Interpretation of Dreams

Whether you are a man or a woman in your dreams, you may dream that you are pregnant or have children.Of course, women have more dreams, especially during pregnancy.

Even if you are not married, you will be strange why you have such a dream.

In fact, men and women of all ages often express the themes in life through the images of the dreams of having children.

The dream who dreamed may be very happy and happy to find that he was pregnant, and of course some people panicked this accident.

Some people can clearly know the monthly number of pregnancy in their dreams, and some people even dream of their children’s gender in their dreams.

Generally speaking, such a dream is not a prophecy, but a symbol, reflecting the inner emotions of the dreamer, looking forward to or anxiety and conflict.

Jorde analyzes psychology, usually interprets the image of pregnant children as the self -or core self -recognition of the child, or the self -direction of the dreamer.

Freud locks this dream in fear of pregnancy or wants to get pregnant.At the same time, he believes that pregnant and having children may also be a metaphor that represent a certain part of the body.

Many analysts now believe that the dream of pregnancy and childbirth is related to the work or development, or the self -plan, new cooperative relationship, or new emotional relationship.

The most effective way to interpret dreams is to let the dreamer describe the scene in the dream and what kind of situation is pregnant, the behavior and feeling in the dream.

These descriptions usually make the dreamers contact some important events in sober real life.


"I have dreamed that I have been pregnant for two years. I feel that I am so heavy that I start to worry about having a baby."

First of all, ask her to be pregnant and have children. She thinks what it means, and her answer is: "Ready to give birth to a new life."

It has been two years in the advent of the new life, but there is still no news. What kind of feeling is it?What are the expectations in life and still have no results for two years?

Then she thought of her job for two years. She hoped that there was good news.However, this job made her feel that she could not produce anything, and she had no sense of accomplishment.The long -term pregnancy is that the desire to give birth to a child may fail, and the award or value that I hope to get will fail.

If you dream of having a child when you are pregnant, you do n’t bother to appreciate the feelings in your dreams, what kind of encounter in real life is very similar to this feeling, and you are linked to play with them.

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