Is "leucorrhea" a bad thing?It can also be a sign of ovulation before ovulation

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Guide: The principle of treatment of about 10 days before the ovulation period.

First, nourish yin to help the yang in the middle period and promote the yin

In the middle and early stages of menstruation, it is generally connected to the early stages of menstruation. Generally, in the period of 3-5 days of clean menstruation, it is about 3-5 days or 7 days.In the meantime, a small or certain amount can be seen, indicating that the movement of the long -term yin and Yangyang in the later period has gradually become obvious.

In the middle of the menstrual period, the yin -long movement has tended to medium level, and the yang disappearance is also obvious. The gap between yin and yang has expanded. Therefore, while nourishing yin and nourishing blood, we must help the yang to shorten the gap between yin and yang.

When we discussed the evolution of the menstrual cycle, we talked about Lai Yang in the long term again.The reason why the yang is eliminated is for the long time of the yin. When the yin is long, it requires a lot of yang. The significance of helping the yang is mainly here.

Zhang Jingyue said: "Those who are good at yin, they must seek yin in the yang, then the yin is born and the source is inexhaustible." This means.

In the early days of the menstruation, the Yinchang Movement was basically in a "quiet" state, so it was enough to nourish the yin and nourish blood.In the middle and middle period, its yin and long movement has gradually become obvious. From the perspective of the concept of moving and static, the active of yang medicine is also determined by the law of the yin and yang growth campaign in the menstrual cycle.Of course, when entering the prescribed medicine, it should be determined according to love.


Nourish Yin to help the yang

Nourishing yin to help the yang is a effective method commonly used in the middle period of improvement or regulation of the yin and long movement, including three: nourish yin nourishing blood, to help the yang; seek yin in the yang, focus on helping the yang;To help Yang.

1. Nourish yin and nourish blood, and help Yang

This is a regular treatment method in the middle and middle period. It is most suitable for those with slow yin and long -term exercise and insufficient yin and blood levels. It is often used to help the yang medicine with the yang Huang soup.

Pharmaceuticals, 10g each, 9g of dogwood, 12g of the dogwood, 9g of cooked places, 9g of fried Danpi, Poria, Achyranthes, mulberry parasites, Sichuan Break 10g each, and 12g.

The service method is required on time.

Those who are discordable in the spleen and stomach, after meals; those with obvious yin deficiency can add 10g each of the ravioli (fried first), the turtle plate (first fried), the female Jeongzi 12g;Muxiang 9g, amomom (back) 5g; those who are upset with insomnia, add 10g of fried jujube kernels, green dragon teeth (first fried) 12g, Hehuan skin 10g.

2. Seeking yin in the yang, focusing on helping the yang

This method is suitable for Yang Yang. As a result, the yang is not good and the yin is unfavorable. The purpose is to improve the length of the yin and promote the growth and development of follicles. It is commonly used to scatter the Rong Rong, Gui Yi Yellow Decoction, and Mu Xiang Liujun Decoction.

The specific drugs are: 12g of Silkzi, 10g of Sichuan, 6 ~ 9g of Cistanita, 10g each of Bai Zhi, Huai Yam, Huai Billwood, Dogwood, Poria, Codonopsis 12g, Atractylodes 9g, and Licorice 6g.

Same as the same.The so -called yin in the yang also includes the movement that promotes the acquired spleen and yang to produce the yin of congenital deciduous water.

Third, nourish yin and reduce fire, Zuo to help the yang

Among the patients with yin deficiency and fire, when they have entered the middle and middle periods, they must strengthen nourishing yin and promote the progress of the yin long movement.Adding an appropriate amount of yang medicine can meet the needs of this period.

The yin is fast and the level of yin is too high, that is, the so -called high estrogen patients with modern medicine brings more, but those who have poor follicles in the B -ultrasound should also be discussed from the middle period of the menstrual period.At the same time, you can add an appropriate amount of yang medicine.

At this time, you can still choose Zhibai Dihuang Decoction, 6g of Zhanshuo Mother, 10g of fried yellow cypresses, 10g each of raw land, yam, stir -fried Danpi, Poria, Zexie, 9g each of Xuanyin, Achyranthes Achyranthes, Chuanchuan, Chuanchuan, Sichuan, Sichuan, and Chuan.Broken and filament 10g each.

Same as the same.If the liver is hot, the headache, the red eyes, the vine (back) 12g, the chamomile 6g, the Kuding tea 10g;, 10g of fried jujube kernels, 10g of mitiginated terrestris; those with cold backache and coldness, 12g of Gadadians, 6g of Suoyang, 10g of dog spine, etc.

