In 21 years, the woman had undergone a ligation surgery, and it didn’t take long to find her pregnancy. Doctor: She has a strong ability to repair

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In early 2021, a woman in Hangzhou came to the hospital for ligation surgery due to pressure.

After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said: "Your repair ability is too strong, should you not do it again?"

How is this going?What is the ending?

B ultrasound

In December 2021, He Shanshan, his hometown in Quanzhou, came to the First People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.After hanging the number, she walked into gynecology uneasily.

Compared with the indifference on other people’s faces, He Shanshan’s expression seemed even more frightened.The female doctor is going to give her a B -ultrasound first, and then decide the next operation.

As soon as the cold medical coupling agent was applied to her belly, He Shanshan felt the familiar feeling of vomiting, and the next second would return to her throat from her stomach.

But when she opened her mouth and spit it for a while, there was nothing except her saliva.

After this small episode, He Shanshan looked at the baby with the size of the fist on the screen uneasily. She only felt dark and lost blood on her face.

B ultrasound

She didn’t dare to grab the doctor’s hand and asked:

"Am I not doing a ligation surgery here? Why are you still pregnant again? Is it your hospital who lied to me money, and I didn’t perform surgery at all?"

Facing this sudden question, the doctor was aggrieved. She was just a doctor who looked at the doctor. Usually, things related to surgery would not be returned by her.

The division of labor in the hospital is clear. In theory, if there is a ligation and re -pregnancy, she should find the person in charge or the main doctor at the time, but He Shanshan, who was fainted by anger, did not think so much.

When the doctor saw his emotional instability, he had to appease her emotions first, and then patiently asked the reason why He Shanshan was angry.

In January 2021, He Shanshan ushered in the second little life at this hospital caesarean section.

He Shanshan thought that her husband was very hard to make money outside. It is not easy to raise two young children alone. If you regenerate the next child, you may reduce the quality of life at home.

As we all know, raising children is not a simple matter. When I was a kid, I needed to buy milk powder, diapers and other essential items. When I grew up, I needed to allow children to go to school, report tuition classes, and prepare for children.

He Shanshan’s family is just an ordinary family. Both parents live in Quanzhou. It is not easy to run away from the elderly. In addition, she hopes that the child can grow up by herself, so she discussed with her husband Wang.Essence

Unexpectedly, Brother Wang hesitated in his heart after hearing his wife’s thoughtful thoughts. When he remembered the painful appearance of his wife that day, he felt distressed that his wife quickly agreed.

Brother Wang worked in the field, and he also blamed himself about his wife who could not take care of his wife every day. He even wanted to come back from the field and find a job at home.

However, He Shanshan repeatedly discouraged and insisted that he would be able to bring two children.

For various considerations, one month after giving birth to a child, He Shanshan came to the hospital for a bilateral tubal ligation surgery.

Therefore, He Shanshan couldn’t figure out anyway, why did he still be pregnant?

At this time, after listening to Shanshan, the doctor on the side couldn’t help feeling a ridiculous words:

"Your repair ability is really too strong! You must know that the probability of pregnancy after ligation is one thousandth, are you …" Are you … "

He Shanshan scolded the doctor on the spot for a while, and he was annoyed by this incident. He did not expect that the other party did not avoid sample on his wound.

Immediately, He Shanshan did not enter the oil and salt.

When the hospital sent people to deal with He Shanshan, a man in a coat suddenly broke into the hospital suddenly, and he looked anxiously.

After a while, he finally found his wife in the crowd, the woman He Shanshan, who was deadlocked with the hospital.

In the last second, He Shanshan was still aggressive to let the hospital want to solve it. In the next second, after seeing her husband who hadn’t seen it for a long time, the grievances accumulated during this time finally had a place to express. She hugged her husbandIt was a sobbing, like a weak woman.

He Shanshan thought that Brother Wang was coming to stand beside him. Whoever thought, Brother Wang slapped her angrily.

She hadn’t stood still on Brother Wang, and then she sat directly on the ground because of this slap and said she was unwilling to get up.

Brother Wang verified the situation to reporters

The courtyard seemed to see that Brother Wang still wanted to start and hurried forward to stop. When the patients around saw someone fighting here, they came forward to see a lively.

In the final analysis, Brother Wang also had to face it. Seeing this, the hospital hurriedly invited the couple to the office.

Under the mediation of the hospital for a while, Brother Wang said angrily that he was angrily in his wife.

Brother Wang worked in the field all year round and gathered with his wife to leave less. When she proposed the idea of ligation, Brother Wang had considered the problem of "ligation and re -pregnancy".

Due to the distress of his wife, Brother Wang had a ligation surgery in a private hospital in Quanzhou in January 2021 without telling He Shanshan in January 2021.

