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Xinhua News Agency, Xining, June 29th. Question: Visit Jiang Yuan: "Three Lives" harmoniously guarded the "China Water Tower"

Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Jie, Zhang Ziqi, Li Jinfeng

The area of wetlands has increased year by year, rare wild animals appear frequently, ecological immigrants are "migrated and stable" … Sanjiangyuan area located in the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River.EssenceIn recent years, through the development of ecological animal husbandry, ecological restoration, immigration relocation, etc., the Yangtze River source area has achieved a "three livelihood" harmony with rich production and development, rich life, and good ecology.

On June 8, 2023, yaks in the eleven villages of Zhenqin Town, Yuexian County in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province were eating grass (drone photos).Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jie

Summer plateau, blue sky was washed, and yaks in the Yangtze River source area turned to the beautiful summer pasture.Jiu Meidan Zhouzheng Zhouzheng Zhouzheng Zhouzheng Zhouzheng Zhouzheng Cooperative Cooperative Society of Yueqin Town, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province is arranged: "200 heads were just sold in front, and more than 900 depository columns were available.

The eleven village of Zhenqin Town is located in the hinterland of the Granda Prairie, about 50 kilometers from Tongtianhe, upper reaches of the Yangtze River.50 -year -old Jiu Meidan has witnessed the grassland in the village from degradation to Fuwu.He recalled that in the past, he was divided into households, and various iron wire mesh was drafted.

In the source area of the Yangtze River with an average altitude of over 4500 meters, yak and Tibetan sheep are the source of livelihoods that local herdsmen rely on.In the past, cattle and sheep overloaded in the past, and ecological deterioration.

This is the Jiatang Grassland (drone photo) in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, which was taken on June 8, 2023.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jie

In 2016, the eleventh village of Zhenqin Town established a professional breeding cooperative, and herders participated in the dividend with yaks and pastures.More than 200,000 acres of grass farms in the 13 breeding points in the village were removed, and the wheel herd was restored according to the winter and summer regions.Ji Meidan Zhou said: "From circle to wheel herd, ecological animal husbandry breeding not only guarantees that cattle and sheep will leave the fence on schedule, but also allow the grassland to have sufficient time to reunite." Since the implementation of the wheelmins, the comprehensive vegetation cover of the whole state has increased for many years.It reaches 62.31%.

On July 18, 2022, the Yangtze River dried circulation of the Yangtze River in Tianhe starting the Papa Long (drone photo).Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Long, Zhang Long

Relocation resettlement, rest ecology.The Sanjiangyuan region, including the Yangtze River source, has arranged a total of about 100,000 farmers and herdsmen in the past 20 years to live a living life through Easy Relocation.

In the Yangtze River Village, located in the southern suburbs of Golmus, Haixi Prefecture, the streets made of slate are flat and wide, and Tibetan houses on both sides are staggered. Special restaurants are so busy that tourists are busy, and the villagers’ faces are full of smiles.

In 2004, more than a hundred households moved away from the nomadic tent of the Yangtze River at the source of the mountains, and moved here.The nearly 70 -year -old Geng Nanjie is the first household and the old branch of the source village of Changjiang."In the past, shepherds could only raise cattle and sheep, and the per capita income of less than 2,000 yuan." Moreover, Nanjie said that now the conditions for clothing, clothing, food,,, medical, medical medicine have improved significantly. "Villagers relied on automotive maintenance and collection.Yuan".

Living a happy life, the local people’s ecological protection awareness is also stronger.In Qinghai Province, known as the "First County of the Yangtze River", is an environmental protection volunteer team with more than 80 people.Over the past 10 years, volunteers have picked up and cleaned their footsteps throughout the county.The volunteer team sponsor Jiang Wenpengcuo said: "Everyone’s ideas are very simple, that is, to protect the green ecology of the Yangtze River source."

This is a river taken in the Yangtze River area on July 21, 2022.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Long, Zhang Long

The development of production and life is rich, leading the ecology of the Yangtze River.According to data from ecological, water conservancy and other departments in Qinghai Province, the water quality in the dry flow of the Yangtze River has been remained in category II and water quality in Qinghai for many years.Only more than 70,000, the water source conservation, grass coverage, and grass production have continued to grow, and the ecological environment and ecological functions have been significantly improved and consolidated.

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