In October, the birth checkup was normal, but the baby was born but the finger was malformed. Who would "pay"?

The husband and wife came to my clinic with my baby, panicked, saying that let me "save" their children.

The baby’s left’s thumb is "floating" like a small meat ball, as if it is sticky to the day after tomorrow. It feels like it may fall at any time, and other fingers are normal.

This is a typical symptom of "floating thumb". It is a relatively rare type of congenital deformity, and it is a special type of thumb -in -law.

After I explained the cause of the "floating thumb" to the couple, they seemed even more puzzled. "Doctors, we have no finger malformations in our family, and the baby has no abnormalities in the birth check.The condition of the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid is very good … how can this be? "

The advent of a new life is a happy thing for each family, but when the baby is born, he finds that there is a problem with his hands. The family has fallen into endless self -blame before the family is happy, and I feel sorry for the baby.

When many patients with congenital malformations such as floating thumbs are first oriented to blame the reason for inheritance, but in the end they find that it is not a hereditary problem.In fact, the proportion of inheritance in hand and foot deformity is not large, and it is more related to the situation of the external environment stimulation or the mother’s body during pregnancy.

Among them, a high -risk factor is often ignored by those who are pregnant or in a state of pregnancy because of their inconspicuousness, which is the smoking environment.

In the daily outpatient clinic, there are many Baoma who has a malformed hand and foot deformed Baoma responding that their husband has the habit of smoking.Related studies have confirmed that during pregnancy, especially in the early days, if the mother has a long -term contact with the environment of smoking, the chance of generating deformity (including hand, foot deformity) is 2 ~ 3 times higher than those who do not smoke. [1].

Therefore, whether the expectant mothers who prepare for pregnancy are still pregnant mothers must pay attention to, please let her husband quit smoking and take the initiative to stay away from the environment of the second -hand smoke.

When the newborn has a floating thumb, parents should not be too worried. Now there is a way to keep the child’s thumb. At present, there are two main methods for keeping the "floating thumb": the reconstruction of the metatarsal bone and the reconstruction of the half palm bone transplantation.

I personally recommend using a half -palm bone transplantation technology, that is, taking part of the palm bone reconstruction from the second palm bone from the child can not only achieve the purpose of protecting the five fingers, but also the appearance and function of the child’s thumb after surgery are not bad.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to perform surgery between children between 6 months and 1 year. At this age group, as long as the child is healthy, the weight is up to the standard, the width of the palm bone is appropriate, you can consider the treatment of the child through surgery and improve the appearance of the thumb to improve the appearance of the thumb.and function.

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Reference materials: [1] "Outreach Science" (3rd edition) [M]. People’s Health Press, 2011.

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