Is abdominal pain?Don’t trust the rumors, listen to what the experts say!

What women are most afraid of is that ectopic pregnancy occurs. Once an ectopic pregnancy is suffered from ectopic pregnancy, a hysteroscopic surgery must be performed to sculpt the palace, otherwise it will cause severe bleeding and even shock. In fact, there will be obvious symptoms when ectopic pregnancy occurs, such as abdominal pain.Essence

1. Symptoms of bleeding or abdominal pain

90%of the patients with ectopic pregnancy will have symptoms of bleeding or abdominal pain in the early days. This does not mean that abdominal pain must be ectopic pregnancy. When bleeding or abdominal pain in early pregnancy, they should go to the hospital for comprehensive examination and diagnose in time.

2. Look at the doubles of HCG

Check whether ectopic pregnancy should go to the hospital for HCG examination, and do not drink water or eat any food in the first five hours before HCG examination, otherwise it will affect the test results.The main reason is to check the double situation of HCG. You need to check the HCG the next day. If the doubling situation is good, you can exclude ectopic pregnancy.

3. Do B -ultrasound examination

The abdomen B -ultrasound can directly determine whether to suffer from ectopic pregnancy. After the female stops to menstruation for 50 days, she should go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to see how the gestational sac develops in the women’s uterus.Be wary, continue to go to the hospital for review after a week.

1. To solve the root problem

Female friends must actively prevent the number of artificial abortion on tubalitis and avoid unclean sexual life. When the reproductive system disease occurs, it must be treated in time. Do not delay, otherwise the disease will become more and more serious.It can even cause female infertility.

2. High -risk people should actively prevent prevention

For this woman with tubal surgery, we must try pregnancy under the guidance of a doctor.If the women in the Sheung Wan are preparing for pregnancy, they should go to the hospital to check if there are inflammation or diseases of the reproductive system in time, and actively treat it.For women with ectopic pregnancy, preventive measures must be taken, otherwise it will cause serious harm to the body.

Kind tips

When a woman occurs in ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms of menopause will occur, and they are accompanied by lower abdomen pain, especially when the stool is excluded, the pain will increase, nausea, vomiting, and irregular bleeding in the vagina.If abdominal pain is accompanied by a large number of vaginal bleeding, it should be the symptoms of damage to the embryo.If you do not find that ectopic pregnancy, acute bleeding will occur in the abdominal cavity, which will cause blood capacity to reduce the blood capacity. In the end, it will cause severe abdominal pain.

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