In a word, Jiangxi Tongyu, who has waited for a 3 -day husband for 3 days, for 72 years, the Civil Affairs Bureau revealed his whereabouts.

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There is such an old man in Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province. She has been waiting for her husband for more than 70 years in a century -old house.

The old man’s legs and feet were very inconvenient, and he could only walk with two crutches made of branches by pestle.

But even so, she trembled every day to the trail before her husband left.

In this way, the elderly waited a year and day after day.

From the young and beautiful girl to an old woman who turned her face full of wrinkles and her teeth was also gone.

The reason why this is done is a word that the husband said before his home.

Chi Yuhua

In the end, can the old man see the husband in this trail?

What kind of story happened between the two?

With the emergence of an opera, the love of the revolutionary era was on the paper, and everyone could not help crying to cry …

In 2002, Wei Wei, the head of the Xingguo County Opera Troupe of Jiangxi Province, came to Teayuan Township in Xingguo County to teach Fugu Village to find an old man in the years.

Her name is Chi Yuhua, who is 92 years old this year.

This is exactly the old man who is waiting for the return of his wife.

It turned out that Lao Wei was preparing a new stage play and prepared to shine at the 16th People’s Congress.

Jiangxi is a famous "Red Army" province.

Among them, Xingguo County is even known as the "First County of Chinese Martyrs".

Xingguo County, Jiangxi Province

Naturally, as the hometown of the Red Army, Lao Wei wanted to arrange the deeds of the Red Army in the stage play.

However, what kind of story is displayed in the stage play, making Lao Wei difficulty.

Later, after being introduced by a friend, Lao Wei knew Chi Yuhua’s deeds.

He felt that his deeds were very suitable for the background of the story and were arranged in the opera.

Through the guidance of the villagers, Lao Wei came to Chi Yuhua’s house.

First of all, the weeds are a looming, looming, and a century -old dilapidated earthen house.

Some bricks have been crumbling, and the roof is leaking all year round. The windows are only nailed with a few wooden strips.

I just saw the house, but I couldn’t see the owner’s family.

"Maybe she is on the path in the back house, goes in the direction of the back house!"

The neighbors were watching Lao Wei, a stranger, and said, and said enthusiastically and kindly.

Chi Yuhua

Sure enough, along the way that the villagers pointed, he saw Chi Yuhua.

I saw the old man holding a cane and standing on the overgrown trail.

Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes looked ahead, her eyes were looking forward to it.

With a hint of apology, Lao Wei carefully stepped forward to interrupt the old man’s view.

He first said his intention, and then asked:

"What are you seeing here?"

"… Waiting for my husband to come back, he walked here from here. When he left, he said to take care of the good family and wait for him to come back."

The elderly Chi Yuhua couldn’t hear clearly. After a long time, she said loudly.

After speaking, with the breeze, she began to look at the distance again, and she was willing to leave until the last hits of the sunset.

At that moment, the old man was all lost in his eyes.

After returning to God, Chi Yuhua pulled Lao Wei with a smile and asked him to sit in the house.

Chi Yuhua

Looking at Chi Yuhua, who was in the shape of a body, Lao Wei was mixed in his heart.

They sat down and talked about the past.

When Chi Yuhua said his husband, his eyes and language were worshiped …

Chi Yuhua’s husband is called Li Caelian.

Because she was poor when she was a child, she couldn’t raise too many children.

In the end, parents can only send Chi Yuhua to other people’s houses as children. At least they can eat, and they can survive.

The aunt who knows this matter, in order to reduce the harm to the child as much as possible, helps to inquire about good people.

After a period of time, she heard that the Li family who taught Fucun was an honest family.

Although this family is not rich and noble, it is kind and just need a child to raise a daughter -in -law.

As a result, the aunt was bridged, and the fate of the two was established.

Li Caolian

When Chi Yuhua was nine years old, her aunt personally carried her to the Li family.

In this regard, she started Tong Yang’s daughter -in -law at the Li family.

Although I work every day, I won’t be hungry.

In addition, Li family treats her like her own children. If you eat, remember to bring her one. Chi Yuhua is satisfied with her current life.

