If you have these pains on your body during pregnancy, congratulations, it means that the baby’s baby is developing very well

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will change to varying degrees. With a little pain, the pregnant mothers will worry about it, fearing that they will affect the baby.In fact, these parts of the body have no effect on the fetus during pregnancy, but it can also show that the baby baby is healthy.

Chest pain

After pregnancy, the biggest change in the body is the chest. Because the pregnant mother’s chest will enter the second development during pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel some pain in the chest during pregnancy.There is a feeling that the breasts of the pregnant mother have entered the stage of storage of breast milk for the baby. For the baby after birth, the pregnant mother’s breasts will become larger little by little, which will cause pain.At this stage, pregnant mothers can relieve this pain by massaging the breasts. They hold the chest with their hands and gently push in the shape of the chest. Massage for 5 minutes to relieve the pain.In addition, at this stage, pregnant mothers can no longer wear ordinary underwear, and they need to be replaced with breastfeeding underwear, because this type of underwear is elastic, it will not cause squeezing the chest, and the fabric is thin and breathable, which can better care for the chest.Relieve the discomfort of the chest.

waist pain

The back pain of the pregnant mother generally appears in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. At this time, the stomach of the pregnant mother is relatively large. The baby’s baby occupies most of the space in the stomach, and it will also put a certain pressure on the pregnant mother’s belly.Pregnant mothers need to lean back to support the big belly, which puts pressure on the back of the pregnant mother. After a long time, the pregnant mother will have back pain.Pregnant mothers can alleviate this discomfort through the side lying on the side, and do not sit for a long time or stand for a long time during pregnancy, which will increase the pressure on the waist and back to make the back pain.In addition, pregnant mothers need to wear pregnant women’s pants, because it can support the big belly of the pregnant mother, reduce the pressure of the back and relieve pain.

Pubic pain

The pubic bone is below the abdomen and is probably parallel to the thighs.Pubic pain usually appears during the late pregnancy to before production, because at this time the fetus has been fully developed, occupying a large number of abdominal space, the baby’s baby is pushing to the lower end of the abdomen in the stomach of the pregnant mother, which will cause pubic pain in the pregnant mother.EssenceIn addition, before production, the body will secrete a hormone for loose bones. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel the pubic pain.When pregnant mothers have pubic pain, it means that the baby has been developed completely and it is about to be born immediately.During this period, pregnant mothers can relieve pain by using hot towels.

It can be seen that during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still need to bear some pain. Although these pains will make the pregnant mother feel uncomfortable, this shows that the baby’s development is very good, so pregnant mothers should not be too agitated during pregnancy.For babies, learn to be stronger.

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