Introduction of the three major causes of amniotic fluid turbid during pregnancy

The three main reasons for the turbidity of amniotic fluid during pregnancy

Tire pollution:

One of the reasons why expectant mothers are turbid the amniotic fluid is that amniotic fluid is contaminated by fetal manure. The amniotic fluid turbidity caused by this reason is very threatening to protect the normal safety of expectant mothers, because if the amniotic fluid is contaminated with tire feces, it reaches three tires to three.During the degree, your baby may be distressed in your uterus, not dealt with in time, and it is likely to be severely reached in the fetus.Therefore, once the expectant mothers are diagnosed with tire feces pollution, we must remember that they will cooperate with the doctor for treatment early.But expectant mothers should not worry too much, this situation is relatively rare.

Fetal fat:

Due to the turbid mothers caused by fetal fat, most of them appear in the 39th weeks of expectant mothers’ pregnancy, which is before giving birth.At this time, if your baby is immature or large, it may cause the fetal fat to float in the amniotic fluid of the expectant mothers, which will cause amniotic fluid to turbid.Of course, expectant mothers should not worry too much, because the amniotic fluid caused by fetal fat is basically not dangerous.

Bile stasis:

Bile stasis is also one of the main reasons for the turbid mothers of expectant mothers.If it is simply because of the turbid material of the fetal water and crispy hair, there is no danger, nor will it affect the baby’s normal growth and development.And if your amniotic fluid turbidity is displayed as abnormal through B -ultrasound, then you need to help your doctor in time.

The above is the three main reasons for the turbid amniotic fluid. After understanding, expectant mothers need to understand that when your amniotic fluid is turbid and dangerous, what should I do?

Method of the turbidity of amniotic fluid during pregnancy

When your amniotic fluid is turbid, doctors will first help you judge the cause of amniotic fluid turbid and evaluate whether it will cause harm to you and your baby.

If your amniotic fluid turbid will cause your baby to danger, then you may need to perform amniotic fluid puncture inspection to find out whether the degree of amniotic fluid turbidity is serious.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the fetal movement situation and cooperate with the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the mothers of amniotic fluid to the mothers need to take the sleeping position on the left side and cooperate with oxygen to increase the blood supply to the placenta to avoid the baby’s distress.Of course, in this process, you need to pay close attention to your physical condition, and at the same time perceive your baby’s heartbeat to avoid unexpectedly.

The three main reasons for amniotic fluid turbidity are the above types. It is important to judge the cause of amniotic fluid turbidity. At the same time, it can still have a healthy baby.Specific mothers must not be confused, and don’t have a chance. The more critical moments before giving birth, the more you should pay attention to observation.Sometimes you may need to give birth to the fetus in advance. At this time, you must calm down and actively cooperate with the doctor to fight for the peace of the mother and son.(99 Health Network ( special manuscript, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)

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