Improper sleeping position can cause fetal treasure rabbit lips?Three rumors during pregnancy, each is ridiculous

Introduction: I heard that eating rabbit meat during pregnancy will cause children’s rabbit lips. Children who eat crabs will walk horizontally after eating crab children.I just do n’t know if children eat pork every day if they are as stupid as pigs?

There should be a group of people in the world who are engaged in special occupations. This profession is: scare pregnant women.Many mothers have become giant pandas after pregnancy, and they must be careful since they are pregnant.

Xiao Mao was deeply harmed. Before pregnancy, I heard that eating rabbit meat during pregnancy would have rabbit lips. I saw that improper sleeping posture during pregnancy a few days ago can also cause the baby’s rabbit lips and inside.

Later, I went to the background and found me to consult.I told her that these sayings are unbelievable rumors.

1. Eating rabbit meat can cause fetal rabbit lips

If this is the case, then the big street of the rabbit province is not full of rabbit lips?In fact, Sichuan is rich in beauty.And the cigarette acid contains 12.8 mg in the rabbit meat, which is 2-3 times that of other livestock and poultry meat.Tmolin is a vitamin that is very important for the skin.

Second, improper sleeping position leads to rabbit lips

The improper sleeping position causes the rabbit lips to be as nonsense as the rabbit meat causes rabbit lips.

What causes baby rabbit lips

The scientific name of the rabbit lip is cleft lip and palate. The reason is generally infected by the virus in the early stages of pregnancy, or the medicine that is harmful to the baby, or the emotional fluctuation of pregnant women is particularly large and affect.Generally speaking, the baby’s face can be checked through the B -ultrasound at five months of pregnancy. As long as you raise the fetus according to the doctor’s order, the probability of the baby’s lip and palate is not high.

Third, improper sleeping position will cause the baby

A fan asked Jing Mom in the background: Some friends said that sleeping on the side is easy to press to the baby’s feet, causing it to turn around when it is born. Is it true?

It seems that these people who scare pregnancy are very dedicated, and even such stories can be compiled.You know that the child is not easy to hypoxia when the mother sleeps on the left.And the baby’s amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly is not so easy to be pressed.

What causes the baby to turn over

Inside the feet is a kind of developmental deformity, which is a ligament dysfunction, which causes the ankle to reverse into a horseshoe shape inward.The feet may occur in monochrome, or they may also occur in both feet.

Sometimes the B -ultrasound shows the baby’s feet. That’s because the baby is curled up together when the baby is in the mother’s belly. It is easy to see it as a feet. When the baby is born, it will naturally stretch slowly.

Sleeping posture during pregnancy must have an impact on the health of the fetus

Since the sleeping position of the pregnant woman does not cause the rabbit lips and feet to turn, is it that the pregnant mother can want to sleep?In fact, pregnant women’s sleeping positions are particular, and they must be combined with the pregnancy weeks.

1. 1 to 3 months of pregnancy, fetal activity space will not be affected, so the sleeping position is mainly comfortable.

2. By pregnancy from 4 to 7 months, the pregnant mother must start to pay attention to sleeping position.In order to avoid squeezing the fetus, the left side will be relatively good at this time. If there is no discomfort and the amount of amniotic fluid is normal, the pregnant mother can also lie back in a short time.You can also raise your feet appropriately.

3. At 8 to 10 months of pregnancy, the sleeping position is particularly critical, which directly affects the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses. This left side is the best sleeping position.This sleeping position can reduce the uterine extrusion situation, promote the normal circulation of blood, the baby’s blood supply normally, and can develop normally.

4. Don’t sleep late, don’t sleep, it is also necessary.

It is hard to get pregnant, and it is not easy to bred life. Every mother is great.

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