health.They will only consider physical pain and muscle damage, but they do not realize the impact of those hormone changes that do not pain and itchy.

In fact, the physical injury will generally be repaired quickly, and the current abortion surgery is basically painless abortion, and it will not suffer much during the period.The blow can not be recovered in a day or two.What they don’t know is that from pregnancy to giving birth, various body organs and tissue systems in women’s body will change wonderful changes, and for October pregnant, women’s physical instincts will make certain adjustments, and the body operation has long been done.Good preparation.The artificial termination of pregnancy will destroy the balance of the body, the endocrine system will be disordered, and the body will not be able to withstand such a sudden change. This is also a hidden blow to women’s bodies.Time pushing may erupt in a certain thing.

If repeated artificial abortion is repeated, the blowing of the body may also gradually reduce some organ functions of the body, thereby the problem of premature aging, and the physical function will be faster than the decline of ordinary people.The harm of abortion surgery to women is specifically: it can cause irregular menstruation, early amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, frequent urination, urinary tract infections, cystitis, skin dryness, spots, endocrine disorders, and serious consequences of habitual abortion and infertility.And artificial abortion can be selected before 14 weeks of pregnancy, and no surgery can be performed after more than time.

Women in the early stages of pregnancy can also choose drug abortion, because the abortion of drugs is relatively safe, the success rate is relatively high, and there will not be much side effects on women’s bodies.The key to choosing a drug abortion is early. For women with a regular physiological cycle, if you can find it in time after pregnancy, from the first day of menstruation, to 39 to 49 days, you can consider drugs for drugs.abortion.

Before the drug abortion, the B -ultrasound should be performed. First of all, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy should be excreted; secondly, the size of the fetal sac is measured. If the fetal sac exceeds 2.3 cm, it is not suitable for drug abortion. In addition, the process of drug abortion will be comparedLong, you need to take the medicine at home for 3 days. On the day of the abortion, you will take the medicine at the opening of the palace again in the hospital, and then observe for several hours in the hospital. The doctor will confirm whether the fetus is completely discharged from the body.It is also important to note that there is still a certain failure of drug abortion. If it is unsuccessful, an artificial abortion is needed to remedy.

One of the disadvantages of drug abortion is that the bleeding time is relatively long. If bleeding is still bleeding for a week after abortion, you must go to the hospital for treatment to confirm your physical condition and treat them in time.Although drug abortion is a safe abortion measure, the premise must be performed under the guidance of a doctor at a regular hospital. Do not take the drugs for miscarriage by yourself., Endanger your life and safety.In addition to considering the fertility problems in the future, you need to choose a drug and abortion, and the softer breastfeeding women choose the drug flow.The shape of the uterus may change somewhat. If these two situations are to be aborted, the difficulty will be more difficult, and drug abortion can also be considered in the early stages of pregnancy.

If you miss the best time to miscarriage, you can only choose abortion surgery. You must go to a regular hospital for abortion surgery. Do not believe that small advertisements on the street are full: today, you can do the flow of people today, you can go to work tomorrow, you can go to work tomorrow.EssenceThis is misleading those female patients, so that they can think that they can go to work without rest the next day after the flow of people. This is actually just one of their propaganda methods.Generally speaking, at least 3 days of abortion surgery must be completed at least 3 days, and it takes half a month at home. If it is a poor physical constitution, women who are weak after surgery should also take more time for a while.The abortion surgery is improper, and the harm of "small confinement" is ten times that of normal delivery.Therefore, whether it is drug abortion or artificial abortion, it must be cultivated after surgery to give the body a "recuperating" opportunity to make women’s bodies relatively better.

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