If you have sex in the early stages of pregnancy, can you conceive another child?Don’t underestimate women’s internal reproductive system

The strange worry of a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman asked: 4 months of pregnancy, sex with her husband.Will I have one more child in my stomach and my second child?

Why do you have such an idea?In terms of common sense, ovulation is stopped after pregnancy. Even if you have sex after pregnancy, you cannot get pregnant again.

Are you watching too much TV?

In the first season of the American drama "American Horror Story", the heroine was raped by others after she was pregnant with her husband, and she was pregnant with two children.As a result, she lived in her uterus.And one of these two children is called Alpha’s fetal, that is, the baby is very powerful, and the nutrition is strong and not given another way of living.

Is this just TV? Is there such a phenomenon in real life?There are really.Doctor: The worry of this pregnant woman is unreasonable.

After pregnancy, the phenomenon of re -conception is called heavy tires.

*Generally, a woman lifts an egg in one month. After a disposable life, she forms fertilized eggs. She came to the uterus and experienced a 40 -week survival and gave birth to a child.Some women have two eggs occasionally, and two fertilized eggs may be formed to form two children in the uterus.There are also many eggs, which are polyphony.There are many examples in the world.

*But after pregnancy, it usually does not ovulate.If a fertilized egg is formed in a woman’s body and the fertilized eggs come to the uterus, she will be pregnant.All kinds of hormones in the body are not allowed to ovulate again.

However, there is a small possibility that this woman will ovulate again after pregnancy.For example, after the first fertilized egg was formed, ovulation was ovulated again, and at this time she happened to have sexual life, then she may form an fertilized egg in her body. This fertilized egg also came to the uterus.Time to get pregnant.Medical is also called heavy tires.

This chance is very small, and the probability of winning the lottery is smaller.But there are indeed.Such examples have appeared in the UK and the United States.

Is the concern of this Chinese pregnant woman who may come true?

no way.

Because a heavy fetus is going to be in the second time, the second ovulation and sexual life must be very close.The first fertilized egg comes to the uterus. When it stands firmly, it will promote the body to secrete hormones and inhibit ovulation.And promote the secretion of mucus in the cervix, "confused" the uterine mouth, prevent other things from coming in.Therefore, if you want to form a heavy fetus, you must "hurry up."

This pregnant woman is already in the middle of pregnancy and it is impossible to ovulate at all.Therefore, it is impossible to get pregnant.

The editor reminds: "Husband and Wife" for the first three months and three months of pregnancy.There can be some gentle sexual life in the second trimester, but pay attention to "protective measures" to avoid female infections during pregnancy and hurt mothers and fetuses.

Don’t think too much during pregnancy, nourish your fetus happily, and refuse your worry.

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