Is breast tenderness disease? 4 cases are normal.

Is breast pain?Although many women have encountered breast pain problems.But breast tenderness in four cases is normal.Look down at the specific.

4 kinds of female breast bloating is normal

1. Adolescent breast tenderness

If women have breast pain during adolescence.This is also normal.Mainly because women continue to change hormones in adolescence, girls’ breasts are bulging, and breast tissues continue to grow, so they will have a slight pain.

Nursing method of adolescent breast tenderness

As parents, they must do a good job of adolescent education, and during the period, they must also balance their diet, wear appropriate underwear, and avoid using foods and health products containing too many hormones.

2. Prelimal breast tenderness

Many women say that they will have breast tenderness before menstruation. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon.Generally, this breast tenderness will occur 7 to 14 days before menstruation.And if women’s breast pain is obvious, even the pain can not even touch the underwear, and it seems that the breasts are touching the breast with both hands.Although this, female friends don’t have to worry too much.Breast pain before menstruation will return to normal after menstruation is over.

Care for preliminary breast tenderness

If women are unwilling, they can eat abandoned dairy products, bran, etc. to help increase physical fitness.Or eat more grains, fresh vegetables and fruits to increase fiber intake.

3. Breast pain during pregnancy

Women also have pain in breasts during pregnancy, which is also caused by increased hormone in the body.This change does not have to worry too much.Because this is to prepare for breastfeeding in the future, it is a normal phenomenon.

Methods of breast pain during pregnancy

Breast pain during pregnancy, pregnant women do not need to deal with special treatment. Just pay attention to wearing loose underwear to reduce the pressure on the breast.

4. Breast pain during weaning

The breast tenderness that appears when weaning the child is mainly caused by the accumulation of milk in the breast.In addition, if women are not taken care of breasts after delivery, they will also cause breast pain, hardness, and redness.And if it is not processed in time, mastitis may be triggered.

Method of breast pain during weaning

If a female friend feels that the pain is obvious after childbirth, it can absorb the milk accumulated in the breast with a breast pump, which can reduce the symptoms of breast pain.However, women should pay attention to not to completely suck milk.In addition, women can also help return milk by taking vitamin B6, malt water and other methods.There is also a period of weaning. Eat less nutritious food and soup.This can reduce milk secretion and let the breast return to milk faster.

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