In the seventh month of pregnancy, I saw my husband and Xiaosan who came out of the hotel with a big belly.

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In the seventh month of pregnancy, I saw my husband and Primary Three from the hotel with a big belly.

I thought it was a large -scale rape scene, but I did not expect to be a large crossing scene.

The three of us were worn at the same time. I wore it as a general, and my husband was wearing Mrs. Mrs. who was pregnant with the six.


I never dreamed that in my life, I could catch up with such fashionable things in my life, and I couldn’t think of it.

One week after wearing a general, I heard that Mrs. General suddenly went crazy without knowing what, and shouted in her mouth that I couldn’t understand. At the same time, I was not right.

I was right immediately, wouldn’t this go together?Then excitedly went straight to the wife’s room.

When I saw her, I asked straightforwardly: "The strangeness is unchanged?"

She looked at me with tears, and she said: "Symbols look at the quadrant?"

I quickly asked her: "My name is Tang Yiyi, what is your name, how can you wear it!"

He didn’t have the excitement just now, and he said for a long time: "I am Qi Yi."

My brain can’t turn around, he is Qi Yi, the scumbag I caught by me when I was pregnant?

I looked at him for a while. He wore it as a general of the general. Seeing this posture, he had been pregnant for more than four months.

It’s really Feng Shui turn around!I probably guessed who the crazy Mafu was.

I laughed and asked: What about the taste of pregnancy?"

He gritted his teeth and glared at me: "Don’t be mad, you will not have a good end."

oh?Really, then let’s walk and see.

I didn’t speak, walked out of Qi Yi’s room and came to the study.


My words were quickly fulfilled. One week later, I looked at Qi Yi, who was embarrassed on the ground, and did not hold back and laughed.

Oh, it should not be called Qi Yi now, and now he should call him a wife.

Another beauty on the ground is full of energy.

"General, he knows that he is not as good as his wife, but his wife can’t bully people so much, she makes people fight."

I laughed happier. Before crossing through, the little three you were looking for was arrogant to Yao Wuyang, and after crossing, you also tried the feeling of being framed by Xiaozhang.

I opened the word Qi Yi and gave me the words that I said before:

"Don’t you be pregnant? Why are there so many things all day?"

He looked up at me angrily, and seemed to be going to swallow me, but now he is not this ability.

I lifted up my little concubine, and appeared in my mind that he was holding Xiao San to say next to me:

"You have no job now, have no posture, and have a big belly. Do you dare to divorce me?"

I sneered and said:

"If it wasn’t for you to have your child, this general would take you a rest long ago."

I am not a generous person. This time you fell into my hands, so don’t think about it.

Xiaoyu’s planned and happy face, I naturally encourage this kind of good behavior, saying:

"Let you suffer these days. When I let the guards send some jewelry over, it can be considered as compensation for you."

Xiao Yan smiled happier. In contrast, Qi Yi’s face was very bad.

I continue to say:

"Let the guards send you back first, come and walk around more in the future."

There are more conspiracy!

Xiao Yan left proudly. As soon as he left, Qi Yi stood up to prepare to hit me.

I don’t need to do it, and I don’t even need to move. The guards around me will naturally subdu.

I said with a smile:

"I thought it was modern, what do you want to do."

Qi Yi was pressed on the ground by the guard, and could not roar:

"Tang Yiyi, don’t be mad, you will be retributed!"

I laughed happier, he even asked me, and asked him with a smile:

"The retribution you said, but the full -time pregnancy at home, there is no source of income, and the husband is derailed?"

He stunned for a moment, and I went on to say:

"It’s not me who has been retributed now, it’s you, bring people up."

The guard outside the door pushed in the door, holding a young man.

As soon as the man saw me, he shouted:

"You will not die in the feudal society!"

Hehe, this IQ, if it is not me today, you will not be able to live.

But I definitely can’t bear to let you die. It is easy to die. I want you to live and live in pain.


I looked at her with a smile, just as she looked at me at the entrance of the hotel. She was a smile in her eyes, and she was naked and unavoidable.

"I heard that you disturbed the general’s horse, what sin should be?"

Qin Yu didn’t take it for granted:

"It’s just a horse, it’s just startled, I didn’t take it."

"Oh? Really? But General Generally felt that your life is not as good as the horse’s horse.

As soon as the words fell, the guard stepped forward immediately. The moment the guard pressed, Qin Yu finally panicked and begged for mercy:

"General’s forgiveness, the small one is not intentional."

