In 2021, my life keyword summary

In 2021, the year of YQ was not over. This year, people across the country still went out with a mask, and they would always see that there were more new cases in a certain place on the Internet.Completely closed, a certain university began to close, and students were prohibited from going out, and it was endless, but it was still developing in a good direction.

For me, this year’s life has undergone major changes and ushered in a new stage of life.If you want to summarize with keywords, it is "getting married and pregnant". In fact, all changes will start in October 2020. At this time, I have resigned for three years of my hometown. For many people, I have done three three people.It ’s nothing to do if the work of the year is not done. I have been doing it for many years, but it’ s not easy to know that a person to find a suitable job is not easy. It is the same for me.It’s not easy. At that time, before 2017, I had a salary of about 2000 a month before I found this job. I am also a person who stays in the provincial capital.Can’t do it, save a rent, plus eating and drinking Lazar, let alone the fiscal deficit every month. The most difficult time will spend more than 20 yuan a month. That is the darkness in my life.Breakfast and dinner are not eaten. Chinese rice is brought by yourself.Because my life is slowly getting better, from more than 3,000 jobs in the first month, to more than 4,000 and more than 4,000, and occasionally getting more than 6,000. Although it is not the salary of many people, but for a one, for a oneIt is okay for the second -line cities, let alone compared with my previous 2000, so it is quite satisfying.

Like many people, I have also graduated for four years by 2020, and my family has been urging marriage. It is often perfunctory with my parents, or it is unhappy, or even a big fight.I have a deep self -blame. I am in the countryside. My parents are really exhausted for me to go to college and suffer. Therefore, I always blame myself. Later, my parents changed their strategy.I will urge myself to find someone, but to introduce me from my relatives and friends. Although there have been many introductions, they have been busy with work, or add WeChat to talk a few words.The right thing is to be a bit good, as long as I say that the parents who are inappropriate will not force me.

Until July 2020, my brother’s brother introduced me to a civil servant. If the resource bureau works, the resources are particularly good, the work is stable, the salary is good, and the person is honest.The chat and chatting are all very good. By the time he asked for video chat, I think that since the video is happy, the video is the video, and the parents are satisfied. You must know that all the previous chats I introduced were WeChat chat.In addition to chatting this time, and the people around you are married, I feel that I should talk about it, but in addition to being dissatisfied with the appearance of the first video, I feel dissatisfied with his work style.Secondly, if a person is at least, it is really difficult to accept if you do not know it.The spirit, to say that I am not a good one, I can only say that I can still see it. I feel that I will respect myself at the minimum respect for the person who meets the first time, but he is different.During the video, he was lying directly on the bed. The quilt was chaotic. The first feeling was that he felt that this person would not be a person and did not pay attention to details.However, his impression of me is pretty good, and I will frequently send me a message after that. After that video, I obviously had a lot of coldness to him, but because the face of my parents and the elder brother did not refuse directly, until I rejected it until I did not directly reject it until I did it.Later, he proposed to see me. I thought it was time to explain to others, so I said that I was busy, and we were not familiar with it. In addition, I have not talked about the preparation of the object.This man feels good. I did n’t say what the first video was, or I did n’t look at it, but this time my parents have been advised me, and even the sister who has been supporting me has repeatedly persuaded me to sayIt is not important to look like it is important to me. It is important to be important at that time. At that time, I was really restless. On the one hand, I did not want to let my parents disappointed, and on the other hand, I did not want to violate my own mind.

During this period, I have always been in contact with my current husband, that is, my green plum bamboo horse.I will cry with him when I am not working smoothly, and I will talk to him when I introduce me when I introduce me. When I am not working, he will comfort me. When I talk about itWhat, but even so, we will stretch the mood in the process of saying me, and occasionally joking with him. He has been single for so many years, and the people around him have introduced him a lot.That is, there is no suitable thing, that is, in this process that may secretly feel affection for him, or it may be earlier. We grew up together.I only separated, I was better than him. It was in a normal school. I studied under an undergraduate. At that time, their school was a demonstration vocational school, but when we were in collegeWhen I remembered a boyfriend, I used to be a school in high school. I had a class with my husband now. I told him. My husband said that he knew him and advised me not to be with him.It was divided in less than a month. After the division, it was not very sad. After that, I have been intermittently contacted. I know that graduation of college decides to take the civil servant according to the requirements of the family. When I take the exam, I am alone.Studies are not far from us, and they want him to accompany me, but at that time they were facing the defense, so we entered the army of graduation and find a job.

