In autumn, it is better to eat this melon to eat this melon.

Unconsciously, when the autumn is cool, the flowers are fragrant everywhere, and the vegetable market is even more lively. The booths are full of various seasonal ingredients, which is dazzling.I went to buy vegetables yesterday. I saw the loofah on the stall at a glance. The green is fresh and the price is much cheaper than other seasons. 2.99 pounds. I picked three roots and took it home without hesitation.

Many people think that the season of eating melons in summer, in fact, there are many melon vegetables in the autumn, such as pumpkin, winter melon, melon, etc. Of course, I think the least missing is loofah.My mother often says "autumn losing loofah Shengliang medicine". The autumn is cool and the loofah is even more cheerful. At this time, the loofah will not be as thick as summer and will be small, but it will condense more fragrant smells, and the taste is also the taste.More tender.However, there are not many loofah’s rewarding period. If the weather is colder, it will be less. If you want to eat loofah under natural conditions, we will have to wait next year, so we have to eat.

Nowadays, the climate is very dry. Many people around you are easy to dry and dry, dry throat, skin skin skin, etc. At this time, you may wish to eat more loofah, loofah water, and full of vitamin C, vitamin B, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium, and calcium.Phosphorus, iron and other mineral ingredients, hydrating and moisturizing, special nourishment for the skin, and fresh and appetizing loofah, which helps digestion, eats more often, and has no burden on the stomach.

Lilia is a bit of sweetness, exuding a faint fragrance, and there are many ways to eat. It can be matched with many ingredients. It can be competent for a variety of cooking methods. People like to use it to cook soup.You can also adjust the dumplings, but my family recently liked steaming.Match with garlic and fans, steam it simply, after the pan, it tastes soft and juicy, and it is more fragrant than meat.In addition, the steaming approach is light and light, which is more in line with modern people’s requirements for diet health.Let ’s share this method of steamed loofah with you. Taking advantage of the autumn loofah just season, try to make it for your family ~

Ingredients: a loofah, one fan, a moderate amount of garlic, 2 millet pepper, 2 spoons of cold raw soy sauce, an appropriate amount of edible oil, 1 spoon of oyster sauce

1. Before dealing with loofah, we prepare a fan of fans. After cleaning, cut it shorter, put it in the bowl, add wide water, and soak the fans to softened.

2. Wash the loofah in the water first, and then scrape off the skin.Then cut off both ends, because both parts are relatively hard, the taste is poor, and the tail is easy to suffer.Divide the loofah into a small section of about 5 cm, and then cut each section into small strips, and soak it in water.

3. You can be said to be the soul of this dish. We need to prepare more. It should be noted that after chopping the garlic, we must wash it in the water, otherwise it will be easy to get rid ofEssenceWhen stir -fry garlic, pay attention to the hot oil. When the hot pot is cold, pour the garlic in the hot pot, add the heat slowly, turn off the heat immediately when the color is yellow, and leave the stove to avoid the remaining remainingWi Hui fried garlic.Then mix the raw soy sauce and oyster sauce evenly.

4. Then we prepare a deeper plate, first remove the fans from the water, place it to the bottom of the plate, and then place the loofah into the plate.Then use a small spoon of garlic juice to pour on the loofah evenly, and the remaining parts are also poured into the fans.

5. Then we put the steamer on the sarcasm and turn on the fire. When the water is boiled, continue to steam for 6-8 minutes to turn off the fire.At this time, the soup of loofah has been precipitated, and the color is more green, showing a transparent state, which is a sign of mature loofah.

6. Finally, we come out of the middle of the steamer and sprinkle with some millet pepper to embellish it.A little spicy taste is to help, making this steamed loofah more appetizing. It is chewed in the mouth, which is juicy and more popular than meat.

[Little Jasmine has something to say]

1. After the loofah is cut off, if it is exposed to the air for a long time, it is easy to get black. If it is not immediately steamed in the pan, we better put it in water and soak it for later, so that the dishes made are more green and appetite.

2. When making garlic fans dishes, many people like to season the fans first, or a little soy sauce or steamed fish soy sauce.The saltiness, then when we adjust the garlic juice behind, we must pay attention to putting less raw soy sauce and other seasonings containing "salt", otherwise it will easily make the fans taste too salty and lose deliciousness.

3. The time for steamed loofah should not be too long, otherwise it will make the taste of loofah soft, and the scent of loofah itself will be lost too much.And after turning off the fire, come out of the pot immediately, do not boring in the pot, so as not to make the leison yellowish yellow in the pot.

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