In 2007, a 90 -year -old woman in Sichuan, her belly was not born in her belly, and she was found to have no rotten fetus after examination.

One day in 2007, Huang Yijun, who was home in Qingshen County, Meishan, Sichuan, was preparing to pour her vegetable garden. Who knew that the ground was slippery, and she fell down without notice.

This fall made the old woman from the 90th year of her waist soreness. At first, her children thought it was just a problem. But who knew the more observed, the more the children felt a bit wrong.

Huang Yijun

I saw their 90 -year -old mother vomiting every time they ate, and even the lower limbs had puffiness, so it was not as simple as it was twisted.

Luo Bingwen, who is not assured of her mother’s body, took the old woman to the hospital for examination.This is okay not to check, but even the doctor was startled: "There is actually a fetus in this belly!"

Huang Yijun went to the hospital for examination

The 90 -year -old woman was in her belly, but her husband had died for decades.The news quickly spread in the village, and it was rumored for a while, but it was even more difficult to believe that the child in the old woman’s belly was born for 60 years and had not been born!

why is that?

Where does the child from the woman’s belly come from?Why is it not born for more than 60 years of pregnancy?

It was strange to say that Huang Yijun accidentally fell on that day, but a series of physical reactions appeared.

Although Huang Yijun is 90 years old, her physical condition has always been very good.

Huang Yijun

At the time of the Spring Festival in 2007, Huang Yijun wanted to go to the vegetable garden to see the cabbage she planted, and poured the vegetables by the way. Who knew that the water was moss, and he fell down without paying attention.

At that time, I just felt a little painful, but in general, there was no big deal.

What Huang Yi didn’t expect was that when she returned, her waist suddenly felt severe, and it made her call her son.

Huang Yijun and her son

Huang Yijun’s son, Luo Bingwen, heard the old lady in the house, and quickly rushed into the old lady’s room to check the situation.After learning that the old lady fell in the morning, Luo Bingwen immediately wanted to take the old lady to the hospital.

But Huang Yijun is a person who can bear it. Even though her life is much richer than before, she is still reluctant to go to the hospital to spend money.The old lady insisted on thinking: "No need to do it, just buy some plaster stickers."

Huang Yijun and her son

Luo Bingwen couldn’t help his mother, so he could only buy a bunch of plaster for Huang Yijun from the small clinic in the village.

Huang Yijun’s back pain is not a problem for a while. In the past, Huang Yijun asked her child to help rubbing, or sitting in the small courtyard and kneading the two ends of the waist by herself. This can relieve pain.

But recently these days, I do not know why back pain has become more serious.

Huang Yijun

Even the plasters bought by Luo Bingwen had no effect. It didn’t take long for the old lady’s waist to be good, but there were other situations: Huang Yijun’s two legs were swollen, and it looked very scary!

Huang Yijun’s legs

And every time you eat meals, you will have a retching condition.

Although the old lady repeatedly emphasized that she was only twisted, nothing else.However, Luo Bingwen, who was not assured, forcibly took Huang Yijun to go to the hospital in the county for a examination.

On April 19, 2007, Huang Yijun accompanied his son to a hospital in the county.

At that time, the doctor saw that the old woman was supported and walking difficultly, and thought that the old man accidentally twisted his waist.But when the doctor saw the old woman’s belly, she began to confuse.

The old woman’s belly is so big as a basketball!

When Luo Bingwen told the doctor to the doctor’s situation, the doctors felt more and more.

How does this reaction feel like getting pregnant?

"Old lady, this year, Gui Geng?"

"It’s 90."

It is difficult for a 50 -year -old middle -aged woman to get pregnant, let alone a 90 -year -old woman.The doctor said that he did not believe that the old lady was pregnant. He suspected that it was likely to be caused by blood stasis or hepatoprosis and ascites.

After the doctor in the county had a preliminary physical examination for Huang Yijun, the malignant diseases that had been speculated were excluded one by one.

Is it a tumor?

"How long has this situation last?"

"It seems that it is more than 60 years, and I can’t remember it for a long time."

After a long time, Huang Yijun also forgot when her belly started to get bigger.In order to figure out what was hidden in the old woman’s stomach, the doctor took the old woman to do a B -ultrasound examination.

B -ultrasound

If you are pregnant with a child in your belly, you can easily see the condition of the fetus with B -ultrasound.

But what confused the doctor was that he neither saw the tumor nor the fetus.Instead, they are all high -density calcification and hardness. Although some shadows can be seen faintly, they can’t distinguish what it is.

The doctor suggested: "Do you still take a X -ray film"

But who knew that the old lady suddenly changed her face at this time, urging her son to go back quickly.Huang Yijun said: "Go away, I feel a lot now, no need to spend money to watch!"

The old lady claimed that she had no big problems now, and she didn’t continue to check anything.When the doctor said that the old lady had no malignant disease, Luo Bingwen was relieved and saw that his mother insisted so much that he could only bring Huang Yijun back to the village.

Luo Bingwen’s father died when he was very young. At that time, his family was supported by his mother Huang Yijun.Huang Yi has no big culture, and can only support him by planting land.

