In order to welcome the baby’s adequate preparation, what are the precautions for 37 weeks of pregnancy?

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, they are about to meet their babies. The pregnant mothers can’t wait to welcome the baby, and they are already prepared to be well prepared, but the precautions for 37 weeks of pregnancy, mothers should not ignore it.I prepared what the mothers should do for the 37 weeks of pregnancy for mothers here, hoping to be useful for pregnant mothers.

1. 37 weeks of pregnancy check prompt

In addition to conventional inspections, the most important items are prenatal identification (pelvic measurement). The size and shape of the pelvis play a decisive role in the smoothness of childbirth.If the size and shape of the pelvis are abnormal, and they are not adapted to the fetus, the fetal drop is blocked, which may cause dystocia.For this reason, the pelvis must be measured during prenatal inspection.

1. What are the main production inspection items for 37 weeks of pregnancy?

(1) Weight: Weight control during pregnancy is very important. It is related to hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy. It also involves the growth of stretch marks and postpartum recovery.

(2) Blood pressure: Hypertension during pregnancy is a relatively common kind of high -risk pregnancy. Each delivery must be checked.The blood pressure value represents "systolic blood pressure/diastolic pressure".

(3) Obstetrics: Understand whether there are abnormalities in the germ organs in the pelvic cavity, and estimate the childbirth early.

(4) Palace high: one of the data of the size of the uterus will help dynamically observe the growth and development of the fetus, estimate the weight of the fetus, and timely treat the abnormal pregnancy of fetal development and huge child in time.

(5) Pregnancy consultation: You can consult your doctor any pregnancy -related issues.

(6) Urine test: help monitor the kidney condition of pregnant women.Generally, 14 items such as urine volume, urine color, acid -base response, proportion, and transparency.

(7) All blood cell count: Check blood problems, such as whether the body is infected, whether anemia, and the possibility of blood disease.

(8) The original time and index/activation part of the coagulant time: The original time of the coagulatrase mainly reflects whether the exogenous coagulation is normal.

(9) Human immune defect virus: The virus destroys the immune capacity of the human body, resulting in the immune system to resist resistance, develop to the end, and cause AIDS.

(10) Varicors: It is often used to test whether the patient’s body fluid is normal. Many physical diseases are related to this.

(11) Doppler listening to the fetal heart: Doppler can earnestly listen to fetal heartbeat, and confirm the fetal development and intrauterine conditions through fetal heart sound.

(12) B -ultrasound examination (measurement of amniotic fluid, fetal weight, umbilical cord and placenta): B -ultrasound is not indiscriber, 3 times during pregnancy, not more than 5 times.The B -ultrasound in the third trimester can clearly observe the fetal position, fetal size, placenta maturity and other conditions, and conduct production assessment.

2. 37 weeks of pregnancy disease points

1. Eclavic epilepsy

Most of them are developed from moderate pregnancy hypertension syndrome. In addition to symptoms such as hypertension, edema, proteinuria, etc., headache, dizziness, blurred vision, chest tightness, nausea, etc.If the signs of eclampsia is not controlled in time, pregnant women can suddenly twitch or coma, or even eclampsia, threatening the mother and child’s life, and the first aid should be immediately first aid.

2. Early peeling of the placenta

It is one of the main causes of prenatal bleeding.This disease occurs in the third trimester and is very dangerous to the mother and fetus.Separation may induce early stripping placenta.For a full -moon pregnant woman, after 3 to 7 minutes of supine, about 10%can occur with symptoms such as lower blood pressure, increased pulse, pale complexion, nausea and vomiting.After taking the side position, these symptoms can disappear.Therefore, pregnant women should be avoided at this time.Once the vaginal bleeding occurs, go to the hospital immediately.

3. Precautions for 37 weeks of pregnancy

1. In terms of production inspection

This is suitable, usually once a week for delivery, mainly for a fetal heart monitoring, and a B -ultrasound at 37 weeks, which mainly exclude the child’s umbilical cord around the neck.Many three hospitals will also allow you to do various blood tests such as liver merit. If you have done it before, it is not necessary, unless you are a high -risk, an elderly maternal, or a problem with liver merit.

