In 2010, a 25 -year -old girl and neighbors stole affection. After marrying people, she returned to her mother’s house and showed off. The neighbors killed her love.

One body and two lives

At around noon on June 25, 2010, the police in Yulong County, Yunnan received a report.

A woman was killed and killed on the streets of their village.

The police immediately arrived at the scene, and they found that the person killed was a woman in her twenties.

Her neck and chest had a dozen knives.

Especially the three knives on the neck caused the woman to die directly.

When the forensic doctors checked the body, they accidentally found that the woman was pregnant.

Her little belly has been raised slightly, and she should be pregnant for three months.

Obviously, the murderer has a great hatred for her, that is, he wants to kill her and create a tragedy of a dead body.

Through understanding, the police learned that the deceased was called Yang Qinghua, and the villagers of Jiuhe Village, Yulong County.

At the age of 25.

She got married for more than half a year. How could she be killed in her mother’s house?

Who is the murderer?

A witness witnesses told the police that the witness was the girlfriend of the deceased Yang Qinghua.

She said she and Yang Qinghua were trying to eat rice noodles.

The two walked forward and laughed.

Suddenly, a person came out from behind them, and the man slashed against Yang Qinghua.

Until Yang Qinghua lay down until he died.

She knew this man, Zhao Shuliang, the villagers in their village.

Zhao Shuliang is 24 years old, unmarried and unsuccessful. In fact, he is Yang Qinghua’s neighbor.

How could he kill Yang Qinghua?

The police asked Zhao Shuliang’s family to call Zhao Shuliang’s call and found that they turned off.

Did Zhao Shuliang escape?

On the second day of the crime, Zhao Shuliang’s family contacted the police. They said that Zhao Shuliang wanted to surrender.

Zhao Shuliang was arrested.

He told the police that Yang Qinghua was indeed killed by him.

The police asked Zhao Shuliang, why did he kill Yang Qinghua?

Do you know that she is pregnant?

What are the hatreds with Yang Qinghua?

What is the relationship?

His answer was that the two of them were lovers, and this relationship was maintained for more than a year.

This is still surprising that the case handler is surprised. You must know that Yang Qinghua has married and has three months of pregnancy.

How could they be the relationship between lovers?

Zhao Shuliang repeatedly emphasized that he did not lie, and they did have emotional disputes.

It seems that behind this murder case, there should be a unknown story.

Zhao Shuliang told that at noon on the day of the crime, he drank half a bottle of wine at home.

He walked on the street and just saw two women walking towards him.

One of these two women is Yang Qinghua.

When he saw Yang Qinghua only chatting with his companion, he turned a blind eye to him.

His anger suddenly came up.

He caught up from behind and killed Yang Qinghua directly.

As for why he kills this woman?

He said he felt that he was deceived by this woman, whether it was emotional or money.

Since this woman lied to him, he was going to kill the woman.

Regardless of her pregnancy or no pregnancy.

Let’s see what are the grievances between the two of them?

The days of stealing cohabitation

Zhao Shuliang said that from 2008 to the end of 2009, he and Yang Qinghua had been working outside.

They lived together during work.

This relationship was still very sweet, but by the end of 2009, Yang Qinghua cried and said that he had something to do.

It’s a big deal.

She didn’t say anything specific.

After Zhao Shuliang repeatedly asked, she finally talked about her difficulties.

She said she needs 20,000 yuan.

For Zhao Shuliang, the 20,000 yuan at that time was a astronomical figure.

He didn’t have it himself, and he couldn’t get it out.

However, I saw Yang Qinghua crying and death.

He still thought about a way and borrowed more than 10,000 usury loans.

With this 10,000 yuan, Yang Qinghua’s urgency was solved.

However, the development of later things was beyond Zhao Shuliang’s expectations.

Why do the two of them go out to live together?

It is because their families disagree with them together, which is hoeing together.

Zhao Shuliang’s stepfather did not agree with this marriage. He once expressed his desire to seek relatives to his stepfather.

Rejected by his stepfather.

It is equivalent to grew up with his stepfather since he was a child, and his relationship with his stepfather was not too harmonious.

And he never asked his stepfather, and his stepfather said something that disagreed, and he never fought.

Therefore, they can only secretly live outside.