Now that Huang Yijun is full of his descendants, he should have enjoyed his old age, but he has a strange disease.

Huang Yijun’s big belly was not suddenly bigger, but because it has been the case for more than 60 years. Luo Bingwen couldn’t remember what the reason was, and the villagers did not understand what the situation was.


In the past, a witch from his village also said that his mother was upper body, as long as he could solve it.

At that time, Huang Yijun also believed that when he was preparing to pay, Luo Bingwen, who had just returned from the outside, was caught.Luo Bingwen naturally didn’t believe this, so he took the witch.

At that time, some people felt that Huang Yijun had a doll in his stomach, but some people couldn’t believe it, and believed that the witch’s words were believed that there was something else in Huang Yijun’s belly. In short, it was very evil.

The villager: "I said that there was a doll in her stomach, I didn’t believe it. Her husband has been dead for many years. How can you be pregnant with a doll. You can see which mother is like her.Is it pregnant without her? "

Many villagers think that this is not a good thing, and they are far away from Huang Yijun.

But no matter what others think, Luo Bingwen is just alive as long as his mother is alive.

When Huang Yijun’s waist hadn’t hurt so much, he helped them cook meals, helped them cut grass and feed pigs, and even took hoe to plant vegetables. There was no weakness in pregnancy.

Therefore, Luo Bingwen felt that his mother had only a strange disease.

But this will not endanger his mother’s health. Huang Yi is not willing to spend money. When it comes to spending money, he will be angry with Luo Bingwen.Therefore, for so many years, Luo Bingwen has not taken Huang Yi to go to the hospital for examination.

But now because of the age of age, Huang Yijun’s body is not as big as before, and even some "pregnancy reactions" really appeared. Luo Bingwen was worried again and would it really be as rumored.

After returning home, Huang Yi was still back pain.

But during the hospital examination, she was neither a kidney stones nor a malignant disease. Even the bones grew well and had no damage.I finally went to the hospital, but I still didn’t figure out the reason why the stomach was large.

The disease was not cured, and it took a lot of money, and Huang Yi was very distressed.

But anyway, the doctor finally told them the reason why they had backache.The doctor said that this is likely to be caused by lumbar muscle strain. As long as you go back, take more rest and take some medicine.

Luo Bingwen took care of Huang Yijun according to the method given by the doctor, but Huang Yijun’s situation has not improved.

On April 23, 2007, Huang Yijun suddenly covered his stomach and lay on the table: "Pain, stomach hurts."

Luo Bingwen was scared: "Mom, mom, you’re okay!"

The man quickly took Huang Yijun and went to the big hospital in the county again. Since X -ray had a good imaging ability for calcified bones, Luo Bingwen didn’t think about this time, and he should get the doctor’s suggestion.

The doctor conducted a detailed examination of Huang Yijun’s abdomen. In the front X -ray film, the doctor faintly saw some fetal skeletal shapes, but the imaging was still a little unclear.

The doctor made the old lady’s X -ray film again. This time, everyone was shocked.

It was the shadow of a fetus.The torso, limbs, even the ribs of the fetus on the fetus are very clear.

It was a full -moon fetus, holding his head and staying in the old lady’s belly.

Huang Yijun’s belly really conceived the child, but the child had no signs of life!

The director of obstetrics and gynecology said: "With the movement of the dead tire, some ingredients in the mother’s fetus or placenta will cause a condensed response to the mother’s blood system, such as the underlying bleeding or unprecedented bleeding of the vagina under the skin of the whole body."

The fetus is the most dangerous in the obstetrics, and its risk and mortality rate are relatively high.Even under modern medical conditions, it is possible to endanger the lives of pregnant women in the death of a fetus, not to mention the era when Huang Yijun was in.

For a while, the doctor couldn’t figure out where Huang Yijun’s fetus came from.

Judging from the light film, the tire’s skeletal contour develops very complete, so Li Wen, director of obstetrics and gynecology, also gives the initial hypothesis: "This is likely to be a special type of the twin -parasitic tires","

Parasitic tire means that one fetus parasitic in another accompanied carcass. If each cell cluster after division is not uniform, the one who is dominant, in order to compete for the nutrition of the mother, will be bullish and slowly devouring his brother.sisters.

The condition of parasitic tires is rare, and this parasitic tire like Huang Yijun’s belly can’t help but feel: "After the medical for decades, the first time I encountered the fetus for more than 60 years.Parasitic tire. "

All doctors are speculating the origin of the fetus. Huang Yijun watched the X -ray film taken by the doctor to her, and looked at the obvious fetal outline above. At this time, the old lady suddenly thought about something a long time ago.

Huang Yijun pointed at the fetus in X -rays, and said to her son Luo Bingwen: Luo Bingwen:

"This is my son, it’s my sister."

In 1948, 31 -year -old Huang Yijun had her second child.

However, this child was still born after 10 months of due date.Looking at Huang Yijun, who was difficult and uncomfortable, Huang Yijun’s husband took her to take her to a large hospital for assistance (Note: Qingshen County People’s Hospital was established in 1943).