Not only that, because Li Caelian was three years old than Chi Yuhua, he liked to follow Chi Yuhua’s ass when he was a child and shouted "Sister, Sister".

Naturally, as a sister, Chi Yuhua also took care of him. He would eat less food to eat, and leave more to eat Li Celian.

Two people grew up like a bamboo horse.

In 1929, Chi Yuhua was nineteen years old, Li Caolian was 16 years old, and the two officially became husband and wife.

I thought it was a simple life of male and female weaving since then.

Li Caolian

But at that time, the country was in the deep water of war.

Between home and country, countless people chose the latter, and Li Cailian is no exception.

Young ambitions want to participate in the Red Army and make a force for the country.

Only three days of wedding, Li Cailian was notified to Ningdu and rushed to the front line.

As a wife, Chi Yuhua is very reluctant;

But as a Chinese, she was proud of her husband’s decision.

In order to support her husband in order to support her husband, she decided to help Li Celian clean up her luggage.

It’s just that day, her movements are extremely slow, not like a person who can do housework.

Chi Yuhua seemed to feel that she was slower, and her husband would take a longer time at home.

All this was seen by Li Cailian, and he naturally knew his wife’s heart. Why not?

In order to soothe Chi Yuhua, he pulled his hand gently and looked at his wife affectionately:

"Don’t worry, you take good care of your home, and I will come back when the war is victory."

Hearing her husband’s entrustment, Chi Yuhua tears couldn’t stop flowing at once.

Chi Yuhua

In fact, the two knew that the victory of the war was unknown, and this time I did not know when to see you.

Before leaving, Li Cailian stood on the trail of the back house and turned back to Chi Yuhua:

"Take care of the good family, wait for me to come back."

Chi Yuhua nodded, and she remembered every word she said to her.

There are four brothers and sisters in Li Cailian’s house.

He is the biggest brother. After leaving, he only has his brother and sister and Chi Yuhua.

In this way, Chi Yuhua became the pillar of the Li family.

Not only did she manage a three -pointer in front of the family, she raised a family by breeding fields.

After returning home, he also had to cut firewood, laundry and cooking, and was responsible for the diet of his brother and sister.

However, at all this, Chi Yuhua had no regrets.

There is only one thought in her heart:

Waiting for her husband to go home.


And Li Cailian often wrote a letter to the family.

It was just that Chi Yuhua would not recognize words in the early years.

Sometimes the scholars have no time, and Chi Yuhua is very anxious, because this can not know the content written by the husband for the first time.

In addition, the husband often mentioned in the letter:

"I wrote to you, you don’t know what others know first."

All kinds of reasons have given Chi Yuhua the idea of learning literacy and writing.

She looked for a scholar in Murakami and learned one by word.

During that time, Chi Yuhua was busy farming during the day and read the lights at night just to understand the letter written by her husband.

However, it was sad that slowly, she could not receive a letter from her husband.

Having said that, Chi Yuhua’s eyes suddenly wet, and paused and said:

"I have culture now, but where should I send it?"

Before receiving the letter, the two had a brief meeting.

In 1933, Li Cailian participated in the battle in Ningdu. He really missed his wife at home, and the trustee brought Chi Yuhua to Ningdu.

Jin Ningdu

When they met, they couldn’t speak for a long time.

Chi Yuhua even had tears in her eyes, and she said a word for a long time:

"you lost weight."

Chi Yuhua talked about the big and small things in the family, and Li Cailian also described his life in the army. At that moment, the couple seemed to have endless words.

However, the time of happiness is always fast, as if in a blink of an eye, it is time to go.

Another parting made Chi Yuhua and Li Cailian reluctant.

At this time, Li Cailian took out a mirror from his arms.

This is a delicate little bronze mirror, and the base can be placed on the desktop.

He held the mirror and said to Chi Yuhua with a smile:

"This mirror is given to you, remember to be intellectual and help the Red Army to do things."

Chi Yuhua was so excited that he stretched out his trembling hands to pick up the mirror.

