In order not to affect the next generation, please lose weight before pregnancy!

Menstruation is adjusted by the interaction between the three reproductive hormones of the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the ovarian.Normal menstruation usually requires two main links.One is that the level of estrogen can reach the lowest point, and the other is to rise to the highest peak.

When estrogen levels can be reduced to minimum points, it can promote the body to produce sufficient adenoids and stimulate follicle development.During the development of follicles, estrogen can rise to the highest peak can promote ovulation.

There are more fats in the obese people. There is a kind of aromatic substances in fat that can be converted into estrogen. The more fat, the more estrogen changes.After gaining weight, the level of estrogen cannot be reduced due to the transition of excessive fat. At this time, the secretion of gonad hormones will be reduced, and the follicles will not develop well.

Because the follicles are not good, it will affect the follicles synthetic estrogen. At this time, the estrogen does not reach the peak value, which will affect the ovulation, and it will not be normal for normal ovulation and menstruation.

People with obese often suffer from infertility, and the chances of functional uterine bleeding and amenorrhea also occur.Therefore, maintaining normal weight of unmarried girls is very important for maintaining normal menstruation and sexual organs.

If you are pregnant, will it be safe, can the baby be healthy?

The obese mother has a serious impact on the fetus in the stomach. The fetus grows up and starts from a fertilized egg, and a cell starts quickly. The nutrition of the fetus is from the mother’s belly through the umbilical cord.

The obese mother, there are many fat cells, and the cells are alive, they need nutrition. This fat always exists, and he always eats more nutrition. A large amount of nutrients and oxygen in the blood consumeIf there is less nutrition, the fetus will develop well.

Originally, if the baby’s nutrition is enough to develop well, intelligence can reach 120, then because of obesity, because the baby’s nutrition is not enough, the intelligence may be 90. In the stomach, it will lose, and it has not reached the starting line.More serious may cause malformations, so if you want to be eugenic and educated, you must lose weight first.

In Europe and the United States, developed countries, elite classes, they are preparing for pregnancy for 1 year in advance, one of which is the important body.

The impact of male obesity on your baby

There must be, because women cannot get pregnant alone, and conception is a combination of sperm and eggs, so male obesity will affect sperm quality and activity.

The fatter, the less sperm, the less the sperm

Too much fat, weakened spermatogenesis, increased body fat in obese men, can turnroglochemical into estrogen more, high estrogen, more than twice higher than ordinary men, and the latter inhibit the pituitary gonads.Hormone secretion, which reduces the secretion of testosterone, which may hinder the production of sperm and sperm quality.

Obesity men have more fat, so their body temperature is higher than normal people.The normal body temperature of a person is about 37 ° C, and the best temperature generated by sperm is 2 ℃ lower than the normal temperature.Obesity men have a lot of fat, so their body temperature is higher than normal people, which will directly affect the sperm ability of testicles and cause sperm production to decrease.At the same time, sperm quality will also be affected.

For the health of the baby, please lose weight first and then the baby.

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