In addition to the stomach after pregnancy, there are four parts of pregnant women who will grow bigger. How many do you get?

Wen | Tao Ma

Some time ago, Hu Xinger took a photo and said that after she was pregnant, her nose became larger.There are many people underneath that she has a larger nose when she is pregnant, and some people say that this is the signal of a boy.Not to mention that this has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus. Many pregnant women do not understand why their noses will become larger.In fact, in addition to the larger belly of pregnant women, the other four parts will become larger. See how many of you have been in?

1. Nose

There are indeed many pregnant women who have a big nose after pregnancy. This has a certain sense, not an illusion. The main thing is related to the weight gain of pregnant women and the changes in hormones.During pregnancy, pregnant women’s weight will grow, but how much is different.Pregnant women gain weight, and fat in various parts of the body will increase, including nose.Maybe there will be small changes in other parts of the face, but you can’t see it.There is also a change in hormone levels in pregnant women’s body, causing the pregnant woman’s nasal mucosa to be congested, so the nose will become larger.But pregnant women don’t have to worry, this is normal.

2. The chest becomes larger

For those pregnant women with small breasts, they will usher in the second development of the chest after pregnancy.Under the influence of hormones, pregnant women’s breasts will grow to varying degrees.This is actually preparing for postpartum milk secretion, and this change in the chest is still obvious during breastfeeding.However, pregnant women should also pay attention to breast care, which can often massage and promote breast development.In addition, it is best for pregnant women to bring comfortable and adjustable bras to adapt to the changes in the chest.After weaning, some women will return to "before liberation" and even sag.

3. The foot becomes larger

Tao Ma wore 36 shoes before pregnancy. I did not expect that after giving birth to a child, she couldn’t wear the previous shoes. I had to wear 37 yards of shoes.There are also many other mothers that their feet have become bigger after pregnancy. Although they can buy new shoes "just right", they always feel that women’s feet are too big.The reason why pregnant women’s feet are bigger is the weight gain, the hormones in the body change, and some are caused by edema.If the pregnant woman has edema, the foot can be raised a little when lying down.Or let the prospective dad massage and massage can be relieved.

4. Big hip becomes larger

This is a bit of trouble for many mothers. After giving birth, the buttocks become larger, and even if others can see that you have given birth to a child at a glance through this change.In fact, the butt web is larger, mainly because the pelvis has become wider.With the development of the fetus, the uterus is getting bigger and the pressure on the pelvis has also increased.For the fetal delivery, the pelvis will become wider.And the growth of pregnant women’s weight has made the fat in the hips become more, so it looks big.

Tao Ma said: After women, women will change their bodies after pregnancy. This is normal, and pregnant women do not have to worry.Sometimes these changes in pregnant women are also a manifestation of healthy fetal development.Pregnant women should maintain a good mentality, pay more attention to diet, adhere to exercise, and ensure that the healthy development of the fetus is more important.

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