If you want to swim again during pregnancy, you have to take the time to see the situation.

Swimming is a very good sports for people. Its shaping effect and fat consumption effect are recognized by everyone.For pregnant women, when pregnancy, it is not only a good child raising, but also more exercise, and swimming is a good choice. It can not only increase the flexibility of the pregnant woman’s body, but also alleviate the back pain of pregnant women during pregnancy.Not only that, swimming can also increase the vital capacity of pregnant women, allowing pregnant women to shorten the entire output time when producing.Having said so many benefits of swimming, what do pregnant women pay attention to when swimming?

1. The whole pregnancy is not suitable for swimming. The time for pregnant women to swim. It is very unsuitable for five to seven months of pregnancy.The sport of swimming is that the fetus has not yet formed in the first three months, and the fetus is unstable, and the exercise can easily lead to abortion.In order to avoid premature cracking of the amniotic fluid in pregnant women, the movement of swimming must be stopped in the next three months.Therefore, in the five to seven months, the growth of the fetus has become stable, and it is also the most flexible months of pregnant women. At this time, it is the most suitable time period for swimming.

2. The water temperature of the swimming pool is also very important for pregnant women. Pregnant women are best to choose a swimming pool with a water temperature of about 30 degrees.Because only when this kind of water temperature meets, it is not easy to make pregnant women muscle cramps, and it is not easy to cause pregnant women to affect herself and fetuses because of too fatigue.When the water temperature is too high, the body temperature of the pregnant woman will be increased; if the water temperature is too low, it will shrink the uterus of the pregnant woman.In short, the water temperature is too high or too low, which may lead to premature or abortion in the fetus.

3. In the end, the hygiene conditions of the swimming pool must be considered.Try to choose a swimming venue with good sanitary conditions with good evaluation.Try to choose the outdoor pool as much as possible when the weather allows it, because after the indoor pool is disinfected, the smell of disinfectant is difficult to spread, which will make pregnant women feel particularly uncomfortable.The outdoor swimming pool can not only allow pregnant women to have a sunbathing, but also relax the body and mind of pregnant women.One thing to pay attention to is that you must choose a pool with medical staff present, so that once an accident occurs, you can treat it in time.

But no matter how good swimming is, it is not that every pregnant woman is suitable for swimming.If pregnant women want to exercise through swimming, it is best to consult their attending doctors to see if their physique is suitable for swimming.If it is suitable, you must also do all the preparations before launching. This is not only for yourself, but also the child’s thought.

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