In order to tell you the correct usage of ovulation test strips, I treat my girlfriend as an experimental object

If you pay attention to Xiaoyu, you will be "good for pregnancy"!

When it comes to ovulation test strips, I think everyone is no stranger. For some sisters who are anxious to get pregnant or have not pregnant for a long time, ovulation test strips are artifacts. Use ovulation test strips to test ovulation, and then arrange to pop up on the day of ovulation.To increase the chance of pregnancy.

Some people may have to say, I do n’t use test strips to test ovulation, and I am pregnant?And once, EMMM. For this type, Xiaoyu must first congratulate you, and then silently vomit you in your heart. You are a full man who doesn’t know the hungry man hungry!Xiao Yu’s good girlfriend, Xiao Yang, prepared for one year of pregnancy, all kinds of positions and methods have been in the battle, and now the stomach has not yet moved. If you hear you say this, you must not cry to death!

The word is home, who said that the ovulation test strip is helpful for the pregnancy to help, but there are actually many misunderstandings in which these misunderstandings will drop the accuracy of the ovulation test strip. Therefore, for the sake of the sisters, I deliberately put Xiao Yang deliberately Yang Yang.As an experimental object, let me tell you how to use the ovulation test strip is correct (don’t ask me why I don’t come in person, Xiao Yu or a child …)

Ovulation test paper strong yang 强 ovulation

Uh, I am Xiao Yang, Xiao Yu’s girlfriend (once, until she regarded me as an experimental object, even went to the toilet to observe and guided it in person …).The ovulation test strip shows that Qiangyang only goes to the same room, but it is always inaccurate.Later, after asking Xiaoyu, I slowly knew that the ovulation test paper Qiangyang was not ovulation, but the ovulation of 24 to 48 hours. It was not a test paper to test that Qiangyang immediately arranged the same room to get pregnant.

In May, I saw the calendar in the same room. It showed No. 4. My cycle was relatively stable in 33 days. As a result, I was postponed for 2 days and had various sets of symptoms. There were backache.The pain in the first two days, the result was good, and the aunt was gorgeous.

In June, the calendar displayed on the 8th, I was anxious, and the No. 1 was measured.Yang, it became weaker at 9 o’clock in the evening, and it was weaker almost at 12 o’clock. It would be a little painful to the left abdomen like ovulation, because my husband went out at night, and I asked him to come back early. He returned from 11 o’clock.I have never ignored him, so I didn’t have the same room …

I also write down the same time in the same room. I broke my heart for pregnancy

The above is the time I arranged in the same room. For three consecutive days, I sometimes tingled at the abdomen of about 9,10, but it will not be a long time. It should be bed. The ovulation test strips before the 13th are weak.Suddenly, I became strong. I was marked this morning. After this series of tossing, I believe that the sisters must wait patiently, maybe they suddenly detected in the morning!But recently, in order to test pregnancy, I am addicted to urine and play, a few every day (cover your face)

The above is my plastic sister flower. Xiao Yang brought you a successful experience, and then Xiaoyu will give you a summary of science.

The first point is that the ovulation test strip is testing ovulation, not to test pregnancy

The second point is that ovulation is strong, and there may be no ovulation. The reason is that the following three small points

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome, the LH level of this disease is always very high, but there is no ovulation, so it will appear as false;

2. Premature ovarian failure. Due to the low ovarian function, this type of patients will release more LH and FSH. This is a physiological feedback mechanism. Although FSH and LH are highNo ovulation;

3. Inject HCG, HCG and LH have a common structural part, which can also induce ovulation test strips to be positive.Therefore, friends who injected HCG ovulation should not be tested with ovulation test strips and waste money.

SO, ovulation is a complex physiological process. Sometimes women are affected by environmental, emotional and accumulated, and may ovulation in advance.Therefore, ovulation test strips are just a way of assisting. If you are not pregnant after 3 months, you must ask a doctor.

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