In autumn and winter, pregnant women who love feet during pregnancy need to pay attention to the following points

It was mid -October, and the temperature in many places gradually began to decline. Most of the pregnant women were still hot, not so cold, but when the sky was cold, it may still be able to help a hot water bath orSoak your feet.In recent years, soaking feet health is also very hot, especially women, so that soaking feet will help eliminate humidity in the body.

However, although health care is good, it is necessary to pay more attention to pregnant women.In three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should try not to choose a bath. Normal people will feel a little dizzy from taking a bath for more than 20 minutes. It is easier to happen for pregnant women.I wouldn’t know if I was pregnant. I fell asleep during the bath, so I caught a cold, and I almost took a cold medicine.So if you are preparing for pregnancy, you need to pay attention to your physical condition.


In the foot bath, I especially like it. I did n’t know if I was pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy. I went to a foot bath with my friends.Or it will trigger a certain uterine contraction and affect the fetus.Even if you simply soak your feet, pay attention to the following points:

Do not heat the feet, control the control time for about 15 minutes.

Try not to add anything when soaking your feet, after all, maybe you are not very clear about your physique and whether it will affect the fetus.

Most of the pregnant women can swell their feet, and when they are severe, they will cramp their feet. After soaking their feet appropriately, even if the massage is mass, please avoid the acupoint of the feet.

In the late pregnancy, because the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the legs will often sore, swelling and cramps. After pregnancy, I will consult a doctor if you can massage your feet appropriately. The doctor will provide you with your own situation.Make your own decisions and consult the doctor’s opinion as many as possible. I occasionally massage the legs in the second trimester, but avoid the acupuncture point of the feet, and instruct the masseur to be gentle, simply relieve discomfort, and don’t be greedy.

Because each mother’s physique is different, you can consult the doctor according to your own situation. This is the safest method.After all, the physique of pregnant women without pregnancy and pregnancy will also change. Some pregnant women like to eat sour, they like spicy food after pregnancy, and some pregnant women are more and more spiritual after pregnancy, but some are poor and need to rest.Therefore, after pregnancy, do not feel how you feel like you have previous habits. Instead, you need to consult your doctor according to your physical condition to make decisions to protect yourself and protect our baby.

I wish you all the best of mothers during pregnancy. If you like it, you can follow me.

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