In October, what changes will happen to the pregnant mother every month?

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Pregnancy is a great journey, carrying the infinite difficulties of mothers.In October in October, mothers must not only bear the inconvenience caused by physical changes, but also endure various reactions during pregnancy, which is very hard.

● First month

For outsiders in the first month of pregnancy, outsiders can’t see what changes their mothers have changed, because at this time, the pregnant mother’s abdomen has not bulged, and her body shape has not changed. Even the pregnant mother can only discover the baby’s arrival through menstruation.However, when carefully observed, when the fertilized eggs are implanted inside the uterus, the body has a sign. At this time, the mother will have a clear sense of fatigue. Even if she does not do any labor, she will feel tired.At this time, the chest will also have a slight gallbladder pain, giving the mother a signal of pregnancy.

● The second month

The second month of pregnancy is a period of high incidence of pregnancy. At this time, nausea and vomiting began to be obvious. Many pregnant mothers’ vomiting reactions began to appear. They could not eat it. In severe cases, they might vomit bile.However, the reaction of pregnancy vomits varies from person to person. Some pregnant mothers not only do not vomit, but have a better appetite because of pregnancy, and they are very lucky.After two months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will have frequent urination. The fetus is not so stable in the early stages of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnant mother must pay attention to recuperation.

● The third month

Three months of pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant mother’s decline has also begun to pick up.At this time, there is a slight bulge in the abdomen. Outsiders can see the baby’s arrival from the body shape. As the uterus increases, the pregnant mother may have pain and discomfort, and the breasts become sensitive. At this time, the pregnant motherPay attention to rest.

● Fourth month

In the fourth month, the painful pregnancy response basically disappeared, and the pregnant mother began to increase appetite and their diet increased.At this time, the abdomen has obvious expansion. You can hear the baby’s fetal heart, and you also start to feel the baby’s fetal movement.Iron, preventing calcium deficiency and anemia, pay attention to doing four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound and Donald screening.

● Fifth month

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother had obvious bulges, and the fetal movement was obvious than before.At this time, the fetus is a period of stability. Pregnant mothers can exercise appropriately and do not just stay at home.At this time, you must relax, check on time, and pay attention to supplementing nutrition, especially the supplementation of calcium, to meet the baby’s bone development needs.When necessary, it can be used to promote calcium absorption with vitamin D, but the diet of pregnant mothers is directly related to the baby. No matter what drugs are taken, you must listen to the doctor’s opinion and cannot be claimed.

● Sixth month

In the sixth month of pregnancy, it is a period when the mother feels more comfortable. At this time, the pregnancy reaction has basically subsided, and the belly continues to increase.At this time, mothers should pay attention to their diet and exercise more, and do related deformed examinations under the advice of the doctor.

● Seventh month

Seven months of pregnancy, the pregnant belly began to bulge significantly, and the body of the pregnant mother became bulky accordingly.At this time, some pregnant mothers will experience the phenomenon of pubic pain and back pain, and pay attention to rest.In addition, some pregnant mothers will also have edema of hands and feet. These are normal physiological phenomena during pregnancy. After giving birth to a baby, they will subscribe independently. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.

● Eighth month

In the eighth month, the pregnant mothers changed a lot. The continuous bulging abdomen began to compress the bladder, stomach, etc., and the reaction of frequent urination and appetite of pregnant mothers was obvious.Due to personality, some pregnant mothers also experience stretch marks, constipation, and not qi on their chests.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the abnormal fetal movement, they must go to the hospital for examination in time.

● Ninth month

In the ninth month, the fetus continues to increase, the amount of amniotic fluid will increase, and the weight of pregnant mothers will increase significantly.As the fetus continues to grow, the uterine wall becomes thinner and thinner. When the fetal movement is moved, the pregnant mother can even clearly feel the baby’s small hands and feet, which is very loving.At this time, the abdomen began to fall down. The symptoms of back pain and back pain are obvious. Fetal compression can also cause stomach discomfort. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating less and more meals, add more exercise, and prepare for the smooth delivery.

● Tenth month

October conceive, once gave birth.The hard pregnancy is about to pass. At this time, the weight of the pregnant mother has reached its peak period. The symptoms of the abdomen and varicose veins are more obvious, and there will be irregular pain in the abdomen. The baby is going to dispatch.At this time, pregnant mothers must do a good job of giving birth, prepare production items in advance, choose the right hospital and production method according to their own situation, and add more exercise, promote production, and welcome the baby’s arrival hundreds of times.

The female is weak, and it is a mother.The hard work of pregnancy is not overnight. It is impossible to do much physical work. Family people should give more care and care, and be considerate of the difficulty of pregnant mothers.Born as a person, you must remember the mother’s kindness and make every effort to return the mother’s love.

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