Chi Yuhua and her mirror

This is Li Cailian’s first gift. She carefully put it in the package and wrapped it on three layers of clothes inside and in the inside of her clothes to prevent it from being damaged at all.

You know, Li Cailian had only three dollars a month at that time, and this mirror cost two dollars.

It is conceivable how he needs to save money to buy this mirror.

"In the past six years, this mirror is the best, no one else has me."

Chi Yuhua said proudly that he slowly got up and took out the mirror to show Lao Pan.

In fact, the frame of this mirror has been rusty and the mirror is white, and even the figure is unclear.

"Do you still use this mirror every day every day? Didn’t you want to change it?"

In the face of Lao Pan’s doubts, Chi Yuhua shook his head firmly, and tried his best to stare at his eyes and said:

"This mirror is the only gift he gave me, don’t change it."

Indeed, this is their only token, how could Chi Yuhua be willing.

She is holding the mirror every day, watching herself in the mirror, and the person who wants to send the mirror.

Chi Yuhua and Li Cailian have never seen each other after breaking up in Ning Du.

She couldn’t even receive Li Cailian’s book.

Chi Yuhua

Her letter didn’t know where to send it, and she could only write these thoughts into the diary.

She wrote in her diary:

"Hello, Comrade Cai Lian, I don’t feel part of the 62nd anniversary of the parting, and I never met. I broke up in Ningdu, and I went home because I got seriously ill and I couldn’t come to work. The glorious mission you handed to me has been completed."

Chi Yuhua always remembers the words that Li Cailian said to her when parting::

"Intellectual, help the Red Army to do things."

Later, she actively participated in the party’s activities, and was the propaganda officer of the Propaganda Department, and was the director of the Women’s Federation.

However, because of running in these things, she missed five opportunities to meet Li Cailian.

"He always wants me to go out, write a letter to let me pick me up, there are five times in total, but I am not at home. If I could wait at home at that time, I may meet him for a long time."

Chi Yuhua

When it comes to this, the old man couldn’t help but lowered his head and said that she sighed:

"Maybe I don’t have this life, there is no marriage for marriage."

"Then why can you wait for a person for so long without complaints?"

Old Pan was moved by Chi Yuhua’s spirit, and he couldn’t help asking the doubts deep in his heart.

As soon as the words fell, Chi Yuhua patted his thighs hard, and excitedly spit out the saliva, and said:

"He is a revolution. He is a soldier’s charging for the motherland, and he hasn’t done other things. He can’t marry such a good husband wherever he marries."

Speaking, she left tears again.

Chi Yuhua was often crying, and she was suffering inside, but when others asked her, it was extremely firm.

Chi Yuhua

"I am eighteen years old. When he was fifteen years old, we got married. We had only ten nights when we were sleeping together."

Chi Yuhua can count the time when they get along with their fingers.

But despite this, these ten nights are her most precious memories, and it is also some warm memories she and her husband.

"I’m not the same as you, you are born under the red, and we grew up under the red. At that time, the old society was so miserable."

The old man said with a smile to Lao Wei.

When the weather is good, Chi Yuhua will take out all the awards from his life to dry it to prevent humidity and mold.

In fact, after the reform and opening up, she worked as a women’s director in the village.

The outstanding performance gave Chi Yuhua a lot of honors, and the award -covered place was her medal.

Chi Yuhua

Sometimes, when others see it, they will play with her:

"If Li Celian is there, will there be a lot of awards?"

"His job does not require a prize to prove it. His work naturally has a status and can be promoted. I need these things in the countryside to prove it."

Every time I hear these words, Chi Yuhua righteous to refute these people.

She worshiped her husband very much. She felt that her husband did a meaningful thing, so she was willing to wait without a future …

Lao Pan’s sense of deeds in Chi Yuhua was deeply touched, especially the shabby mirror and her hands with a cane with both hands, looking at the scene in front of that trail.

He named the stage drama "Old Mirror" and performed the moving story of Chi Yuhua and Li Cailian.

"Old Mirror"

The actors who participated in the stage drama listened to the story, and there were divergent opinions.

Although some people think that love is valuable, it is unnecessary to wait for 70 years. It was not developed in that communication and was a period of war.

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