In 2009, a special "pregnant woman" in Guangzhou was pregnant in October.

"I have never seen it, I have never seen it. For such a big belly, I have been a doctor for 46 years and I have never seen it."

On December 23, 2009, the Guangzhou Fulian Hospital ushered in a special "pregnant woman". She was pregnant in October, but her belly was surprisingly big.The belly is so large.

When pregnant women are pregnant, the abdomen is only 100 cm, but the woman’s abdomen has reached an amazing 170 cm, exceeding the normal range of 60 cm.

The doctor gave her a B -ultrasound, but unexpectedly found that there was no fetus in her belly.So how did she get such a big belly?What will be inside this big belly?Three consecutive rounds, like attention.

1. Unfortunate marriage life

At the beginning of the story, we have to start with this special "pregnant woman".A few years ago, like most rural girls, she married a woman at a young age.

At the beginning, the life of the couple was calm, and the sunrise was sunset every day.But for a long time, such a calm life attracted the dissatisfaction of Peng Xi’s husband and mother -in -law. The reason is also very simple, that is, Peng Ximei has never been pregnant.

There are no children in marriage for several years. This is going to be gossip in the countryside. The rumors that Peng Ximei could not give birth was spread in the village. The mother -in -law who felt the damaged home was trying to find a recipe.

Every time she drinks the fine girl, she feels that her belly is turning the river. Is there any effect and not to say. Anyway, this person is tortured enough.However, after drinking a remedy for a while, the thin sister’s belly really responded.

"Then I think my stomach hurts a bit, and it has risen. I said maybe what may be, maybe I am pregnant."

The mother -in -law who thought she was pregnant was happy, and began to preach her daughter -in -law to have children, and she could hold her grandson immediately.But what surprised their family was that the thin girl’s belly seemed a bit fast. In three months, she could be almost the same as that in October of the average pregnant woman in October.

Moreover, this belly has a horrible "blood -sucking" ability. Since the fine girl found that her belly has a reaction, she has become particularly weak, just like her body is hollowed out, and even several times she has fainted. ThisObviously it is different from the symptoms of normal pregnancy.

After the people in the village knew about the situation of the fine girl, they began to chew their tongue behind them. Many people were rumored that the fine girl was with a strange fetus, otherwise how could they eat the nutrition of the mother?

After listening to a lot of rumors, the husband’s husband also began to doubt. Is it his own child in the belly of the fine girl?So, after ten months of conceived, Xie Mei asked Xiemei to go to the hospital for a examination.

As a result, it does n’t matter if you do n’t do it. As soon as you do it, he almost asked for the half of his sister ’s life. He came to the Zhanjiang Central People’s Hospital. When he saw the huge belly of the fine sister, he was startled.

Therefore, the hospital immediately arranged for the examination for fine girls. Soon, the results of the examination came out. The doctor told Ximei that her belly was not a child, but cancer.

When I heard the doctor, the fine girl seemed to have suffered a thunderbolt. She quickly asked the doctor if her cancer was still possibly cured. The doctor shook her head helplessly.I will recur on the year, and it will really be powerless to return to the sky. "

Peng Ximei is unwilling to be so young. What kind of cancer can be so powerful?After the husband on the side heard the doctor’s words, he sneered in a sneer not to comfort the sad girl who was comforting.

Later, I said a discouraged words, "I can’t care about me when I go out, or take a woman back to live or what I will come back."

The fine girl who heard this, I couldn’t believe her ears. At this moment, her husband who had been relying on her was so cold and strange at this moment. She endured the tears in her eyes.Duan feelings.

Second, run away from home and meet noble people

The fine girl who returned home from the hospital was ridiculed by her mother -in -law, and her husband also watching on the side, just watching her be bullied.Whenever Peng Ximei’s temper is a bit irritable, at this time, she can make a chickens and dogs at this time, but the kind girl who has not done so.

She sneaked out of her house while she was at night. When she was walking on the street, she felt very torment. The flow of people had no relationship with her, and it seemed to be alive without meaning.

But just when she was going to jump from the bridge a hundred, she saw a group of ants on the ground. In order to survive, she was working strongly. At this time, she suddenly realized that she thought of raising her father and mother.How sad they should be.

Although her sister gave up the idea of light life, she didn’t want to return to the home that made her sad, so she was alone and embarked on a wandering path, and this walk was two years.

In the past two years, she made her belly as much as she could not support. On weekdays, she kept panting as long as she sat down, and she became more difficult after sitting down.

Knowing that she might have a limited time, she went to the People’s Hospital of Zhanjiang City. She had no money and did not think about it to treat the disease here. She just sat in the corridor of the hospital without affecting anyone.

After the patient and nurse in the hospital knew the experience of fine girls, she spontaneously helped her some little, and her girl was very grateful to these help.Perhaps it is the road of no one, and the kind girl encountered a miracle and waited for her noble man.

On that day, Xu Kecheng, the dean of Fuma Hospital, who came to Zhanjiang free clinic, noticed the thin girl with a big belly in the corridor of the hospital.Why did she stay in the hospital alone?

Although he was curious, he did not go directly to the fine girl to ask about the situation, because according to his observation, the belly of the fine girl has seriously affected her survival. She was struggling to sit.Once I learned about this poor woman who is homeless and lonely.

After understanding the situation of fine girls, he decided to help fine girls. At this time, he walked in front of the fine girl and squatted down and asked her, "Simple, you are so young, it is a pity if you die.You go to Guangzhou, I’ll help you cure the disease. "

Faced with the invitation of the old professor, Ximei couldn’t believe it. She hesitated for a moment and shook her head and said, "I have no money, I don’t go." In just the six words, let an old professor of the old professor nose a nose a nose a nose a nose.Sour, he immediately decided to treat fine girls for free.

