In vitro, "End inch and Miqing" is not pregnant?Girl, these lies can’t believe it

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Remember when you are about five or sixth grade, Didi can already know almost 2,000 Chinese characters, and then start reading various books, like "Four Books and Five Classics" and "Historical Records", but I do n’t know what to do, but in my grandfather’s request,Read from self -study.

This is not a bragging. At that time, there were three big bookcases in the family, which was a dazzling. However, what I like most is the "Jin Ping Mei" hidden on the side and the roadside magazines and novels.Among them, there was a story that was impressed by the other, but it was puzzled at the time.

That story is like this.

Summer cicada, breeze, this weather is really dry.(1000 words are omitted here.) Xiaoming and Xiaomei who played in the mountains for a day. The two held hands in their hands, and they looked deeply.For a while, Xiaomei’s flushed little face was really charming. The two of them did firewood, and Xiaomei only let Xiaoming stunned. How could Xiaoming suffer this torture, he would be overlooking the bow. Xiaomei was afraid of pregnancy.Xiao Ming ran away with his pants …

After returning home, Xiaomei smiled and blushed, humming a small tone, warm and sweet life.But a few months later, the little beauty who had not been menstruation had never been in menstruation. The belly was a bit prominent. She went to the hospital for examination. It turned out that she was pregnant …

At that time, Didi did not understand the story like this plot. Don’t you all say that there can be children in your mouth?Why is it okay?Until growing up, I have been exposed to the correct, systematic physiological knowledge, Didi knew that this was completely possible to get pregnant!

Therefore, Didi does not talk about Xiao Huangwen today. This story is a "old goods" that has been in memory for many years and such as fakes.When it comes to it, it is also to better tell the "extraordinarity in vitro"!

What is the inch in vitro?

When the inch of the body is popping, when the man feels that he wants to be fine, he draws Ding Ding out, and then shoots the rice green fluid outside Yin Road!This is a way of contraception that people have accumulated in long -term practice.

History of essence in the body

After checking the literature, I didn’t find it, and finally found some clues with the help of Du Niang.

The earliest record of the essence of the body in vitro was in the first five classics of the Hebrew Bible, which was written in the five Moses more than 2,500 years ago.The ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans may prefer families with less population. As a result, some archaeologists have reasons for people to believe that people at that time have understood at that time to limit their fertility by using the inch in vitro.

After the Roman Empire began to decline in the early 5th century, until the beginning of the 15th century, no one used contraceptive measures.People reduced contraception, coupled with the continuous decline of the Roman Empire, causing many contraceptive methods to lose.

From the development of contraception in the 18th century, the inching method in vitro has always been one of the most popular contraceptive methods in Europe, North America and other places.

Is the inch exquisite in vitro useful?

Can’t go in

"I can’t get in" was once the first of the five lies of men.This is exactly the means of men’s steps for women and boiled frogs in warm water. Therefore, "I would rather believe that there are ghosts in the world, and don’t believe that men’s mouths" may come.

At the beginning, the story of only pregnancy, can I really get pregnant if I can’t get in?For this problem, it can only be said that the chance is very low, but it is not impossible!

Before the body is sperm, the prostate fluid will flow out. If you do not observe it carefully, many people will not pay attention at all, and the flowing prostate fluid contains sperm.Is it possible to get pregnant?very possible!In addition, there are some people, especially men without sexual experience. It is likely that in such an exciting environment, it is very fast, which causes Mi Qingye to be in his body. The chance of pregnancy is mostly!

Exercise first, then wear a sleeve

As a man, he can say that he knows a man.Is there many people who feel uncomfortable and afraid of the other party’s pregnancy, just make the door first, or the kind of back and forth?

However, this method is not safe. Before the body sperm, the male urethral gland will secrete a small amount of liquid when sexual excitement, which contains a small amount of sperm, and the prostate fluid also contains sperm.It is possible, so men may feel that they don’t have sperm, but the sperm comes out.

Don’t wear a sleeve, shoot the outside

Men’s outer outer essence is nothing more than for contraception. I always feel that if you do n’t go in, you can do everything you can.Oh, you are so smart?

You need to know that in the actual operation of sexual life, the sperm is not so easy to control.Imagine, which man will pull out Tintin in front of high (ejaculation) tide (essence)!

From, to wearing a sleeve, to the extensive body in the body, it is simply a trilogy of "growing" by a man’s lies.Therefore, as a new era woman with knowledge and insights, we must learn to say no to him!If he insists not to wear it, please tell him that the "old lady" is not rare!

The inch -bodies in vitro can be said to be harmful!

As a last resort, only sadness

I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes.What should I do if the winner is in the prize?Do you have the courage to take a bath?If not, please do not take risks, because this is irresponsible.

Sexually transmitting diseases, not only sad, but also life

If you say that a fixed sexual partner can take a little snack, then you must remember if you like or often change your sexual partner!Especially women, we must take safety measures. Otherwise, not only do you not know who the child’s father is in the belly, but also to infect many diseases, such as AIDS, we are not discriminated against AIDS patients, but some patients do deserve it.Or the other party is infected in the second time without knowing that he has been infected.

How to find a pleasure?

Men, do n’t feel it when wearing a sleeve, suddenly interrupted when the body is fine, is n’t it even more pleasant?Frequently drying this will cause the functional disorders of the central nervous and lumbosacral spermatic center, and the function of functionality will not occur.Therefore, the inch -sighted body is actually a man who is self -proclaimed.

As soon as you lose, you can go side by side with the sun

When the male GAO tide, women may not be satisfied. If they are forcibly drawn at this time, not only do men have no pleasure at all, but women will fall thousands of feet. Sometimes it is so missing.

Finally, I have to say that there is no way to be 100 % perfect.But we need to choose a relatively safer way of contraception and smaller side effects.Do not choose ancient methods such as exquisite essence and safe contraception. Although simple, the result often gives you "scare".


September 26 each year is the World Contradicance Day. It aims to improve the awareness of contraception of young people, promote the choice of young people to take responsibility for their sexual behavior and reproductive health, increase the rate of safety contraception, improve the level of reproductive health education, and promote the level of reproductive health education.Young people’s reproductive health and sexual health.Often imperfect things are advocated and valued. Obviously, contraception has become the focus of attention globally.

The 2017 World contraceptive day China Research Data Release shows that there are about 13 million artificial abortion in my country each year, and 30 % of the women interviewed have experienced overcurrent experiences, and more than 60 % of China flowers are less than 30 years old.With non -professional channels to understand contraception knowledge, and 68%of those who have a chance to choose inefficient contraception (such as safe contraception and in vitro SHE).

The data is shocking, and the efficient and reliable contraceptive method must be paid attention to!

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