In 2020, the rural guy of Guizhou married a Vietnamese beauty and gave birth to a mixed -race son. How is it now?

In April 2020, Pan Feizhou, a rural guy in Guizhou, married Huang Xiaoqiu, a beauty from Vietnam.After marriage, Huang Xiaoqiu gave birth to a mixed -race son for Pan Feizhou.In order to take care of his son, Huang Xiaoqiu and Pan Feizhou settled in the village deep in Dashan, Guizhou.It has been almost two years since they have been married. Are their marriage happier?The most character in this issue takes everyone to approach the transnational marriage of Pan Feizhou.

Pan Feizhou

On June 21, 2000, Pan Feizhou was born in a rural family under the jurisdiction of Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province.Parents are ordinary farmers. The three brothers Pan Feizhou are the eldest son of the family. When he was a child, Pan Feizhou was a left -behind child.

Soon after giving birth to him, his parents went out to work.Pan Feizhou lived with his grandparents.

Pan Feizhou took a photo with his parents when he was a kid

After school, Pan Feizhou’s grades have not been very good. When he was in junior high school, the timid and inferior Pan Feizhou had encountered campus bullying and was often bullied by classmates in the class.He dropped out of school without finishing.

In 2014, only 14 -year -old Pan Feizhou came to work in Yongkang, Zhejiang under the leadership of his cousin.Here, Pan Feizhou can only start from a car washer. During that time, he was very bitter. He had to wash dozens of cars in a day.The salary of a month was only 2,000. At the end of the year, Pan Feizhou didn’t save much money. After that, he returned to his hometown for the New Year.


After the New Year, Pan Feizhou followed relatives to Jieyang, Guangdong to work.At that time, he and his relatives entered the factory to make screws, but after three days, Pan Feizhou couldn’t do it anymore. He felt that the life here was too monotonous, and he had no freedom at all. He resigned.In the next few months, Pan Feizhou became a leisurely lying young man who was traveling. He often had no dime on his body. He asked different relatives to borrow money all day.

In November 2015, Pan Feizhou re -came to Yongkang, Zhejiang and washed the car for a month.After saving some money, he didn’t want to do it because he was too tired. Eight people had to wash 300 cars a day and did it every day. Pan Feizhou had back pain.

After resigning, Pan Feizhou also found a small factory with his fellow villagers in Jinhua City, Zhejiang, ready to go in to work.Regardless of the factory, the salary of more than 3,000 yuan regardless of the food and accommodation.He rented the house with his fellow, bought rice noodles, and planned to settle down.

Pan Feizhou, who is out of society early

But on the first day of entering the factory, the two guys felt that they were tired and were often scolded by the supervisor. That night, the two guys cried in the rental house for a long time.They don’t want to do it, but they don’t even have the toll on home.

Seeing that the New Year was going, Pan Feizhou’s father gave his son a toll and asked him to return home.

In the whole year of 2016, Pan Feizhou did not go out to find a job. He planted farmers at home and occasionally went out to fight some workers, but he was really poor at that time, and the money on his body did not exceed 100 yuan.

Just after the New Year in 2017, Pan Feizhou and relatives came to Jieyang, Guangdong to work again. He entered a hardware factory.Here is a punching work, and you can get 5,000 pieces at the highest month.

His work is tired and noisy, but Pan Feizhou insisted on doing it for a year and a half.Later, Pan Feizhou left the factory because he wanted to find his girlfriend.

At the invitation of my cousin, Pan Feizhou entered a motor factory in Jieyang.And here, Pan Feizhou met Huang Xiaoqiu for a lifetime.

Huang Xiaoqiu

Huang Xiaoqiu was born on September 18, 1998 in a rural family under the jurisdiction of Xuanuang City, Vietnam. His parents are poor farmers, the Yao people, and the same ethnic group as the Yao people in China.Huang Xiaoqiu also had a younger brother who was two years younger than her. Due to the poor family, Huang Xiaoqiu and his brother dropped out of school as soon as he finished studying.

After that, Huang Xiaoqiu heard that she could make money in China, so she thought of working in China at the time.

Huang Xiaoqiu in Vietnam

In 2015, under the introduction of the fellow, Huang Xiaoqiu came to Guangzhou with his friends. When he first arrived in Guangzhou, Huang Xiaoqiu could only get 1,000 yuan a month, because most of the money they earned was brought to China to China.People take it.Later, through learning, Huang Xiaoqiu made rapid Chinese progress.She also had an idea, and then began to leave the fellow and find a job herself.

In early 2019, Huang Xiaoqiu came to Jieyang, Guangdong to enter the motor factory where Pan Feizhou was located.Through his own efforts, Huang Xiaoqiu, who was at the beginning, could get a salary of 6,000 yuan.