After experiencing so many hardships, she finally waited until the rain was fine, and the shed tears could no longer be able to help.When she found cancer, she felt that the sky was about to collapse, but she didn’t cry; later, her husband and mother -in -law were ruthless to her. She ran away from home. A person stood by the bridge and tangled lightly. She still didn’t cry.

However, at this moment, a word from the old professor completely broke the defense of the strong girl in her heart. She came to the hospital because she had no money, so she didn’t want others to heal herself. Does she not want to live?Of course not, she just can’t see the hope of living.

Today, the old professor brought this hope to her. On December 13, 2009, the fine girl came from Zhanjiang to Guangzhou under the escort of the ambulance.Hua, welcome her to come here for treatment, hoping to help her recover soon.

At this time, the fine girl has reached 110 kilograms. The nearly 60 kg of the big belly has made her breathing difficulty. If she is not treated in time, I am afraid that there will be danger of life. So how will the old professor help the fine girl for treatment?

Third, exclude all difficulties, actively treat

"This normal should be the position of the lungs, and it should be the position of the lungs normally, but because this tumor is too large, this part of the intestine is squeezed to the top, breathing 50 times in a minute, 60 times, this is one of the one.The species is called the type of respiratory failure, and the mortality rate is very high. "

After the preliminary inspection, the old professor found that some organs in the fine girl have been forced to be shifted. If you continue to let it go, the life of the fine girl will definitely be threatened.

And now the most tricky problem is what is the big girl’s belly?Can you remove it without endangering the safety of the fine girl?And how to remove things in the stomach?

Because the thin girl’s belly is too large, the CT examination cannot be performed, and the result of the B -ultrasound can only be seen that the fine girl’s belly has a lot of turbid liquid.

The old professor said: "After the abdominal pressure is reduced, after the abdominal pressure is reduced, it can metabolize the water in the blood to a large amount of metabolism in the abdominal cavity to supplement the water in the abdominal cavity. This is a very dangerous movement. This is a very dangerous movement.The patient will shock at the time. "

The risk of surgery is high, but the risk of not surgery is even greater, so the old professor immediately decided that the operation still had to be done.However, before surgery, the old professor decided to drain the effusion in the thin sister’s belly.

Subject drainage, allowing fine girl’s belly to reach the level of safe surgery. At that time, surgery can be performed to greatly ensure the success rate of surgery.

Soon, the drainage of the effusion began. While discharging the effusion, the old professor also entered albumin and plasma into the fine girl’s body to avoid uncomfortable reactions because of the drainage.

In about ten minutes, nearly 2,000 milliliters of effusion were discharged from the abdominal cavity of fine girls. At this time, Ximei felt that she had never had any relaxation, and her previous breathing difficulties also improved a little.

In this way, Ximei has done a drainage for nearly ten days. Every day, it leads to nearly 5,000 ml of effusion from the abdominal cavity in the body.It is the amount of nearly 100 bottles of beer from the fine girl’s body.

What a scary number, and the kind and strong girl who persisted under such pressure.When the effusion fades, torture the culprit of the sore girl’s painlessness, and finally shows its true face.

A tumor that looks like egg yolk appears in front of the doctors. At present, as long as the "egg yolk" is removed, you can save the fine girl in the fire and fire, but in this critical juncture, doctors find that they are fundamentally that they are fundamentally at all.No surgery.

The reason is actually very simple, that is, the fine girl has no family signed, and the ruthless and unreasonable husband does not mention it. How can she have not appeared in her parents for so long?

Soon, after the reporter knew about the fine girl, he went to the fine sister’s hometown Maoming.There, the reporter first met the parents of the fine sister, and the two lonely old people lived in a hut that was shaking. It turned out that the reason why the fine girl chose to wander was because they did not want to drag their parents.

"I thank them from my heart, raise me, teach me knowledge, and teach me how to be a person. I am very grateful to them here, that is, at home, I can’t help much, I also let them worry, thenI also want to say something, sorry for them. "

The reporter was moved by the kindness of fine girls, and also felt sympathetic to the misfortune of this poor family. Now, the hospital directly exempts the surgical costs of fine girls. The reporter is also willing to provide the fare for the fate of the girl to take care of the fine girl in Guangzhou.

In this way, the surgery of fine girls was finally put on the agenda. At 8 o’clock on January 15, 2010, Ximei was lying on the bed and was pushed into the operating room.Before the formal operation, Ximei was still blaming herself, and she had troubled her family and worried them.

Outside the surgery, her brother came from his hometown just to accompany her sister.So those who care about fine girls are also waiting for the results of the operation quietly. Everyone is hope that the god of fate can care for this kind woman and let her go through this difficulty.

The sixth month after the time came to Xingmei’s surgery, the reporter rushed to the Fusa Hospital again. When he saw that the operation was successful in the recovery period, he was surprised.

The woman with a slim figure in front of her eyes, and the fine girl with a huge belly before, was just like two people.Fine girl smiled and told the reporter about some of her recovery after surgery. At the beginning of the recovery, because the weight grew too fast, the doctors thought the condition was recurring. Later, when she started to grow meat on her faceAttentive.

Today’s fine girl has become the spiritual leader of the hospital cancer patient. She said that she helped her, and she would help more people, because only this is the real repayment.

"I feel that someone cares about, someone loves you, and I have to go up, think so."

During several examinations after surgery, the doctor said that the condition of fine girls had basically recovered, and after half a year, she could live a normal life.

The fine girl who heard this good news showed a bright smile on her face, and she told reporters that she would be a volunteer in the future and do their best to help more people.

Well, today’s story is about to end. Friends who like it can like comments and pay attention.

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