Yin deficiency and fire are strong, naturally the method of nourishing yin and reducing fire.Will it cause more fire after joining the drug?

We observed clinically that after adding the medicine to help the yang, not only did it not cause fire, but it helped the normal increase and the development of eggs.

Guishui comes from the kidney. The kidney is a house of yin and yang. Yin and Yang grows each other.Those who are yin deficiency and fire are often covered by fire prosperity, so the appropriate amount of yang medicine can be added in the middle of the menstruation.


Spleen nourish yin, Zuo to help the yang

Those who have weak spleen and yin, although they can enter the middle and middle periods, and treat the spleen nourishing yin, but it is better to help the yang.The yang here is mainly the yang of the middle coke spleen and stomach.Helping yang not only helps the yin and yang of congenital deciduous water, but also helps the yin and yang of the kidney.

We often add an appropriate amount of yin and yang drugs to the Jianpi Ziyin Decoction, which are often added and subtracted by Shenling Baizhu.

Pharmaceutical Codonopsis 12g, Prince Edward Ginseng 15g, 9g each of Huai Yam and Dogwood, 9g of Guangmu incense, Metthleal (Lairer) 5g, Chenpi 6g, 10g each of Bai Zhi, Lotus Seed Pork, 10g of Sichuan, 12g of Sikozi. If necessary, you can be able toAdd astragalus, cannon ginger, Morinda, Eucommia, etc., or white peony, yellow essence, white lentils, etc.

We use weekly method to emphasize the heart and kidneys, so we add more products such as Hehuanpi, God, and fried jujube kernels to make it more conducive to the Yin Changyang campaign in the middle and middle period.


Zi Yin adjust the liver, Zuo to help the yang

Liver yin insufficient or lack of kidney yin must have different liver disorders, that is, the abolition of liver qi is not good, so that the liver must be adjusted in the process of the increasingly obvious process of yin and yang.It is true for clinical clinical.

The nourishing kidney -raising liver drinks commonly used clinically is suitable for post -menstrual period diseases, medicinal Dalmon 10g, red and white peony, Huai yam, cooked land, Sichuan broken, silk filament 5g each, fried Danpi, Poria, Poria, Poria, Poria, 10g each.

Same as the same.If the liver qi disorders, the spleen and stomach must be committed, so the previous people were called "knowing the liver to spread the spleen, first real spleen."

In clinical clinical practice, we are more different or fragrant, and the six gentlemen of the fragrant sand, that is, add 15g of Prince Ginseng in front of it, 12g of frying atractylodes, Chenpi 6g, amomom (latter) 5g.10g.

In addition, according to the theory of the heart-kidney-uterine axis, adding the goodness of the gods such as Hehuanpi, fried jujube kernels, hook vines, and night vine to improve the yin length and better promote the development of follicles.

Second, the end of the menstrual period nourishes yin to help the yang, and the yin and yang are paid attention to

At the end of the period is the end of the menstrual period and is closely connected to the ovulation period between the meridians.This period is generally short, only 3-4 days, at least 1 day.

Although this period is short, the physiological and pathological characteristics are very obvious.

Due to the high level of the yin, the development of follicles is also close to maturity, the fluctuations of the yin and yang and yang are extremely obvious. The main sign is that the increase is increased, the texture turns sticky, and even a small amount of brocade can appear.

If it is not, it will return to the middle and middle period, and the delay of the ovulation period is to treat the yin and yang in the treatment of yin and yang, focusing on nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

Because the yin and yang qi and blood fluctuated greatly during this period, it was also important to tune the heart and liver.


Nourish yin to help the yang, and the Yangyang is equal

The treatment characteristics of the post -menstrual period are to nourish yin and help the yang, and the yin and yang are equal to the heavily, because the period must not only have a high level of yin, that is, the long -weight yin long, but also from the rise to the fall to serve the ovulation period.

According to clinical practice, there are two types of yin and yang, slightly heavier than yin, nourishing yin and fire, and helping yang and kidney.

First, yin and yang, heavy weight, slightly heavier than yin

This method is suitable for the yin and long exercise, and those with slow, slightly weak, and poor dynamics are the main treatment methods of the postmen.

The so -called yin and yang and the emphasis of yin and yang are the same as the yin and yang, and the prescription is used for the same medicine.

We are more commonly used in clinical clinics to make up the five sons Yudan and subtract.