Cute Huang Xiaoqiu

When Huang Xiaoqiu came to the factory, Pan Feizhou quickly fancy the girl from the crowd.At first Pan Feizhou didn’t know that Xiaoqiu was Vietnamese, but just felt that she was very cute, and seemed to have a feeling of love at first sight.

And two people work in a workshop, Pan Feizhou often sees Huang Xiaoqiu as soon as he looks up.A few times will look at each other several times. In this case, Pan Feizhou likes Huang Xiaoqiu.At that time, there were many single young people in the factory. Pan Feizhou was afraid that someone would snatch Xiaoqiu, so he couldn’t wait to confess with the ball.

Huang Xiaoqiu

On March 15, 2019, Pan Feizhou found an opportunity. He deliberately came to Huang Xiaoqiu and said to Huang Xiaoqiu, "Is this goods right? Is it that I let you do it?"

Huang Xiaoqiu said, "You still call me my little girl, are you older than me?"

At that time, Pan Feizhou didn’t know how big Huang Xiaoqiu was, but Huang Xiaoqiu knew that Pan Feizhou was only 19 years old and two years younger than himself.

After a few days, the factory was assigned to work. At this time, Huang Xiaoqiu was allocated opposite to Pan Feizhou. In this way, at work, the two young people could look at each other almost every time they looked at each other.Many times, in this case, the hearts of the two young people are getting closer.

Pan Feizhou and Huang Xiaoqiu date together

In the following days, after get off work, Pan Feizhou often asked Huang Xiaoqiu to take a walk together to get off the museum together.During the chat process, Pan Feizhou learned that Huang Xiaoqiu was Vietnamese and two years older than himself.But he didn’t care about these, he just wanted to be with Huang Xiaoqiu.

One day in June 2019, just after get off work that day, Pan Feizhou called Huang Xiaoqiu at the door of the factory, and then he said to Huang Xiaoqiu: "I like you and want you to be my girlfriend."

Huang Xiaoqiu in the dormitory

Huang Xiaoqiu was a little surprised. She didn’t agree at the time, so she left immediately.After returning to the dormitory, Huang Xiaoqiu and his Vietnamese fellow mentioned this. The villagers advised her to consider it clearly that after all, Vietnam was far from China.But in fact, Huang Xiaoqiu had fallen in love with Pan Feizhou long ago.

That night, Pan Feizhou also called Huang Xiaoqiu to come out to drink. The two talked a lot at the dining table and were drunk.Then, the two crossed the red line.

The days of falling in love with Huang Xiaoqiu

After this night, Huang Xiaoqiu and Pan Feizhou officially established a relationship of love. Huang Xiaoqiu has not been married from this moment.

In the following days, there were always two young people who went to work together to get off work together to work together for the future.

In November 2019, Pan Feizhou brought Huang Xiaoqiu back to his rural hometown in Guizhou. This is a small mountain village, which is not convenient for transportation.Here, Huang Xiaoqiu saw Pan Feizhou’s family conditions, and his family had no cars, no house, and no deposit.Parents worked abroad all year round. The second brother was only 10 years old. He was mentally disabled due to meningitis. The third brother was only 7 years old and was still in elementary school.

Pan Feizhou hometown

To be honest, such a family is not only poverty, but also the burden is very heavy, but Huang Xiaoqiu doesn’t care at all. She guarantees that Pan Feizhou’s parents are guaranteed to use Pan Feizhou for a lifetime, and she will work hard to make this family change.It is getting better and better.

After that, Pan Feizhou handled his passport and came to Vietnam with Huang Xiaoqiu.

Rural Vietnam

After Huang Xiaoqiu’s house, Huang Xiaoqiu’s relatives and friends came dozens of, and Pan Feizhou, who was less than 20 years old, was very shy.In the eyes of Huang Xiaoqiu’s family, the teenager in front of him looks very honest, that is, he is a bit young, and he is not sure if he can be good for Huang Xiaoqiu for a lifetime?

Pan Feizhou stayed at Huang Xiaoqiu’s house for two months. During this period, Pan Feizhou got up early every day to help his parents -in -law work, patiently take care of Huang Xiaoqiu, and exerted the good Chinese man to the extreme.

These father -in -law looked at them, and they finally agreed with the marriage of the two.

bride price

According to Chinese customs, it is time to give Cai Li, but Pan Feizhou does not know the local customs.And Huang Xiaoqiu’s parents do not have a penny, but Pan Feizhou gave her mother -in -law a gift of 5,000 yuan in order to express her sincerity.This heavy gift made the mother -in -law very happy and improved the poor life of the mother -in -law’s family.

On January 10, 2020, Pan Feizhou returned to China with Huang Xiaoqiu, and then the two began to prepare for the wedding.