He thought both were ligated. After that, the husband and wife life had no need to worry about it. Who would have thought that less than a year after the ligation surgery was completed, He Shanshan became pregnant.

At this time, Brother Wang only felt the green hat over his head, and a green light hit his head. He seemed to be incompetent, so he made his wife and other men stealing chickens and dogs.

In an instant, Brother Wang, who was fainted, looked at her abdomen. When she thought of which unknown man was with the wild species, Brother Wang couldn’t wait to put him in his belly.

For many years, He Shanshan was the first time that her husband was so angry. She quickly kneeling, crying and begging for mercy:

"Believe me, I have no derailment.

Brother Wang stared at He Shanshan, and the atmosphere beside him was even more scary, as if Brother Wang would give her a corpse for thousands of segments in the next second.

The staff of the hospital was worried that Brother Wang did something on his head to make him regret, so he said:

"Since this pregnant woman says she has not contacted other men, is it possible that it is a problem with Brother Wang?"

Brother Wang heard that the action was a meal, and the doctor went on to say:

If Brother Wang had a ligation surgery, some J son remained in his body and would take 1 to 2 months to be metabolized outside the body. He did not take contraceptive measures here, then He Shanshan would become pregnant.

The other may be that the ligation surgery is not done well, the operation error, or the ligation of the ligation of the J can also make He Shanshan conceive.

Brother Wang stunned his expression, as if he was trying to think about something. Suddenly, he squatted down to stroke his wife’s head, and he kept mumbled in his mouth. What was going on?

According to Brother Wang, after his wife’s ligation surgery was over, he received a phone call from the leader to work outside.

It wasn’t until the tenth month that he returned home to the same room with his wife. After a few days, he returned to his work unit and worked hard.

Therefore, the first conjecture is unlikely. The only one is probably the operation of the private hospital where Brother Wang went to, and the elder brother Wang did not take any contraceptive measures during the same room, which produced this farce.

It is not beneficial to say that the hospital must have relevant basis to prove it, so they performed the J child test for Big Brother Wang as soon as possible, and found that he was still left in his body.

This is almost no deviation from the hospital’s conjecture. Now there are two options in front of the elder brother and wife:

Either leave this child and raise him to grow up.

Either let He Shanshan kill the child. If the two want to ligate completely, Brother Wang must have another ligation surgery.

The previous surgery failed. After realizing his problem, Brother Wang had been begging He Shanshan for forgiveness. He Shanshan cried at this moment that he was no different from the tears.

To put it bluntly, it is still Brother Wang’s heart but He Shanshan. He thinks that she will definitely be derailed with herself. If Brother Wang asked clearly at the time, he might not let He Shanshan ignore him.

In short, Brother Wang was very dissatisfied with the results of this inspection, but the urgency still had to let his wife and him break the mirror. After all, the trust between the two people was gone.

Thinking that he would not ask the child anymore in the future, Brother Wang took his mobile phone to the first floor to pay.

The People’s Hospital of Xiaoshan District will perform a ligation surgery again for Brother Wang to perform abortion surgery for his wife He Shanshan.

Although they know that the results of this operation must be successful, the physical and mental injury caused by the second operation to the elder brother and his wife is indelible.

When the postoperative recovery to walking normally, Mr. Wang immediately decided to come to that private hospital for a saying.

After all, the operation was done there, and the operation was true.

I thought that the other party had nothing to do with the money, but the dean of the private hospital was dissatisfied with the request of Wang Brother Wang.

The reporter found the dean of the hospital

Brother Wang’s original intention was due to the mistakes of the private hospital, which led to the second operation. The cost of surgery and his wife’s fetal expenses, coupled with misunderstanding costs, used 50,000 yuan as compensation.

However, the hospital stated that the risk of 1 % to 2 % in ligation surgery can be resumed. It happens that Brother Wang is the 2 % chance.

Brother Wang had previously spent more than 4,200 yuan in the hospital for the first ligation surgery. The hospital promised that he could help him squeeze and deal with the child’s problems in the stomach, or return his 4,200 yuan at the original price.

However, because of the distrust of the hospital, Brother Wang did not accept the two proposals and believed that they should compensate themselves for 50,000 yuan in losses.

The hospital also had a headache for this, because before surgery, they would let the patients sign an operational consent.

The surgery consent was marked with the problems and complications of surgery. Before surgery, the doctor repeatedly confirmed the patient before the surgery was performed.

And Brother Wang had signed surgery consent before undergoing ligation surgery?

Naturally, there are, so the hospital thinks that he just does what to do, not intentionally. If Brother Wang is unwilling to change the request of compensation, it can only be judged by legal procedures to determine compensation.

For a while, the two sides were struggling with reason and did not give up each other.

