Intellosis that is not as good as dead during pregnancy

It is not a big deal for bowels or ordinary people. If you take medicine, you should take medicine. You should pull it if you pull it. There are various ways to exhaust, but for my pregnant mother, it is not lethal.When you can only support it, the medicine cannot be eaten randomly, and you must pay attention to the children in the stomach.

This time the second child is really not easy! It can only be described by hardships.In the early days, there was a hard time to survive, and then encountered gestational diabetes. It took a difficult way to control sugar. He was threatened by threatened premature birth in the third trimester.The most painful and terrible thing during the period was to suffer 5 intestinal flatulence. Every time I was awakened in my sleep at about 1 am in the morning, my stomach was bloated, and the drums were drumming.On the left side, the right side, the left crooked and right, lying, half lying, lying down, lying down and other postures have tried everything.Come out, Cangtian!Think of a fart!It can not be discharged from all walks of ways. I feel that the qi full of belly is fighting in the internal organs.Try, try all kinds of posture standing and walking, or try to exhaust themselves.There are all.Oh my god! I didn’t expect even at this moment to row a fart into an extravagant hope.It was a little better until around 4 am. The torment had made me sweaty, tears, and almost collapsed.It was almost at about five in the morning and was able to fall asleep.The experience of this life was not as good as the death of me! Every time I was the same painful and hard to end, thank my strong perseverance for not letting me hit the wall and jump off the building.Even I feel too powerful.

I always thought that it was bloating caused by pregnancy, so I always felt that it was not surprising. It was normal. Special people encountered special things!No matter how difficult it is to boil.But the last time the flatulence lasted all night. For a long time, the whole person was almost collapsed.How can this be like this? Every time it feels the same, it is only the same time and shorter, so the brain starts to search for the diet when the bowels of bowels occur every time, only to find that there is a reason, because I have eaten the same dish each time and stir -fry one by one.Fungus, is it a coincidence? It is impossible? It must be the ghost of this dish, and finally seized the "criminals" of the manufacturing incident.The fungus is a fungus, which is the calamity of fried fungus. From today, I do n’t allow fried fungus to eat it for me. Anyway, do n’t get me to eat any fungus! ”Her husband nodded quickly, but he was miserable as I was so painful.The only witnesses that made him helpless.Because I did n’t eat fungus in the future, I really did n’t really happen to be so suffocating, and I did n’t even appear in other ordinary flatulence. It ’s good to return to normal days!

I don’t think that every pregnant mother will have such a strong intestinal flatulence when eating fungus, because everyone’s physique is not the same. I am also pregnant. I have no problem eating when I get pregnant.I hope that the pregnant mothers who have experienced such an experience can find out the cause and get rid of the pain in time, or get rid of the pain.

Have you ever experienced such an experience?Welcome to leave a message to share the good way you solve.

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