I’m a meat bun, don’t blame the dog chasing you biting

Recently, the video of "Mother -in -law pressed the daughter -in -law" appeared on the hot search. The mother -in -law in the video pressed her daughter -in -law under her body. She kept insulting the other person and laughed at her mother’s mother.The daughter -in -law was lying there, holding the door with both hands, raised the blue tendons around her neck, and desperate.

It is reported that the woman’s husband is studying abroad. The woman has a cesarean section, gave birth to a pair of twins, and is still breastfeeding.During the confinement, the woman’s mother came to take care of her, and she was beaten by her son -in -law.

Now, because of a small contradiction, the mother -in -law ignored the woman just undergoing a caesarean operation, and the knife was still healed, and she even sat on the woman’s belly and scolded her.

According to neighbors in the same community, the woman was long looked down on her in -laws and has been bullied and discriminated by her in -laws.

Many netizens do not understand why women do not divorce.

As far as I know, it is difficult for the court to judge divorce before breastfeeding.

Can you solve it if you do not divorce?Let me talk about the real cases around me, and let’s see if you can get some thoughts.

The protagonist calls him a little A.

Little A is a big driver, and the village where his family is located is by the county.In recent years, with the large -scale infrastructures in various places, once the villages are demolished, every family can divide several buildings.

This is the capital of Xiao A’s mother all day.

Xiao A’s first daughter -in -law has good conditions in all aspects, which is gentle and honest.It is said that such a daughter -in -law with her son, that is not bad in all aspects!Helpless, generally, when he is a mother, he feels that his son is the crown prince, and the women in the world are not worthy of him.

Xiao A’s mother is certainly no exception.She saw her son everywhere, and how did the daughter -in -law look good.

Therefore, she did not make rules for her daughter -in -law in her life.

Little A is going to get out of the car, and it takes at least a day to go out for several days.When her son comes, Xiao A’s mother is certainly in front of his son to complain about the various "irregularities" of his daughter -in -law.

Having said much, Xiao A’s opinions on daughter -in -law are getting greater.

Once, Xiao A was at home, and Xiao A picked his pointer and pierced the stubble of his daughter -in -law. The daughter -in -law couldn’t help but refute a few words.Xiao A’s mother cried and made a lot of noise, so she had to give her son some lessons to her daughter -in -law.

The lack of eyes and the little A stunned the daughter -in -law.

Xiao A’s father -in -law knew that her daughter was beaten by her son -in -law, took her two sons, came to Xiao A’s house, beat Xiao A a meal, and then picked up her daughter back home.

Xiao A thought he would go to his father -in -law’s house in a few days and apologize to his daughter -in -law and coax, so he could pick up his daughter -in -law.Unexpectedly, after he went, his father -in -law, brother and second brother directly informed him to divorce.

Little A is actually reluctant.

This daughter -in -law is very good, she is tall, she is beautiful, her personality is good, and her family conditions are also good.The point is that the daughter -in -law has not made any unforgivable mistakes.

However, Xiao A’s mother thinks that there are several buildings in our family’s demolition. What kind of way to find!Leave away!

Therefore, the first marriage of Xiao A was over.

Soon Xiao A ushered in his second marriage.After all, he drove a lot of money, and he made a lot of money. After the house was demolished, there were several buildings.

The second daughter -in -law is much more spicy than the first daughter -in -law.The first daughter -in -law honestly made the mother A’s mother unhappy, and the second daughter -in -law’s character could not even enter the "eye eyes" of Xiao A’s mother.

So, it didn’t take long for Xiao A’s mother to repeat the trick, and her son beat her daughter -in -law again.

At this time, the daughter -in -law has been pregnant for four or five months.

This daughter -in -law was very individual. When she didn’t say a word, when she arrived at the hospital, she flowed the child, and then notified Xiao A to divorce.

Little A regrets and angry.I regret impulse myself and stabbed my daughter -in -law; I was angry that the daughter -in -law did not discuss with herself.

He doesn’t want to divorce.

As a result, the second daughter -in -law was not vegetarian, and told him directly: "I don’t know who the child is. I didn’t want to live with you."

As soon as Xiao A asked, I knew that the second daughter -in -law was the kind of open person, and "played" outside before getting married.Even if he married Xiao A, because Xiao A often got out of the car, his daughter -in -law continued to be a man outside.

As a result, Xiao A’s second marriage ended again.

Later, under the introduction of the matchmaker, Xiao A met his third daughter -in -law and quickly married home.

The third daughter -in -law compared with the second daughter -in -law, it must be much better, at least a good woman who lives.

Little A’s mother took into account that she was the third daughter -in -law after all, so her daughter -in -law marries into the door, and she is indeed honest.However, "wolf walking thousands of miles to eat meat, dogs eat thousands of miles to eat shit."So for a long time, she wanted to set up her mother -in -law’s prestige again.

This third daughter -in -law has heard of her mother -in -law’s affairs, so she generally does not take the provocation to her mother -in -law, and does not care about her mother -in -law.This made Xiao A’s mother a wrong judgment, thinking that this daughter -in -law is as good as the first daughter -in -law.

But the reality quickly faced, and the daughter -in -law told her with a fist: regardless of whether it does not mean that she has no temper.

On this day, Xiao A was not at home, and the little A’s mother wanted to find a fault again. This daughter -in -law was violent -yes, it has been a long time, I don’t want to bear it anymore!

It turns out that this daughter -in -law is a kind of practical talent with "not many people".

Little A’s mother called her son crying, and her son could only comfort her on the phone thousands of miles away.

When Xiao A rushed back from the outside, Xiao A’s spirit was not so great. After all, his mother was looking for faults, and he didn’t want to divorce anymore.

Little A’s mother didn’t want her son to divorce again.

The son got married three times, and he spent all the real gold and silver, and the bottom of the family was almost tossing.Moreover, the county seat is so big. It is not possible to leave once, and you ca n’t do it twice or daughter -in -law.After all, she still didn’t want her son to hit a bachelor.

Therefore, in the future, you should hold your tail to be a man.

In this way, the daughter -in -law took the shot, and since then, the world is peaceful, and the years are quiet.

The three daughters -in -law of Xiao A, the first one leaned by her mother.The mother’s family is powerful, it is the blessing of a woman.

The second belongs to alternatives, and there is no table here.

Third, I did not give the maiden family the opportunity at all, so I solved the problem.

When people go to the society, they follow the law of weak meat and strong food, as well as marriage relationship.

In marriage, if the family background does not match, or if he is weak and incompetent, the disadvantaged side will be contempt or even oppressed by the other party.

In the "mother -in -law" incident, the daughter -in -law’s mother’s family was obviously not strong.The maid’s family is not strong, and she is still a meat bun. Who does the dog bite if you bite?

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