At that time, because the traffic was not convenient, the bumps on the back circuit not only broke Huang Yijun’s amniotic fluid, but also had severe hemorrhage status. When Huang Yijun and her husband came to the hospital.

The doctor was shocked when he saw the bloody Huang Yijun: "Why are you here now!"

Due to uterine bleeding and amniotic fluid, when Huang Yijun arrived at the hospital, the fetus in her belly had died in her belly.At that time, the doctor wanted to use the surgery to help Huang Yi take out the dead tires in the abdomen, but the surgery had to charge surgery.

Huang Yijun needs to pay 120 surgery fees. In the era before liberation, 120 yuan was not a small number. For Huang Yijun’s family, he could catch up with the crops planted by several seasons.

At that time, Huang Yijun considered her husband for a long time. Her husband finally supported taking out the dead tire, but Huang Yijun felt that his stomach didn’t hurt, so he said, "Wait for him to fall away, why is it wrong?To do surgery, spend that money. "

Under Huang Yijun’s insistence, the operation was gone.

After that, Huang Yijun tried various abortion methods. She tried what she took medicine and wrestling, but the fetus in her belly was like sticking to her stomach, and she couldn’t get rid of it.

Over time, Huang Yijun saw that this big belly did not hinder her normal life, so she put the fetus aside.

At the time, Luo Bingwen was still young and had not reached the point of memo.Other people who are familiar with the matter also leave the world one by one over time. Finally, the person who keeps this secret is only Huang Yijun.

Huang Yijun is now older. Many things have not been remembered in the past, because of the problem that time is too long, even she has forgotten that there is a child with her and her husband in her belly.

The doctors who know the real reasons have a unbelievable feeling, and then they are worried that the fetus in the abdomen will affect Huang Yijun’s life.But compared with the complexity of others, Huang Yijun was happy to think of that period of forgotten memory.

But after so many years, will the fetus rot?

In order to understand the condition of the fetus in the abdomen, the doctor did a CT examination for Huang Yijun.

Subsequently, Li Wen, director of the obstetrics and gynecology, found that Huang Yijun’s mother absorbed the muscle and placenta component of the fetus in the abdomen. Because the bone components could not be absorbed, over time, the calcium salt was calm and the calmness was caused by the calmness of the calcium salt.Calcification.

This process is like the formation of fossils.

Therefore, the fetus in X -rays can see clear bone components, but the muscle ingredients cannot be seen.This is why Huang Yijun’s stomach is so hard, and it is why the fetus does not rot.

Huang Yi is not the first case like this rare breeding situation.For example, in Thailand and Vietnam, in fact, women have been pregnant with decades of death.

This phenomenon was later learned by medical examinations that this was caused by ectopic pregnancy.

Outreachness means that all pregnancy is pregnant outside the uterus, such as the fallopian tube, the large omentum, and so on.The probability of ectopic pregnancy is very low, but the situation is very dangerous.

So why is Huang Yijun’s body still healthy and safe for 60 years of death?

Li Wen, director of obstetrics and gynecology, said:

It may be that Huang Yijun was pregnant at that time. It was an ectopic pregnancy. Because of the problem of fetal position or the problem of production, the uterus caused a crack, causing amniotic fluid out of the amniotic fluid, vaginal bleeding, and the fetus was unexpectedly discharged into the abdominal cavity or pelvic cavity.

Huang Yijun’s uterine recovery function and ovarian recovery function are very strong. Over time, the previous damage is automatically repaired, and the calcified fetus does not have a fatal impact on the mother.

Huang Yijun’s situation is equivalent to putting a stone in the abdominal cavity. As long as the blood vessels are not pierced or the bladder is not oppressed, it will not cause fatal damage.

Because of the problems of the fetal oppression, Huang Yijun only needs to eat too much. She will have a pregnancy reaction similar to "pregnancy vomiting", but in fact, as long as Huang Yijun usually pays attention to exercise and controls the amount of food, this problem can be solved.

The doctor also told Huang Yijun: "Your back pain is actually nothing to do with the fetus. This is because of the back spinal fascia caused by rheumatism. As long as you continue to accept massage and hot compresses in the later period, you can alleviate it."

Because Huang Yijun’s age is high, it is not suitable for this kind of birth surgery.Compared to taking out the fetus in the abdomen, her son prefers her mother more and can live and live steadily.And Huang Yijun also said: "Anyway, there is nothing much influence, just put it in his stomach."

Huang Yijun felt that even if the fetus died in her belly for more than 60 years, it was her and her husband.Her husband has gone earlier, and has never left a photo for so many years. The group of familiar friends around him left the world one by one.Now I know that there is a child who has been with her husband, and Huang Yijun feels quite happy.

At least one thing that can be recalled is one more.

In fact, from another perspective, Huang Yijun felt that she could live for so many years. Maybe the child was secretly protecting her.Although she was suffering for a lifetime and was reluctant to spend any money in the end, she was happy.

At this point, the fate is not overwhelming.

Huang Yijun said that if there is a lifetime, she wants to hear this child who has never seen each other and can call her a mother.

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