In order to figure out the incident, Brother Wang had a greater fault in this incident, so he also consults lawyers.

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According to Article 1218 of the Civil Code in my country, patients are damaged during the diagnosis and treatment activities, and medical institutions and medical staff with faults need to bear their liability for compensation.

However, the hospital signed a informed consent with Wang Wang before the operation, which also fulfilled the obligation to inform.

Loeling surgery is once again pregnant. Even sterilization, there is a re -pentage rate of 1 % to 2 %, which is an unavoidable consequences that cannot be avoided in modern medical technology.

Therefore, in this process, the obligation of the hospital’s informs is very important. If Brother Wang did not sign the consent of informed consent, the hospital is a fault.

At the same time, there are no faults in the hospital, and Brother Wang did not submit other evidence to prove that the hospital has a mistake, and the hospital should not be responsible.

Having said that, Lin Qing, director of the Medical Mediation Committee of the doctor -patient dispute, believes that the hospital can provide some humanitarian compensation appropriately.

If Brother Wang insisted on compensating himself 50,000 yuan, it was obviously impossible. After all, his surgical cost in the hospital would cost 4,200 yuan.

Brother Wang chose it for his own trust for this private hospital. As a result, the husband and wife were only once in the same room and the bid was won.

Under Lin Qingyuan’s bitter persuasion, the courtyard added some money on the basis of the surgery cost of 4,200 yuan, a total of 10 million yuan compensation.

After mediation, the two brothers and his wife agreed to the hospital’s plan to compensate for 10,000 yuan.

In the end, with the assistance of the medical transfer committee of Quanzhou, the two parties finally signed a reconciliation agreement. The dean of the hospital also transferred the compensation for 10,000 yuan to Brother Wang.

In this regard, Brother Wang also withdrew his complaints on the relevant department to the hospital, and the dispute between the two sides resolved it.

I thought it should be at ease after ligation. I don’t know that Brother Wang is just one of the bad eggs.

In 2021, Brother Yang, who lives in Putuo District, Shanghai, is annoying for one thing. Everyone knows that Shanghai is a magic capital and a fast -paced city.

In recent years, with the pressure of work and life, Brother Yang has discussed with his wife, and a child in the family is enough. Raising a few more is to send himself in advance.In this regard, Brother Yang’s couple made up their minds to no longer continue to have birth.

In October 2019, Brother Yang drove to a private hospital in Shanghai alone to undergo a male ligation surgery.

Brother Yang’s inspection and bills

Whoever thought, the fifth month of the surgery, Brother Yang’s wife frequently showed signs of pregnancy, so he hurriedly took his wife to the hospital for examination.

Unfortunately, Brother Yang’s wife really "hit", and the fetus in the body had been 2 months.

In the case of survival pressure, Brother Yang found the hospital who wanted to ask the reason. After understanding the situation, the attending doctor promised to perform a ligation surgery for Brother Yang for free.

At the request of Brother Yang, the hospital recommended a triple hospital for his wife to facilitate abortion surgery.

With the lesson of this car, Brother Yang and the hospital repeatedly emphasized that this time it was necessary to tighten him.

Brother Yang

The courtyard immediately cut off Brother Yang’s losing J to prevent them from connecting together and piercing them separately.

After Brother Yang finished the operation, he trembled the stool, thinking that the accident was finally over.

But unexpectedly, at the end of May 2021, Brother Yang’s wife was pregnant twice, which made the husband and wife of Brother Yang a little more suspicion.

This time, Brother Yang chose to go to the three hospitals that had been used to do the "J child conventional test".

The doctor said that Brother Yang’s losing J is recovered, and he could ask for children normally.

Obviously, the situation of Wang Wang in the previous article is exactly the same.

However, there is very little probability of ligation surgery. Since this happens, it is not all the technical problems of doctors. After all, this probability is not a modern medical technology can be organized.

Fortunately, after Brother Yang "resumed", the communication with the hospital was quite harmonious. After the other party reached a consensus, things had been properly resolved.It’s right.

As the saying goes: "There are three filial piety, no afterwards."

Now it seems that for some people who do not have children, contraception is something they need to consider when they are in charge.

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In the impression of everyone, the method of "complete" contraception seems to have only a ligation. For this reason, there are many couples to ligate together, hoping to reduce their own pressure burden.

With the opening of the three -child policy, ligated men are less than before, but some of them still choose to perform ligation surgery due to heavy life pressure or their wives on condom nationals.

Under normal circumstances, the first reliable contraceptive method recommended by the World Health Organization is that it is best to use a condom properly, and do not have a fluke at any time.

Once the ligation occurs, it is again pregnant. Do not cause a gap between the husband and wife. It should be based on solving the problem. Do not cause a family to break through a small suspicion.

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