The five sons of the fifth son are made by Zhang Jingyue. Among them, Wuzi Bushen Pills help the yang, and returned to the yellow soup to nourish the blood.

We are added and subtracted according to the actual clinical situation. Pharmaceuticals are 10g, 12g of frying white, Huai Yam, and cooked land, 9g of Poria, wolfberry, 6g of dogwood, 5g of SchisandraThe car is 10g each, the Sichuan continues to break 12g, the Wulingzhi 10g, and the Guangmu incense 9g.

Taking it at the end of the period, 1 dose daily, decoction.Those who are discordable in the spleen and stomach will be changed to post -meal clothes.

Those who are upsets, add 10g of fried jujube, 5g of lotus seed heart; stomach discomfort, abdominal distension qi, plus Guang Chenpi 6g, amomom (back) 5g; wet turbid internal resistance, thick tongue coating, can be added, can be added, can be addedPseudo -patchouli 9g, Kangshu 9g, save 10g of grass.

Second, nourish yin and reduce fire, help yang to nourish the kidney

This law is suitable for the postons and end of the yin deficiency and fire.

On the one hand, the patient has a lesions of yin deficiency and fire, and on the other hand, there are symptoms of kidney yang deficiency. However, the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency may be covered by the symptoms of yin deficiency and fire.

In terms of treatment, it is necessary to nourish yin and reduce fire according to the principles of dialectical treatment, but also change according to the characteristics of the evolution of the menstrual cycle.

Pharmaceuticals 6g, Chibai, Huai yam, cooked land, fried Danpi, Poria each 10g each, dogwood 9g, Sichuan broken 10g, silk silk 10g, Eucommia 12g, raspberry 10g) 12g.

Same as the same.If the deficiency heat is very different, the afternoon is low, the upper above the ground, the raspberry, the 10g of the ground, the ground bone skin is 10g;106; Stomach soreness, those who have eaten food, go on the top to know the mother, the cooked land, add 6g of Chenpi, and the bergamot film 6g.


Spleen nourish yin, yin and yang tune

The spleen deficiency is weak, the yin is not too late, the exercise is slow, or the power is not strong. Obviously, the yang deficiency is obvious.

Although this law is used in less clinical practice, it also has it.We often choose Jianu Decoction to add nourishing yin to help the yang.

Pharmaceutical Codonopsis 12 ~ 15g, frying atractylodes 12g, 10g of Hua Yam, 20g of white peony, Sichuan Break 10g, Siko 10g, Eucommia 12g, Morinda 9g, Dogwood 9g, Poria 12g, Guangmu Xiang 9g, Amort 12g, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, Jing Jing, JingjingMustard 6g.

Same as the same.If the spleen and yang are insufficient, diarrhea is loose, intestine, cold, can be articles 6g, cinnamon (latter) 5g; if the urination is frequent, the waist and abdomen are sour, add 10g of raspberry, 10g of the antlers cream;Too too much, those who are greasy tongue, add 10g of Atractylodes, 10g of Achyranthes, 15g of barrels; poor sleep, panic and palpitations, add 10g of Huanpi, 12g of gods, and 10g of fried jujube kernels.

In short, the spleen nourish yin, yin and yang, and the focus is on yang, which helps yin to heavy, and quickly enter the ovulation period of the meridian.


Yangyang parallel, both adjust the liver

At the end of the menstrual period, the existence of liver qi disorders and liver stagnation and liver fire cannot be ignored.

Clinically, we generally use nourishing kidney and liver drinking and ranging ravioli. Pharmaceuticals, 10g each of the Dalog Sands, Chibai Bai, Huai Yam, and Cooked Land 10g, Sichuan Broken 10G, Sisi 10g, Fry Chai Hu 5g, Cistanche 6g, Eucommia 12g 12g, Chenpi 6g, Poria 10g.

If those who are also liver stagnation, the nourishing water is used to clear the liver drinking the ravioli, medicinal Danshen, Chibai peony, Daeshengdi, Huai yam, dogwood, fried Danpi, Poria 6g each, black mountain garden, fried firewood, fried firewood, fried firewood, fried firewood, fried firewood, fried firewood, fried firewoodHu 5G, 12g of hook vine (back), Sichuan break 10g, 菟 胡 12g, Eucommia 10g.

The method is the same as before.In the miscellaneous type of liver stagnation or depression, the corresponding treatment of dialectical treatment should be added during the treatment. At the same time, the corresponding yang drugs must be added. Pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach, add Chenpi, Atractylodes, and Huanpi in the square.

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