On April 5, 2020, in a small mountain village in Ziyun County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, a multinational wedding officially kicked off. The groom was 20 -year -old local guy Pan Feizhou, and the bride was Huang Xiaoqiu, a 22 -year -old girl from Vietnam.

Pan Feizhou and Xiaoqiu wedding photos

After marriage, Pan Feizhou and Huang Xiaoqiu did not choose to work out, but settled in rural Guizhou.Huang Xiaoqiu stayed at home every day, while Pan Feizhou went to the county town to scattered workers and returned home every night.

Such days are not insurance, Pan Feizhou is not living every day, and their income can only barely maintain expenses.

One day in December 2020, his father was drunk and shouted at home. Pan Feizhou then quarreled with his father. After quarreling, Pan Feizhou left his wife.The two came to Jieyang, Guangdong. At that time, the two had only more than 1,000 yuan in total.

I rented a 300 yuan monthly house and bought some daily necessities.After that, the two found another small factory and started to continue to make a screw life.

Little and couples who are happy in the pain

During that time, the days were really bitter. In order to save money, the two never got off the restaurant.Huang Xiaoqiu does not make up, let alone buy new clothes.And their 300 yuan rental house was leaking everywhere when it rained.At this time Huang Xiaoqiu regrets it?Come to listen to Huang Xiaoqiu’s answer.

"It’s okay to be poor, as long as you can marry China, and I like him too, two people will have money together"

On January 5, 2021, when Huang Xiaoqiu ate, he felt very disgusting. The Pan Feizhou was frightened. He quickly took his wife to the hospital for examination. After inspection, Huang Xiaoqiu was pregnant. At that moment, Pan Feizhou was very happy.

Huang Xiaoqiu during pregnancy

After returning home, he immediately helped Huang Xiaoqiu go through the resignation procedure, and then he spent 900 yuan to rented a house of one room and one living room.Let Huang Xiaoqiu relieve your fetus at home.

In addition, Pan Feizhou’s mother also rushed from her hometown to Jieyang, taking care of her pregnant daughter -in -law while working.

Pan Feizhou’s headline account today

In April 2021, Pan Feizhou began to be a self -media. He filmed the daily life of his and Vietnamese wives into videos and published it on the Internet. Soon, it attracted the attention of many fans.Pan Feizhou and Huang Xiaoqiu also have a lot of people who support them, giving two young people with the power of struggle.

Pan Feizhou and son

On September 6, 2021, Huang Xiaoqiu gave birth to a mixed -race son for Pan Feizhou in a hospital in Jieyang. During that time, Pan Feizhou also resigned and took care of Huang Xiaoqiu with his mother.During the confinement, Huang Xiaoqiu and her mother -in -law occasionally contradictions. Experienced mother -in -law did not let Xiaoqiu go down to the ground, and did not let the ball wash his hair and take a bath. This could make Xiaoqiu uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Pan Feizhou was a peacemaker in the middle, which made the contradiction between mother -in -law and mother -in -law not erupted. In short, Huang Xiaoqiu was a well -known girl.

Huang Xiaoqiu takes care of his son alone

After the confinement, Pan Feizhou and his mother started to work again. This time, Pan Feizhou also knew that he could no longer hang it up, and he had to make money downhill, otherwise his son would not even have money to eat milk powder.Huang Xiaoqiu brought her son alone at home. Although she was only 23 years old, Xiao Qiu took the child very seriously and never let her husband and mother -in -law worry.

At the end of 2021, Pan Feizhou’s father went to Jieyang to pick up his family back to his rural hometown in Guizhou. The family had a reunion year in his hometown.

After the year, Pan Feizhou’s parents took the second son to work again. At this time, Pan Feizhou decided to stay in his rural hometown because his son was still young.

A family of three in Pan Feizhou lives in rural areas

In this way, Pan Feizhou and Huang Xiaoqiu and his son who were under one year stayed in the countryside. In addition, they also took care of Pan Feizhou who had just reached 10 years old.Every day Huang Xiaoqiu stays at home, and Pan Feizhou will go to the county town to fight some loose workers.

Today, Pan Feizhou, a 22 -year -old young man, already has his own family. For his wife and children, he worked hard.Of course, their main business is self -media. Every day Pan Feizhou is worrying about new videos. They just want to make better videos and present fans the most beautiful rural life in Guizhou.

A family of three

The third brother is in the third grade of elementary school in the town. Every week, Pan Feizhou will pick up the third brother once.Although it was a bit troublesome, for him, this was also his responsibility as a brother, and he did not complain at all.

Not long ago, when Spring was busy, Pan Feizhou still planted corn on his hometown’s open space, looking forward to the bumper harvest in autumn.That’s right, the first batch of post -00s has returned to our hometown farming. What are the reasons for us to stay away from our hometown?

Thank you@感 感 感 小 感, I wish you a happy life, peace and happiness, and of course I hope Pan Feizhou can be successful

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