Because Zhao Shuliang’s parents did not agree with this marriage, Yang Qinghua’s parents would find objects for their daughters.

In fact, they did not agree with their daughters and Zhao Shuliang, so they were like their daughter could not marry.

Like Zhao Shuliang.

Soon, they found Ruyi Langjun for their daughter Yang Qinghua.

By the end of 2009, Yang Qinghua suddenly told Zhao Shuliang that she was going to marry.

For Zhao Shuliang, this is definitely a thunderbolt.

How can I get married well?

It didn’t take long for 20,000 yuan to borrow.

Is it really so fascinating?

Yang Qinghua cried and said that it was not a way to sneak like this, she would marry someone sooner or later.

Therefore, she wants to be bright and marrying a person to get married.

Obviously, Zhao Shuliang couldn’t marry her, and she could only marry the object that her parents arranged.

Zhao Shuliang was reluctant to Yang Qinghua, and he showed an indifferent attitude.

He didn’t believe Yang Qinghua would really leave him.

However, when he learned that Yang Qinghua was engaged, he regretted it.

His woman, who suddenly became someone else’s woman.

He wanted to save Yang Qinghua, called Yang Qinghua, and sent text messages.


Yang Qinghua’s heart was closed to Zhao Shuliang. No matter how Zhao Shuliang pleaded, she ignored it.

Not long after engagement, she married.

Knowing that his woman became the bride of others, Zhao Shuliang did not care, and he was addicted to gambling all day.

When he lost money, he drank and paralyzed himself with alcohol.

He went to the singing hall to sing and dance.

This life has been in a small half a year, and a bigger blow hit him.

At the beginning, he borrowed more than 10,000 usury loans, and people came to make a campaign.

He is limited to the arrears and interest in one month.

And tell him that if he does not repay again, all consequences will be held by himself.

He was afraid.

He knew that others might use various methods to deal with him, and even threatened his danger of life.

Since the 10,000 yuan was borrowed by Yang Qinghua, he would tell Yang Qinghua that the two of them returned together.

He thinks it should have no problem.

When he told Yang Qinghua about his difficulties, Yang Qinghua turned out to be ignored.

This annoyed him.

how so?

He couldn’t believe it.

Especially after Yang Qinghua returned to her mother’s house, she often appeared in front of him.

And he also learned that Yang Qinghua was pregnant, and he thought that Yang Qinghua was showing off to him. At least in his opinion, Yang Qinghua was very happy. This husband was very good to her.

In turn, Zhao Shuliang compared himself. He really had nothing, nothing, and he owed a debt.

So the more he thinks, the less it is.

He knew that every day at noon, Yang Qinghua passed on the street not far from their doorstep.Even every time I saw him, I didn’t know him,

This contrast is too big.

He couldn’t accept it, he wanted to get revenge on Yang Qinghua.

Therefore, on the day of the incident, he drank half a bottle of wine.

After drinking, Zhao Shuliang went out again, and happened to meet Yang Qinghua. Yang Qinghua still ignored him. He was directly angry and chopped Yang Qinghua with a knife.

He didn’t know how many knives he had cut.

After hacked Yang Qinghua, he returned home and took the sleeping pill. In a desert forest not far from his home, he ate the sleeping pill.

He slept for about a day, and he woke up the next day, and he found that he had not died.

He didn’t even know where he was?

After waking up, he watched his mobile phone and had a lot of non -answers. He also saw the contents of his family persuaded him to surrender.

Therefore, he contacted his family and, accompanied by his family, chose to surrender to the police station.

After Zhao Shuliang surrendered, he told all his killing and reasons. Because he murdered to know that the other party was pregnant, he would continue to commit crimes.

The nature is particularly bad, the impact is particularly bad, and the consequences are serious.

He also knows what kind of punishment will be waiting for him.

In the end, he was sentenced to death.

Before the death penalty, Zhao Shuliang met his uncle and his stepfather. His stepfather still regretted it, and he regretted fighting.

However, Zhao Shuliang said that it was done by him alone.

It’s his fault.

Don’t talk about regret, after all, things have happened.

So let him face it alone.

He can bear any result. After all, after killing Yang Qinghua, he never thought of being alone. He loved this woman too much.

He also died willingly.

However, he really shouldn’t kill people, but he was a dead body.

So he was sentenced to death and was not wronged.

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