In the "latent" woman’s abdomen, the doctor took out more than 2 meters long hair

Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily

Chutian Metropolis Daily, July 20 (Reporter Liu Xun Correspondent Gao Chenchen) The woman was attentive because she had a gynecological minor problem. She found that she had teratoma.During the operation, the hair from the woman’s belly was "endless" and roughly placed in the operating room, which was more than two meters long.This scenery is surprising even the well -known medical care at the scene.Today, the woman was discharged from hospital and was grateful to the doctor.

Ms. Wang, 46, lives in the suburbs of Wuhan and is 46 years old.A medical examination in June this year found that she had cervical polyps.In early July, she came to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment. The original gynecological clinic surgery could be solved.However, during a gynecological examination, Director Song touched Ms. Wang’s left ovaries with a large block. She suspected that she was ovarian cysts. For safety reasons, hospitalization needed for hospitalization.

On July 12, Director Song Xiaojie performed laparoscopic surgery for Ms. Wang, intending to remove the left ovaries and cysts.The minimally invasive device enters the pelvic cavity from Ms. Wang’s belly button. It can be seen that the "cyst" wall on the left ovary is thick and white, about 10 cm diameter, which is about the size of the newborn’s head circumference. This form is highly suspected to be a "big"Number" teratoma.

Song Xiaojie opened a small hole on the ovaries on the left of Ms. Wang with the equipment to peel off the tissue tissue of the teratoma.Because of the insufficient capacity of commonly used medical bags, Director Song’s team made a "increase" sterile bag.In the tumor, doctors found a large amount of hair, fat, teeth, bones, skin and other tissues.Especially when taking out the hair tissue, I pulled a lot of it out. The dark and thick hair seemed to be "endless", and the well -known medical care was amazing.

"I have joined the work since 1982. I have never seen so many hairdressing tumors in these 38 years." Director Song Xiaojie said that this group of hair was particularly tight."Rough black.

Song Xiaojie, director of the gynecology department of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced that teratoma is a common type of ovarian germ cell tumor. It comes from germ cells and often grows on women’s ovaries.Far tumor usually does not look good, strange shape, and there are often many tissue components similar to the fetus. You can see hair, bones, fat, brain tissue, etc. during the operation. ThereforeWomen of childbirth.95%-98%of them are benign mature malformed tumors, and only 2%-5%are malignant malignant tumors.

In the early days, there were no obvious clinical symptoms, and most of them were discovered during the physical examination.However, the growth of teratoma is too large, which will have a certain impact on fertility, and will also cause acute abdomen.She reminded women of childbearing age to do pregnancy tests before pregnancy, especially for gynecological examinations for each year, so that related diseases can be found in time to achieve early intervention.

Defense tumors not only grow in ovarian and testicles, but also have other parts of the body, such as intracranial, thyroid, stomach, and sacral tails. These are relatively rare, and the most common is women’s ovarian.

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