In the same room during ovulation, will the probability of pregnancy increase?Do you know the precautions for pregnancy?

Ms. Liu and her husband have been married for 5 years. The lives of the two are beautiful. The only shortcoming is that there are no children yet.

Looking at the couples of the same age around, they basically had children, and the couple began to be anxious, and their parents repeatedly urged.

I heard that the female ovulation period is in the same room, and the probability of pregnancy will increase greatly. Ms. Liu began to learn to calculate her ovulation period according to the online method, increase the frequency of the same room during ovulation, and expect to be pregnant naturally.

Originally, Ms. Liu was full of confidence. As a result, she hadn’t moved for a month or two. This was urgent to break the couple, and the two gradually fell into a state of self -doubt. "Is the two of them sick?. "So the two decided to go to the hospital.

After the doctor listened to the situation of the two, after reading the inspection report, he found that both sides had no disease. Pregnancy was only a matter of time. He also told the couple’s two notes. He also taught Ms. Liu’s correct ovulation period calculation method.

I believe everyone is very concerned. How can we calculate our ovulation period correctly?Today, I will explain in detail the problems related to the ovulation period. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

As we all know, menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon for women.

Under normal circumstances, menstruation has a certain periodic, and a normal menstrual cycle can be subdivided into menstrual period, follicle period, ovulation period and luteal stage.

Among them, the ovulation period is to discharge mature ovarian cells from ovarian.

Egg cells must be familiar with everyone. Only after it is combined with male sperm into a fertilized egg can they have a new life.It can be seen that egg cells are discharged normally and binding to sperm are one of the key steps to get pregnant.

It is worth noting that sperm can only survive for 2 to 3 days in women’s bodies. In some special cases, even about 8 hours will die without fertilization.

Therefore, only when ovulation and egg cells are discharged normally, sexual activity is performed, and the possibility of conception is more likely to combine sperm eggs.

Since the ovulation period is so important, how should we calculate the ovulation period?

As mentioned earlier, the menstrual cycle is a complete cycle.Therefore, if you want to accurately calculate the ovulation period, it is mainly based on the tide of menstruation.Because the most obvious response to menstruation is the periodic endometrial periodic falling and bleeding.

Under normal circumstances, the ovulation day of women is about 14 days before the next menstrual period.For example, Ms. Zhang’s menstrual cycle is 30 days, and the monthly menstrual period is basically fixed every month, so her ovulation day is on the 15th of last month.

In addition, the first 5 days and 4 days after the ovulation day are added together for a total of 10 days. These 10 days are called the ovulation period.In other words, Ms. Zhang’s ovulation period is 10 days from 10 to 19 every month.

Have you seen any problems?Yes, only calculating the ovulation period actually only increases the chance of pregnancy slightly. What really pay attention to is actually ovulation day.

If sexual life is performed a few days before the ovulation period, the egg cells have not been discharged at this time, and the survival time of sperm in women’s reproductive tract is only 2 to 3 days, and the probability of conception is still very low.So a few days after ovulation, there is a chance to get pregnant?

This is about the survival time of egg cells.Ovarian cells can survive in the fallopian tubes for 1-2 days after the ovaries are excreted, waiting for the fertilization process.Therefore, 2 days before ovulation, 2 days after the ovulation, that is, in the middle of the ovulation period, sexual activities are the easiest to conceive.

As long as women with regular menstrual cycles can calculate the ovulation period and ovulation day according to this method.

For women with less regular menstrual cycles, the method of calculating according to the menstrual cycle is not so accurate, and the reference significance is not high. At this time, how can I know their ovulation period?

Here is an ovulation test paper. Ovulation test strip can detect the ovulation period.The general ovulation test strips detect the ovulation time by testing the level of luteal production hormone in urinating.The ovulation test strip is attached to the instructions, which can be viewed by the usage method and presentation results to determine the ovulation day.The method of ovulation test strip is suitable for more than half of women.

We already understand the calculation method of ovulation during ovulation, but this calculation method sometimes has a deviation. In fact, there are some special reactions in the ovulation period, which can help us "perceive" the ovulation period.

Women who have ovulation during ovulation have actually changed their bodies due to the excretion of egg cells. Although the situation is very different because of different personal constitutions, in general, there are mainly these three reactions.

1. Pain, bleeding

The first is the tenderness of the breast. The organs of the human endocrine hormone are breasts, so a series of physiological changes will be affected by the body endocrine hormone.

In the case of changes in the level of hormone during ovulation, the breasts will also have hyperplasia and recovery, and when it is realized, it is the body’s fullness and slight pain.

There is also pain in the lower abdomen.The pain in this part is because the follicles are ruptured during ovulation, and the liquid in the follicles will flow out. This process will stimulate the relevant nerves in the pelvic cavity and cause pain in the lower abdomen.