2. Check the birth package

You may be able to give birth at any time this week, so check whether there is any omissions for the delivery package, especially the certificate of hospitalization and other hospitalizations must be prepared, and you can leave at any time.

3. Whether the fetal head is into the pot

This week, you’d better go to the hospital for a check to see if the fetal head has been entered. If the fetal head has not entered the basin this week, the opportunity to enter the basin is very small. At this time, it is recommended to take delivery for caesarean section.

4. Early stripping placenta

If you find that the vaginal bleeding is large and accompanied by abdominal pain, you must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time, because this is most likely that the placenta is cut early, and the placenta is very dangerous to you and the fetus.Avoid supine when you sleep, because this may also induce placenta early cutting.

5. Breast care

From the 37th week, you can do breast care and massage.Once a day, do 6-7 minutes on each side.Massage breasts can not only soften the breasts, make the stomatology gland unblocked, and the milk secretion is strong.It can also stimulate the nipples and areola, making the skin of the nipple strong, and facilitate the baby to suck in the future.

6. Move your own movement and contractions by yourself

Because the fetal movement is relatively large in 37 weeks, the fetal movement is relatively small, but the pregnant mother can still feel the fetal activity, so the number of tires must continue.Pay attention to contractions. If the contraction is frequent, as long as it is not a whole day or a whole night contraction, you don’t have to be too nervous.

7. Proper stop working

Many office workers’ pregnant mothers cannot ask for maternity leave in advance for their work. If the work is relatively easy, they can sit and rest at will, and they can rest in labor leave 3 weeks before giving birth.Of course, we must ensure dietary laws and nutrition, and try to stay away from various radiation and pollution, such as computers, large engines, high -voltage lines, automobile exhaust, auto repair plants, and so on.

8. Don’t go away by yourself alone

At this time, the pregnant mother cannot go away alone, and do not ride an electric car alone, let alone drive by himself, because the danger is everywhere. For the health of yourself and your baby, you must be cautious.You should take care of people when you go out.

9. Consciously do respiratory training

During the current period, it is getting closer to childbirth. Pregnant mothers should do respiratory training when they have time, which is very helpful for childbirth.For example, when contraction comes, you can take a deep breath first, then make a shallow breath, then take a short breathing twice, then take two deep breaths, and then take three short breathing.Repeated exercises in this way, persistence is very helpful.

Fourth, 37 weeks of pregnancy diet tips

1. According to the standards recommended by the Chinese Society of Nutrition: The calorie intake of general women is 8778 karma (2100 kcal); the calorie intake of pregnant women during pregnancy is 9614 kin (2300 kcal);The daily entry is 10,868 kinjiao (2600 kcal).The nutritional needs of pregnant mothers are not as much as we imagine, so there is no need to eat and drink, especially fried foods, high -calorie foods, and high sugar -containing foods. Pregnant mothers should eat less.

2. At this stage, you should eat some dishes that are fine, easy to digest, nutrition, and replenishment, and accumulate energy for pregnant mothers to prevent constipation and edema.In the late pregnancy, iron and calcium are still very important for you and fetal treasures.While eating calcium -rich foods, it is necessary to consume more foods containing vitamin D to promote calcium absorption.

5. 37 weeks pregnant should eat food

It is advisable to eat: First, the supply of minerals and vitamins. If the iron intake of pregnant women is insufficient, it can affect the storage of iron in the fetus, and it is susceptible to iron deficiency anemia after delivery.

The second is the energy supply, which appropriately restricts the intake of heat energy such as fat and carbohydrates to prevent the fetus from growing too much and affecting childbirth.

1. Foods rich in minerals: lean meat, poultry, animal liver and blood (duck blood, pig blood)

2. Foods rich in vitamins: liver, egg yolk, milk, Hu Yibu, tomato

3. Fat and carbohydrates: full -time milk, whole wheat bread, oatmeal

6. 37 weeks pregnant and avoid eating food

Avoid eating: First, we must continue to control the amount of salt to reduce the discomfort of edema.

The second avoid high -fat diet can increase the concentration of bile acid and neutral cholesterol in the large intestine.The third is to intake sufficient vitamins to relieve vomiting and burnout pregnant women.

