In the early stages of pregnancy, these health care measures, pregnant mothers must remember to arrange in place

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In the early stages of pregnancy, there were too many uncertainty, and many expectant mothers were both embarrassed and happy.

In the first three months of pregnancy, many people are used to silent. After the baby is stable in the second trimester, the news of pregnancy will be shared with the people around them.

It is not mysterious in the early pregnancy, but is particularly important in the early stages of pregnancy.Let’s put it this way, the first three months is the critical period of embryo development, and it is easy to accidentally occur at this stage.When you survive the early pregnancy, everything is stable. At this time, telling relatives and friends can be considered happy.

Seriously, the baby is particularly fragile in the early pregnancy.One -diced damage of the outside may cause damage to mothers, and even serious consequences of miscarriage.

Since it is so important in the early pregnancy, the expectant mothers who have just determined to be pregnant must know: how to do it to give the baby’s development and provide more comprehensive and healthier protection.

In the early pregnancy, these health measures, remember to arrange in place

1. Timely supplement folic acid

In normal circumstances, couples who are planning to prepare for pregnancy must take folic acid orally in advance.If you are pregnant, you must insist on supplement folic acid in the first three months.In short, in the process of pregnancy, folic acid is particularly important. It is best to take orally in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester.

Many expectant mothers know that they want to eat folic acid, but they are not very clear why they eat folic acid.In fact, the purpose of eating folic acid is mainly to prevent the baby’s brain deformity and protect the baby’s brain nerves from the root.Another is that folic acid can also promote the metabolic function of pregnant mothers.

2. Regular production inspection

Until now, some elderly people say: Pregnant women do not always do examination. The hospital’s instruments are radiated, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

I just want to say: This is the 21st century, not an old society.Since the times are progressing, why not follow the footsteps of the times?

Regular delivery checks are only good for the development of the fetus and there is no harm.Through advanced medical methods, we can understand the development of the fetus in time and avoid many unexpected emergence.

On the contrary, those expectant mothers who do not check their own knowing about the growth of the baby’s baby is easy to have hidden health hazards, and it is not good for themselves and the baby.

3. Can’t be in the same room

The young couple’s feelings are very good, especially in the life of husband and wife.In the first three months, the development of the baby’s baby is still unstable. If the husband and wife are in the same room, it is likely that because of excitement or violent movement, causing a baby to abortion.

Therefore, the couple who has just become pregnant must hold back the impulse, do not have the same room.The situation of each expectant mother is different. Do not make a joke with this!

In the early pregnancy, living habits are important

When I first learned that when I was pregnant, many pregnant mothers had not adapted to new identities, and their habits were the same as before.And these living habits are completely impossible for the development of baby baby, and even have a certain impact.Therefore, changing lifestyle habits are also things that need to be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy.

1. Adjust the schedule

From now on, staying up late is a taboo. If pregnant mothers do not want the baby to be born and night, they still have to develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early.If the sleeping time is not good every day and the quality of sleep is not good, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus.

2. Adjust the diet law

Before pregnancy, everything you like can be tried.But after pregnancy, you must learn to avoid your mouth, especially if you do n’t develop foods that do n’t develop your baby.Cold and spicy foods are taboos during pregnancy, it is best not to eat anymore.

Recommended food for early pregnancy:

The first category: protein

Early pregnancy is an important stage of embryonicization. Pregnant mothers should ensure that sufficient protein is intake to ensure the health of the embryo.

The second category: fruits and vegetables

Since it is supplementing nutrition, how can you get less vegetables and fruits?The content of trace elements and vitamins in it is extremely high, which is very good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Third category: coarse grains

Eat more coarse grains during pregnancy. The content of dietary fiber is higher, which can promote the metabolic ability of pregnant mothers and also enhance immunity.

3. Stability and emotion

For the first time, I was nervous, excited, anxious, and emotional unstable.It can be understood that women’s emotions, but these bad emotions will affect the stability of the baby, and we must learn to relieve and control emotions.Especially family members, do not make nervousness for pregnant mothers and relax them.

4. Do not use medicine without authorization

When you are uncomfortable, please do not drink medicine at will. This is something that pregnant women must remember.Many drugs are particularly dangerous for fetal baby, either affect development, teratogenic, or direct abortion.In short, if you are sick, you should seek medical treatment in time, and take a reasonable medication under the suggestions of professionals.

Throughout pregnancy, the first three months is the most important. I hope that pregnant mothers can pay attention to this stage.After surviving in the early pregnancy, the baby’s health was more guaranteed.

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