I waved my hand, signaled the guard to stop, and walked in front of her and said:

"You look like this, so low!"

In the same tone, the same embarrassment, but just changed.

She also seemed to think of this sentence, but she had to keep her life tight, and she quickly pleased me:

"Yes, the slave was cheap and hit the general."

I walked in front of Qi Yi and asked him:

"You said, should I spare his life?"

Qi Yi glanced at me and said:

"Just a horse, ask me what to do?"

"Qin Yu, it seems Qi Yi doesn’t want to save your life."

As soon as they came out, both looked at each other, and their eyes were unbelievable.

Finally, Qin Yu reacted and asked me:

"Who are you?"

I calmly said:

"Tang Yiyi."

She was stunned, and she didn’t believe it fell into my hands.

I speak:

"In modern times, the two of you have a good relationship. It happened that the ancient identity was changed. Would you like to make a lot of compassion and become you?"

Qin Yu hurriedly spoke:

"I don’t want it, I don’t want her, she is pregnant now, like a yellow -faced mother -in -law, what do I want her to do!"

I laughed, Qi Yi, Qi Yi, it turned out that you were pregnant and also looked like this. I thought you would mockery me so much, and it was my turn, and it would be very good.

"Qi Yi, your primary three seems to be not very satisfied with your current appearance."

He stared at Qin Yu in anger and said:

"I don’t see you, what can you do if you look at your little body!"

Dog biting a dog is really wonderful.

You don’t want to see each other now, but in modern times, you can’t wait to stay together for 24 hours.

But I want to let you meet now!

I said:

"This Mafu disturbed the generals of the general, the palace sentence, and went to the wife’s room to serve."

My guard has a strong force. When Qin Yu didn’t respond, she dragged her out of the door.

When Qin Yu reacted, I was not joking with her, and the man had been dragged out of the yard.

Qi Yi yelled at me with scarlet eyes:

"You are a lunatic!"

I readily accepted his title and smiled:

"Be careful with the fetal gas, you are young, your child is in trouble."

After speaking, I stepped out of the room, watched the busy maid in the yard, and said to the guard:

"Leave two, the rest are transferred to Beiyuan, the wife needs to be recuperated."

Followed, I left with satisfaction.

This work is the same, but there are so many people, Qin Yu, you will have you in the future.

As soon as I came to the study, the voice in my body said:

"It’s a waste of this general’s time to stir up with a few women all day!"


I cut it and said:

"Obviously you are troublesome, give me your body and let me deal with it. This will say that I waste time again."

"It’s not your sister -in -law, this general said, there are many places where women are in many."

I couldn’t think of refutation for a while, I could only say:

"Take your broken body away, I’m tired!"

He said:

"I don’t need it, I will get it back when I need it."

For the first time, I saw myself so unwilling to my body!

I found him on the first day of this body, and he discovered him. He was named Xiao Chenze and was the owner of this body.

One mountain is hard to accommodate the two tigers, and one body cannot live in two souls, so we start to compete for the body.

But no one we can win, I control my body to go left, he has to go right;

I want this dish, and I put it on my mouth, he won’t let me eat.

Of course, his ending ending is that this body almost starved to death.

In the end, we feel that this will only be defeated, so we discuss it when he uses his body, and it will be dominated by me when not in use.

But I’m not waiting for nothing. He can’t ask anything with his body.

But I still have to test his attitude, I asked:

"I am so angry with your wife?"

He doesn’t care about opening:

"General General said that, I won’t ask you what you do with your body."

I’m still not assured, even if she is, this lady’s belly is still with his child.

Thinking, I said again: "What about the child in her belly?"

Xiao Chenze was obviously impatient and said:

"The child in her stomach is not the general. The general killed six months on the battlefield. When she returned, she found that she was pregnant for five months. The general found that she was adultering with the Malaysia on the house and was about to die.It takes up the body of this general. "

I didn’t hold back and laughed. The green hat was quite thorough.

But since the original owner doesn’t care, I don’t have to hide it.

I should be ordered to say:

"In the future, I will ask the wife to ask for the wife every morning, as well as the doctor’s fetal medicine, three daily serve, I can’t stop, the lady’s recent etiquette is a bit chaotic, please go over and teach well."

Qi Yi, feel the benefits of pregnancy.

As soon as I finished speaking, the guard came in and reported:

"General, the imperial purpose is here."