1. High -salt food: fries, potato chips, salted fish, salted eggs

2. High -fat food: fried chicken, fries, potato chips, fritters

3. Vitamin: liver, egg yolk, milk, Hu Yibu, tomato

Seven, 37 weeks of pregnancy selected recipes

Recommended recipe 1: braised winter melon

Ingredients: Winter melon contains more vitamin C, high potassium content, and low sodium salt content, which is conducive to improving the immunity of pregnant mothers, and effectively alleviating edema during pregnancy.


1. Peel the melon to peel and go.

2. Put the oil in the hot pot. After the oil is hot, add the winter melon to fry until it is slightly golden on all sides.

3. Add salt, appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, and old soy sauce to make winter melon uniformly color.

4. Add a small bowl of water and stir well. Cover the pot and cook until the melon is cooked.

5, add oyster sauce, collect the juice on the high heat, sprinkle the green onion.

Efficacy: Winter melon contains more vitamin C, high potassium content, and low sodium salt content, which is conducive to improving the immunity of pregnant mothers and effectively relieve edema during pregnancy.

Recommended recipe 2: mung bean pork liver porridge

Ingredients: 100 grams of japonica rice, 150 grams of pork liver, 50 grams of mung beans, 3 grams of green onions, 4 grams of sesame oil.


1. Drop a spoonful of white vinegar in fresh pork liver, soak it with water for two or three hours. During this time, change the water several times. After soaking the blood and water, sliced the pork liver, soy soy sauce, add ginger, onion shredThe plastic wrap is marinated for a while.

2. Wash the mung beans, soak it with cold water for 3 hours, wash the rice, soak it with cold water for half an hour, remove them each, drain the water.

3. Add about 1500 ml of cold water to the pot, add mung beans, boil it with high heat, add japonica rice, stir a few times, and cook with low heat.

4. The porridge will be added to the pork liver and boil two or three with prosperity.

5. Drizzle with sesame oil and eat it.

Efficacy: Rich iron in pork liver is the most commonly used food in blood supplement. It can regulate and improve the physiological function of the hematopoietic system of anemia.

Recommended recipe 3: Jasper cabbage roll

Ingredients: 6 tablets of cabbage, 1 carrot, 1 yellow pepper, 1 spinach, an appropriate amount of salt, 3 ml of sesame oil, 5 ml of white vinegar, 5 grams of sugar.


1. Ship the carrot.

2. Peel the yellow pepper.

3. Cut the spinach.

4. Boil the water and simmer the cabbage leaves, carrot shreds, and spinach.

5. Spread the cabbage leaves and put the carrot shreds, spinach shreds, and yellow pepper shreds.

6. Roll up the cabbage.

7. Finally, put on the plate and pour the sauce (5ml of white vinegar, 5 grams of sugar, an appropriate amount of salt, 3ml sesame oil).

Efficacy: Cabbage is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Pregnant women eat cabbage can play a good skin care and beauty effect.

Recommended recipe 4: honey roast banana

Ingredients: 3 bananas, 20 grams of butter, 2 spoons of white sugar, 10ml of lemon juice, moderate amount of honey.


1. Put the butter and fine sugar into the pan and melt it with small fire.

2. Put the peeled banana into the pan and fry it with low heat until both sides are golden.

3. Squeeze some lemon juice and turn off the heat after the banana.

4. Put the banana in a baked bowl or on the tin foil and drizzle with honey.

5. Put it in the middle layer of the preheated oven, 160 degrees, bake for about 8-10 minutes.

Efficacy: Delicious bananas can also be baked. It is rich in potassium, which helps to promote gastrointestinal motility of pregnant women and babies and alleviate constipation symptoms.

Precautions for 37 weeks of pregnancy not only should pregnant mothers pay attention, but also the prospective dad must also be prepared to be well prepared. Pay attention to the movement of the pregnant mother. Once there is a uncomfortable situation, or the frequent contraction and abnormal fetal movement, you must go to the hospital in time to go to the hospitalIt’s right.There are also prospective dads don’t drink at night, and you can go to the hospital at any time.

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