Until September 2020, in September of 2020, the family members urged again and again, and I wanted to let me introduce me to this person. I really did n’t really want to make it. I was not happy with my family several times.Now my husband is crying (not together at that time), and I do n’t know if he is kidding or serious, so I do n’t say that you come to me, I just joked, where you are not familiar with life, you take care of me.He said yes, half -joking and haunted the phone. After that, I really considered it and decided to resign to him. I didn’t know when I started to have feelings for myself.If you do n’t go, you will regret it in the future, and think that my contract will be one month and it will expire. I do n’t want to renew the visa. I tell my parents that I want to go to Xinjiang. At first, my mother was still stunned. He saidSo where do you go far away, I said I want to go to him, my mother said what you are looking for him, do he have no girlfriend, I said no, my mother started to doubt whether we have been connected, and inTogether, I didn’t say anything, my mother knew him, we grew up together, my mother has seen him, and we are also in the town.Half a joke, he said that he had a girlfriend, if you didn’t have it, you would be with him. Whenever I was obscured, I said it was not contacted, so I said I was going to find him, and my mother started to doubt that we wereI don’t have always been in contact, is it always together, my mother likes him very much, so I said I am going to find him and my mother said that you can determine it yourself.

In early October 2020, I resigned with the company, and I could complete the procedures at the end of the month. I told my husband to my husband. He did not expect that I really resigned and wanted to find him. I asked me if I lie to him.I said no, he was surprised at first, because he told me to him before, but at that time he just said that he was developing there.It is impossible for me to go there for him. The place where he is far away is far from me. In this way, I resigned and bought a ticket in early November to his city.I have been with each other for more than 3 months to determine the relationship. I was very embarrassing when I was together. After all, friends of so many years have been used to get used to it.

In January 2021, I asked for leave and prepared to return to my hometown for a wedding. At that time, I had found a job here. He was a teacher, so there was a winter vacation.You need to come back early to go through the procedures, so the wedding time is more than ten days. Before I went back, I told my parents. The family was very happy. I felt that my daughter had been urged for so long and was about to get married.I feel that the time is too urgent. For more than ten days to prepare a wedding, we have no time to take a wedding photo. In the time of returning, because the rural wedding in my hometown is a flowing seat, everything is prepared at home, and relatives are also relatives.Come and help, and the two we are busy receiving the certificate, need a marriage inspection or something, and also prepare for the wedding dress or something, it is also a hurry to get a bad head. After more than ten days, we received the certificate and the wedding.Although the time is very tight, both parents are very happy. After all, they have been married for so many years, and they are married. The family members are also urged, so they are very happy this time.

Think about it afterwards. Others have been in love from several years to meeting the parents of both parties. It takes a long time to get married to get married. It took me 4 months from confirmation to marriage.On the day of the certificate, he also sent a talk, probably wrote: "From then on, one person has changed two people, the mountains and rivers can be learned, and you are both my white moonlight and my cinnabar mole."The song of Baiyueguang and Cinnabar Moles is particularly hot.Later, I asked him if you thought you would be married to you. He said that he had never thought about it before. Every time he said ridiculously, hey, I really never thought that they would marry you.I hit him with a smile, and I said how lucky you are to marry the bamboo horses.He also laughed. I said that you might save the galaxy in his last life. He said that you saved the galaxy in your last life. All these have to compete with me.

Now that we have been married for almost a year, I have been pregnant for more than four months. He is very happy because he wants a child to prepare a variety of supplementary nutrition and accompany me for a checkup.Whenever he told him that he was boring at home, and when he wanted to go to work, he said that he had a heart to raise a tire. Every weekend he would accompany me to go out and eat it.To be honest, I especially envy those couples and love, but since I got married, I really felt very happy in my heart.

In the end of 2021, a new year is about to usher in. In 2022, I hope that our children will be born and healthy. I find my favorite work. The most hope is that Y Qing quickly passes. In the futureHakuy.Here I wish everyone a happy and peaceful.

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