Of course, in the process of egg cells, egg cells break through the filter and the surface of the ovarian, which is likely to cause blood vessel rupture, which will cause a small amount of bleeding.There is also a drop that causes the endometrium because of the fluctuation of hormone levels, which causes the endometrium without certain hormone support. The process of falling off will be accompanied by a small amount of bleeding.

These conditions are relatively slight reactions. Generally, it lasts for a few hours, which is a normal physiological phenomenon during this period.

2. Increase secretions

The second is the physical changes that increase vaginal secretions that will occur during ovulation.This change is the most obvious and common during ovulation.The amount of secretions will reach the peak before ovulation day, which is larger than the usual leucorrhea, and the secretions at this time are more transparent and viscous, and the mucus appears brushed.

Sometimes there are a small amount of blood wire accompanied by the secretions to discharge together, showing the condition of mixed blood in the mucus. This is also a normal phenomenon, which is determined by physical fitness.Of course, the condition of blood wire is not common, and women with better constitutions generally do not appear.

3. Change of body temperature

Starting from the tide of menstruation, the level of estrogen in women’s body has continued to rise, reaching its peak before ovulation.The obvious hormone level gap will cause floating changes in body temperature, but this change is not obvious, generally 0.5 ° C.

Sometimes the impact of the external environment and psychological changes is also mobilized. Therefore, this phenomenon is the least discovered. The body temperature within the normal range is the result of hormone participation in regulating the temperature of the human body.

We have almost understood the knowledge of ovulation. Calculate the ovulation period correctly. After grasping the law of ovulation day, will pregnancy be lost?In fact, if you want to get pregnant, these precautions must be taken care of.

What is easy to be ignored during pregnancy is a healthy diet.Some pregnant couples have disagreed attitudes about their healthy diet and feel that they can eat as usual as usual, but they are not.Due to the different dietary habits, many pregnant couples need to change their picky habits.

Vitamins and minerals rich in vegetables are conducive to human nutrition absorption, and it is best to eat more during pregnancy.

In addition, there are coarse grains. The rich vitamin B in coarse grains involved in the metabolism of the human body is a special coenzyme, which is of great benefit to the body. Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant.senescence.Therefore, if you consume more of these substances in the usual diet, both husbands and wives need to pay attention to.

For women, experts recommend supplement more folic acid.Folic acid is a vitamin that plays a vital role in the process of human protein, nucleic acid synthesis and amino acid metabolism.

Studies have found that the lack of folic acid has a certain relationship with the occurrence of congenital heart disease in children, and at the same time, it will increase the risk of abortion.Therefore, women should pay attention to supplement folic acid during pregnancy, which will help babies who improve egg cells and subsequent pregnancy and health.

Folic acid generally exists in foods such as green vegetables, walnuts, peanuts and other foods. You can also eat folic acid tablets or composite vitamins containing folic acid.

Some women may have the problem of palace cold. In addition to taking drugs to improve and treat, they can also eat some red dates with ginger. The iron content in red dates is very high.The taste ingredients, eaten the vascular expansion, accelerate blood circulation, and keep warm.The combination of the two can promote blood circulation and effectively alleviate the cold of the palace.

After talking about diet, you should talk about exercise.The quality of diet during pregnancy has improved, and the corresponding digestive problems must be valued.Increased foods and reduced weight, which is easy to increase weight and cause obesity and hypertension.

Therefore, for women preparing for pregnant women, they must conduct adequate health exercise, regular exercise plans, and reasonably arrange the combination of aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise, so that the body is in a good health state, improves autoimmunity, and prepares to welcome the child’s child’s child’s.arrival.

The couple during pregnancy should also relax. As long as the ovulation period is calculated, the number of times the same time is appropriately increased during the ovulation period.There is no need to formulate a rigorous room time plan, which not only affects the life experience of the husband and wife, but also causes the problem of non -sperm quality.

In particular, it is to pay attention to the emotions of women.Women’s bad emotions can cause liver qi stagnation, qi and blood loss, affect normal menstruation, and ovulation.We must fully recognize the importance of a good mentality, try not to be angry in daily life, look at more positive things, talk with family and friends, and soothe your mood and relax.

Fertility is one of the major events that people care about, and many families are looking forward to the arrival of their babies.If you want to get pregnant, you should know the calculation method of ovulation.You can also use mild pain bleeding, increased secretion, and body temperature fluctuations, to help judge the ovulation period.

In addition, if you want to prepare for pregnancy and successful, you need to pay attention to the healthy diet of both husband and wife. Women need to pay attention to supplement folic acid. Both sides also arrange a reasonable exercise plan to maintain a good attitude and a positive and optimistic attitude.

As long as the husband and wife do not have related diseases, do this well, you can basically wait for the baby’s arrival!


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