In spring, eat more chestnuts, nourish the kidney, spleen and stomach, and stew it too fragrant at hand.

Introduction: Eat the kidney tonic and eat spleen!List in large quantities!Eating once every two days, the effect is really great, it is a pity not to understand!

Hello everyone, I am a silly sister’s food. "I don’t eat from time to time, eat it with time", different diets in the season are different. Everyone should eat more seasonal foods.Let your body eat more and stronger.Spring is the most important season in the four seasons. Spring will raise your body. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, your body will not get sick.

As the saying goes: "Entering the chestnut chestnuts, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach", chestnut is a kind of nut. It is more popular among many nuts.Don’t miss it when you meet!Chestnuts contain high protein, multiple vitamins and trace elements. Eating some chestnuts in spring can promote metabolism and benefit qi and spleen.Chestnuts can be eaten raw and cooked. Eating more chestnuts is easy to taste. Therefore, when eating chestnuts, you can eat other ingredients when eating chestnuts, which is more nutritious and delicious.Today, I will share with you the nutritional practices of burning pork bones. Let’s take a look at how to do it!

[Chestnut burning pork bone] The ingredients prepared are: appropriate amount of chestnuts, appropriate amount of pork spine, rock sugar, soy sauce, extremely fresh, edible oil, star anise, salt, MSG, MSG, MSG

Specific methods: 1. Buy a pork spine in the vegetable market. The pork spine will be much cheaper than the pork ribs. It is only 10 yuan a pound. When you buy it, chop it into a small piece, and then rinse the blood water inside with water.Next, put the pork spine into the cold water pot, add a little pig skin to add fragrance, pour a little cooking wine to fishy, and remove the pork spine and pig skin and remove it for later use.Finally, the appropriate amount of raw chestnuts are knocked out of its shell, and the flesh inside is taken out for later use!

2. Put the edible oil in the pot, add a few capsules of rock sugar, stir -fry the rock sugar until the sugar color is melted, and put the pork bone and pig skin after the water, stir -fry the color, then put it in the color, then put it in the color, then put it in the color, and then put it in the color, then put it in the color, then put it in the color, then put it in the color, and then put it in the color.A little soy sauce makes the color more appetite, the flavor of 1 spoon is very fresh, put on green onion ginger, star anise to continue to stir -fry the fragrance.

3. After frying the aroma, pour a bowl of warm water in the pot, pour the chestnut peeling in the pot, simmer the thremoil, simmer on high heat for 30 minutes, and add a little salt and chicken essence to continue stew, stew the soup in the potJust fire.

The simple and delicious chestnut burning pork bone is ready. It is soft and sweet, rosy and appetizing, splashing, and it is so delicious for all ages.

Cooking tips: 1 The flesh of the chestnut is very tight. Be sure to put it in the pot in advance to stew with the pork bone, so that you can stew it. Otherwise, the stewing time is too short.2. If you are worried that the chestnut stew is not cooked, you can buy the chestnut directly or cook it yourself, and then go to the pork bone braised.

Eat the chestnut to nourish the kidneys and eat the spleen!Everyone in spring remember to give my family often, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach!Do you like chestnuts?In addition to braised pork bone, everyone knows what delicious practices?Welcome to leave a message to share your cooking experience and make more friends learn to benefit. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like it, collect, and pay attention. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. WeSee you tomorrow, goodbye!


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