In the first month of pregnancy, my mother did not know, but her body was quietly changing

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The mother’s due date is calculated in the past 40 weeks. October per month is 4 weeks in October, and the first day of pregnancy is calculated according to the first day of the last menstrual period.

Therefore, in the first month of pregnancy, our mother was unaware. Mom did not feel the physical changes too obviously, but in fact, the inside of the body changed dramatically.

To understand the changes in the body of the mother in the first month of pregnancy, what can I know?What can’t you do?

In the first month of pregnancy, in fact, the first 4 weeks before pregnancy, most mothers found that she was pregnant when she was pregnant, and she would buy the pregnancy test paper to confirm and find that she was pregnant.

But in fact, when the mother did not find that she was pregnant, the body had changed obviously. Moms had to understand them in advance in order to prepare for the health of the fetus.

Week 1 of pregnancy: menstrual period

The calculation of our pregnancy week is calculated from the first day of my mother’s last menstruation, so the first week of pregnancy is actually the menstrual period.

However, this menstrual period is related to the excretion of our eggs, so at this period of menstruation, the mother has to start preparing for pregnancy.

In addition to insisting on eating folic acid every day, be careful not to move heavy objects, not too tired, and let our menstruation go through smoothly, so that we can have a better physical condition and let the eggs discharge smoothly.

In addition, the emotions of many mothers during menstruation will fluctuate. At this time, the prospective dad must learn to appease the mother. The gift of gifts should be bought.

Letting pregnant mothers have a good mood on the first week of pregnancy, which is actually the best prenatal education.

Week 2 of pregnancy: early ovulation

At this time, the eggs have not started to discharge, but the mother must also make detailed pregnancy plans, such as work arrangements, nutritional conditioning, and family financial plans.

If the mother is to test the eggs, then the tools for the ovulation should be prepared. For example, if you have to test the body temperature, then you need to get up every morning to test the body temperature, and to record the changes in the body temperature.

If you use ovulation test strips, you should also be ready, usually ovulation is measured in the second week.

If you go to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound, it is generally recommended to start taking B -ultrasound in about 5 days after menstruation, because some people will ovulate in advance.

Week 3 of pregnancy: ovulation period, fertilization period

Because the mother’s eggs are excreted in the body, the time to stay in the body is relatively short, usually 24 hours, so you must do your homework during ovulation and let the sperm enter the fallopian tube in the mother in time.

In this way, sperm and eggs can meet the most important steps of pregnancy at the right time.

During this period, mothers must pay attention to the stability of emotions, try to avoid major conflicts such as her husband or colleagues in their homes, affecting her mood, and their own mood will affect the quality of the fertilized eggs.

Week 4 of pregnancy: bed becomes embryo

After fertilization, the fertilized eggs are constantly split while continuously sliding forward along the fallopian tube.

The mother’s uterine endometrium is affected by the ovarian hormone, which will become thick and soft, and it is rich in nutrients. The blood vessels also have slight expansion, which is conducive to the implantation of fertilized eggs.

After the fertilized egg came to the uterus, it happened to be the best time, so I was bed in the uterus. After bed, the uterus began to supply nutrition to fertilized eggs, so that the fertilized eggs can continue to grow, and slowly follow the fertilized eggs.An embryo develops into a fetus.

Moms should pay attention to avoid toxic and harmful objects in this period to affect the health of the baby’s baby, so the mother should avoid smoking, drinking, away from second -hand smoke when preparing for pregnancy, and avoid contact with some heavy metals.

For example, if the home is being renovated, the mother should not go to the place of decoration during pregnancy.

Don’t buy new furniture in your home, because new furniture may contain formaldehyde.

If the mother is in the countryside, it is necessary to avoid contact with these irritating things such as pesticide fertilizers.

In the first month of pregnancy, my mother did not know that she was pregnant, but her body had changed significantly, so we must know what to do in advance, what can not be done to protect the baby baby.

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