In 2019, the 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter -in -law, saying that she would not bother their children. What is it now?

In Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, a 67 -year -old aunt is coaxing the child on the street. Lying in her arms is a little girl who can’t walk. The children are white and tender and very cute., But my aunt corrected: "What, this is my newly born little daughter."

This uncle’s aunt and the child really depends on who is confused. Everyone can’t think of it. Aunt Tian, 67, can still be an elderly mother, and she is still a daughter.This incident soon appeared on the hot search, and even some people asked the uncle to ask for a secret recipe.There are also many people who are puzzled. Why can Aunt Tian 67 years old be pregnant?At first, other children in the family tried to oppose Aunt Tian and gave birth to the children. What happened to their family now?

Aunt Tian Xinju and Uncle Huang Weiping lived in Zaozhuang, Shandong. Uncle Huang was one year older than Auntian. When he was young, the two were introduced to understand. Later, after a period of time, they gradually became emotional.Uncle Huang is honest and calm, and is a person who cares very much and values affection.Aunt Tian is cheerful and enthusiastic, and is very kind. She has always been a model couple in her neighbor’s mouth.

Life after marriage was very sweet, and soon they ushered in a pair of children.Children’s doses are the dreams of many people, and Aunt Tian and his wife are also very satisfied with this result. Since then, they have no plans to ask for children.Aunt Tian’s work is a pediatrician doctor. Uncle Huang is also very busy with his work, so that the children follow the parents on both sides all year round. The two of them have no time to accompany the child’s childhood.No big regret.But for children to live a good life, many parents have to make such a choice.

It was decades of time. Soon the couple ushered in retirement, and they lived for half a lifetime. Suddenly, they suddenly leaned down. Fortunately, they also had their children after their children became a family.Both of the happy life couples felt very happy, but a sudden disease broke the peaceful life.

In 2018, Aunt Tian checked the cavity cerebral infarction, and this time she was admitted to the hospital directly.During the treatment, a thing that made everyone couldn’t believe it, and Aunt Tian had a holiday.It is necessary to know that women will naturally menopause during the age of 45-55. Aunt Tian is over sixty years old.In the end, it is speculated that this may be a temporary phenomenon produced by taking blood circulation and removing stasis.

After the treatment, Aunt Tian returned to her normal life, and her holiday was forgotten.By 2019, Aunt Tian suddenly felt uncomfortable. She was lamented that she had a problem with her body when she was old. She thought it was a new problem, but the results of the hospital’s examination showed that Aunt Tian, 67, was pregnant!Not only did Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang dare not believe it, even the doctor once suspected that it was misdiagnosis, but no matter how they checked, the facts of pregnancy could not be changed, and the embryo developed very well.

Aunt Tian and Uncle Huang, who learned the news, stunned for a long time. Does this child stay or not?The couple couldn’t take the idea for a while. In the end, they decided to tell the children truthfully and want to hear their opinions.Suddenly there was a brother and sister who was younger than his own child. Aunt Tian’s children could not accept it for a while, and they agreed that they should not want this child.Not only is the age issue, the age of 35 is an elderly mother. The greater the danger of production on the Internet on the Internet, the greater the danger of production. Aunt Tian must not be twice as dangerous than ordinary people?Therefore, children are firmly opposed to this, and they even have to break the relationship with the couple.

The children’s do not support made Aunt Tian very sad. She was naturally clear about what they worried, but how could she bear the children who gave God the heavenly give up like this?After a few days and nights of psychological struggles, the couple unanimously decided to give birth to the children. As for future things, Aunt Tian said hardly that the two pensions of the two of them would be tens of thousands of yuan per month, and they would not bring their children.trouble.After making a decision, Aunt Tian was pregnant with peace of mind. On October 25, 2019, she arrived at the delivery period and was promoted to the delivery room.When Aunt Tian produced, the family turned around. She was not only a super -aged mother, but also had high blood pressure and diabetes.

At 9 am, there was a loud cry in the delivery room, and Aunt Tian successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl.The birth of the child was a miracle, so Uncle Huang named her Huang Tianci.Looking at the younger sister who is still in Li, Aunt Tian’s children also accepted this result. The family unity can always solve the problem.The news of Aunt Huang’s successful production quickly spread throughout the Internet. She refreshed the highest age of natural pregnancy in my country, and many media began to report.Aunt Tian became a celebrity for a while.

The appearance of Xiaotianci gave Aunt Tian and the new hope. Now they use short videos to record their daughter’s growth every day, and they have many fans.And as Xiaotianci grows slowly, Uncle Huang and Aunt Tian are too busy every day. They not only have to take care of Xiaotianci at all times, but Uncle Huang also needs to start working again to provide Xiaotianci with betterlife.

Uncle and aunt knew that their time was not abundant. We must prepare everything for Xiaotianci as much as possible, and all kinds of insurance and deposits are well prepared.After the family reconciled, the children also said that she would be willing to take care of this little sister in the future and let her grow up healthily.The 67 -year -old mother gave birth to a daughter. What do you think of?

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