In spring, wine brews are cooked with a pot of simple and time -saving, sweet and soft and nutritious, women should eat more

When I was a child, I often saw my grandmother making wine. My grandmother said, "This thing is particularly good to eat this thing." She only made a large bowl of wine every time.She first steamed the glutinous rice, added glutinous rice to mix well, and wrapped it with a thick old cotton jacket.In a few days, there will be a faint wine wine. She will make a bowl of wine brewed egg flower soup with wine.

Wine is also called sweet wine, glutinous rice wine, grocery, etc. The wine is loved by people. The wine can be eaten all year round. Cake a bowl of wine to the sweet soup in winter to drive the cold and warm the stomach.In the summer, make the wine refrigerate and eat it, sweet and ice.In this spring, the temperature is low. I am very afraid of cold. I often make desserts with wine, red dates and longan, and eat a bowl of wine and sweet soup.

A few days ago, I had a lunch at home alone, and I wanted to make a simple meal I love to eat. Noodles, rice cakes, dumplings, ravioli and rice rice, etc., were all good choices for meals.On the basis of the red dates, the rice cakes and dumplings are boiled on the basis of red dates. I can solve a lunch for this pot of rice cake rice dumplings. It is very delicious and nutritious.If you like rice cakes and dumplings, you may wish to cook such a pot with me. You don’t need to take much time, and make it in about 15 minutes.

【Wine Rice Cake Payball】

[Ingredients] 1 large bowl of wine, the right amount of red dates and longan,

100 grams of rice cakes, appropriate amount of dumplings.


The first step is to make the ingredients of this bowl of wine, soak the rice cake separately with water to prevent cooking rice cakes together.Using yellow rice peanut butter dumplings, freezing yellow rice dumplings do not need to thaw in advance.

In the second step, I used a multifunctional boiling pot to cook rice cake dumplings. Put the water in a multifunctional boiling pot. Heat the water but does not need to be boiled. Put rice cakes and wine.

In the third step, when the soup is boiled, open the lid and slowly push the dumplings and rice cakes with a spoon to prevent rice cakes and dumplings sticking to the pan.Add a cup of cold water, cover the lid and continue to boil, and scoop the rice cakes and dumplings.

The fourth step is to boil the pot and put it in water and red dates cinnamon.

In the fifth step, add a large bowl of wine, stir while cooking, and boil the soup.

Step 6 Add rice cakes and dumplings, and you can turn off the heat after boiling.This multifunctional pot is delicate and small. You can use this boiling pot as a bowl to save a bowl of washing a bowl.

This multifunctional electric boiled pot uses an electronic display, which has more features.Diversified cooking needs can be made with three meals a day. I often use this electric pot.

——Connie said –

The first wine itself has a sweet taste, adding red dates and longan, and the rice brewed rice cake dumplings do not need to add sugar. The sweetness of this pot is the natural sweet taste brought by the ingredients itself.

Do not use cold water with the second boiled dumplings. Cold water is easy to stick to the pan. Add cold water during the process of cooking dumplings to prevent the dumplings from breaking.

Third, cook dumplings and rice cakes, rice cakes and dumplings are cooked and picked up. When the red dates and longan wine are cooked and mixed together, there are a variety of ingredients in a pot, rich in taste, very delicious.

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