I quickly gave him my body, and I didn’t want to listen to the tedious and complicated imperial decree. I simply fell asleep.


As soon as I woke up, I was refreshing, and I felt the anger of this body filled with my head.

I was hesitant or prepared to care about it. Otherwise, because of the liver fire, I would have become a lonely soul ghost?

So he asked:

"What’s wrong? The anger is so great."

Xiao Chenze may be in a short time. I just spoke. He spoke like an inverted bean:

"Bianguan’s war is tight, and the emperor even wants a Mao boy to be handsome.

I didn’t hold back and laughed, and said:

"Now in the eyes of the emperor, the biggest threat to his rivers and mountains is probably you."

He did not refute, probably felt that I said it was reasonable.

I think of my own plan, now such a good opportunity is in front of it. Is it a pity not to seize it?

"Well, you don’t have to worry, I have a way."

He was doubtful and asked me:

"any solution?"

I said frankly:

"Have you ever heard of killing? The more you oppose it now, the more impossible the emperor will make you get a collection.When he fails, you can naturally get a collection. "

He suddenly realized that I felt his body greatly recognized me, but he still had a hard mouth and asked me:

"Do you help the general, what do you want?"

I am not polite to him, and I certainly didn’t think about gangs for no reason, so I opened the door to see the mountain:

"I want to be your military division, give the month according to the standards of your army, even if this measure just now is my resume, there will be any in the future."

He was obviously surprised, hesitated for a moment, and he refused to say:

"If you always use the body of this general, it is natural to be a military division, but if you are yourself, there are no women in this dynasty to enter the DPRK as a precedent."


It was not much surprised that I didn’t expect him to give me this job at once, but not in a hurry. I will get this job!

So the topic was transferred:

"Watching the soldiers in your study are ashes, do you not like to read a book?"

He was calm and said:

"Talking about soldiers on paper, this general has always been disdainful. The generals fight, all of which are based on experience."

High ability is really high, and pride is really proud.

But I am also reasonable. If I was 27 years old, I fought dozens of wins in large and small. The official worshiped the general, and I was more proud than him.

But what you disdain may be your fatal disadvantage, let me come.

I said:

"Anyway, it’s nothing anymore. Let me give it to me. I read the book. I am quite interested in these soldiers."

He was in a good mood and gave me his body.

I have been very comfortable this month. I sleep lazily every morning and wake up Xiao Chenze to practice the sword, so I read a book with his body.

I asked the guard to stare at Qi Yi, mainly because he was afraid that he would hurt the child in his stomach. If the child is gone, how can he let him experience the taste of pregnancy?

The guards are very competent and tell me the situation of Qi Yi every night.

Qi Yi is the stage where the pregnancy reaction is the most serious.

In this case, he also had to drink the fetal medicine, and the whole person was extremely irritable.

So he often scolded his niece, but the other two maids had no ability to call, and he could only scold and become eunuch Qin Yu.

The reason why he could scold Qin Yu at will is because I gave the guards, as long as Qin Yu resisted, he fought.

After a few meals, it was much more honest. She compared Qi Yi’s strength and was a little better.

Every morning when he was sleeping in fragrant, the young people came to ask for An An. Qi Yi scolded them not to come, but no one listened to him.

Because I got a order, I had to go!

The most tiring and most torture is that he also forced him to learn etiquette. I dare to guarantee that this is his most painful thing. He is a big man to learn the words and deeds of ancient women.

I just want him to feel all the pain of being a woman. What he has experienced is not enough than what I have experienced in the past five years!

The emperor was very satisfied with Xiao Chenze’s strong recommendation of the talents in his heart, and ordered Xiao Chenze to accompany him to hunt.

This kind of hunting activity knows how to know, but it blows the emperor to blow the rainbow fart. When I thought that Xiao Chenze would lose a general loser, I did not expect it.

He wins the emperor with a glitter!

When liquidating the prey, the emperor’s face was black, like wiping the pot ash.

And Xiao Chenze still didn’t know how good the ceremony was:

"The emperor is inherited."

I applauded in my heart and had to say that it was really happy.

But then the minister stood up and started to pick up, and said:

"Chen heard that General Xiao’s poems were good, today’s scenery, I want to ask the general to give a poem."

The emperor on the side looked at Xiao Chenze to be ugly and followed:

"Yes, General Xiao today has the most prey today, and it is time to give you all the best."

I remembered the scholarship of the study room and cheered up.

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