Is cough and phlegm and phlegm, is it useful for mesh sugar water?

Guangming Daily reporter Yue Jiayi

After cutting the newly bought Sydney from the top, dig a hole, and then stuff all kinds of materials such as Sichuan shell powder, rock sugar, and tension.Lose.This is Xiao Peng’s "Internet celebrity" recipe on the Internet. In order to alleviate the symptoms of coughing for a long time after a cold, she also made this food therapy "package" for herself."The taste is sweet and delicious, and the cough seems to be better." Xiao Peng said that she only tasted it once, and did not know how much the effect was. Just be a psychological comfort.

Similarly, Xiao Liu also studied cough recipes on the Internet and insisted on cooking every day."It seems that every time I drink it, it has improved, but the maintenance time is not long, so I even drank for several days, and slowly." Unlike Xiao Peng, Xiao Liu is very determinedMerk the improvement of coughing to your own food therapy.

Not just Xiao Peng and Xiao Liu, making simple "little sugar water" is becoming a food supplement for many people.So is it useful for "small sugar water"?How to eat?

Is sugar water a psychological placebo?

Different from the concept of medicinal materials, most of the raw materials used in this kind of sugar water are the ingredients that we can see in our daily life. Many people have questions. They are common foods. Will there be "strange effects" after simple processing?

"When the disease invades the throat, there will be sore throat. If you fall down to the lungs, cough will occur. The lungs are not available.Tiny stimuli, such as oil fume, dust, irritating odor, etc., may induce cough again. One is that the evil evils are not cleared after external evils, and the other is that the lung function is not fully recovered.Meng Yongsheng, chief physician of the senior medical department of Beijing Xuanwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, introduced that at this time, it can be relieved by taking "small sugar water", which is also a common method.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the selection of suitable ingredients itself can nourish and nourish the lungs.In addition, some fruits in "small sugar water" are rich in vitamins and other trace elements, which helps to recover diseases. Fruits such as Sydney and Golden Orange are rich in vitamins. After entering the body, they will improve the immunity of the human body to a certain extent.

Therefore, many people are looking forward to vitamins, especially vitamin C to prevent colds and reduce the incidence of colds."Although there is no clear conclusion that a certain vitamin can play an exact role in preventing colds, it does not mean it is useless. Once an acute infectious disease such as a cold appears, it can alleviate the cold by the supplement of vitamin C to alleviate the cold.Some uncomfortable symptoms. "Said Zhang Haiying, director of the Pharmacy of the People’s Hospital of Peking University.

In fact, water also plays an important role in the process of our body recovery."Water is responsible for transporting nutrients to all parts of the body and play a basic transportation role, including excretion of waste through urine metabolism, etc., it is also indispensable for enhancing immunity." Ma Guansheng, a professor at the School of Public Health College of Peking University, believes, "" "Some people do not like to drink water. They specifically boiled such food therapy, which at least ensure water intake to a certain extent and play a positive role. "

"’Little Sugar Water’, as a dietary method, can insist on taking it for 2 to 7 days, and some people can take effect in 2 days. Generally speaking, the food therapy does have a good effect, and even when the medicine cannot play a role, Diet therapy may produce strange effects. "Meng Yongsheng reminded," Diet therapy is not a panacea. If necessary, go to the hospital in time. "

Many recipes need to be cautiously distinguished

However, in Meng Yongsheng’s view, some parties on the Internet are difficult to ensure the effect. For the candy recipes that have been circulated, you need to distinguish it carefully to avoid partial trust."First of all, you must choose a highly trusted source of release, and to identify some classic combinations, such as routine materials such as Jinhe and Sydney. Pear is in Chinese medicine Ganhan.Intestines, kumquats have the effect of cleaning up the throat.

"If you think of the effect and maintain the taste, it is more recommended for common matching. Sydney is the effect of moisturizing the intestine and lungs of Ganhan, and the effect of tenth fungus has the effect of nourishing yin and lung.Such as Tremella Sydney Soup and Chuanbei Sydney Soup. They are all nourishing yin and lungs. They are good recipes to alleviate the cough in late colds.Come to relieve sputum. "Meng Yongsheng introduced, and the other recommender is to cook water alone with bran -hearted radishes or cabbage roots and bran -hearted radish to cook water, which can also play the same role, but it is more suitable for sputum and phlegm sticky and white.Take it when it is easy to cough.

"There are also some recipes to pay attention to the use of quantity. For example, the recipes often have high frequency red dates, which really has the effect of reconcile stomach gas, conducting qi and blood. Many people think that it is nourishing and tastes good.In fact, the red dates should not be too much, and excessive red dates will have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. "Meng Yongsheng said.

"When boiling these ingredients, try to avoid adding sugar or less sugar." Meng Yongsheng mentioned that although the rock sugar has the function of sugar in people in people’s cognition, it is often too greasy after adding sugar. The sugar intake is easy to exceed the standard.It will cause gastrointestinal food to stay."Especially for the diet of modern people, due to the richness of our diet, the type and source of ingestion of sugar are actually sufficient. Therefore, generally no more sugar intake is required. Patients with hypertension and hyperlipum glucose and hyperglycemia should minimize as much as possible as much as possible.The intake of sugar. "

The urgency of solving the moment is better to start fundamentally

Although he drank his own "small sugar water", Xiao Peng still felt that his physical condition was slower."It comes once every winter, coughing the chest pain, and often hanging water, it is really painful."

It is also sick. Why do some people have a long journey and serious illness, and even if they change the season when they change the season, while some people can easily spend it?A very important influencing factor is immune function.

Ma Guansheng believes that immunity has an irresistible relationship with his own nutrition."Our body’s immune system is an overall system composed of immune factors, immune cells, immune organs, etc. He constitutes three defense lines in our body to resist the invasion of the pathogenic microorganisms, while nutrition is to maintain these physical functions and health.The material foundation of operation. "

Although some "small sugar water" recipes can relieve symptoms, a better way is to make "material reserve" for the body’s resistance to disease.

For immunity, a very important element is protein, and the composition of human immune three defense line is inseparable from protein."Supplementing nutrition is not simply eating and drinking. We emphasize the intake of high -quality protein." Ma Guansheng said, "The protein consists of amino acids. The so -called high -quality protein refers to the protein composed of amino acids and the closer to the human body, which is more likely to be digested by the human body to digestAbsorption and utilization. Common high -quality protein includes animal protein and soy protein, and the protein of grain creatures is relatively worse. "

Theoretically, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E are closely related to immune function."For example, vitamin C, it can enhance the body’s anti -infection ability from various aspects, and it is also an auxiliary substance with collagen synthesis. It can enhance the body’s blocking effect on foreign germs. It can also promote interferon production, inhibit virus synthesis, and have antiviral effects.Vitamin E can also improve the body’s immune function, and the role of vitamin A is to maintain the integrity of epithelial cells. If it is lacking, it will easily invade the body by germs and increase the infectiousness of respiratory diseases. "Ma Guansheng explained.

There are also some people who have heard of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium. These elements may form immune substances or participate in the functional components of the immune system."The above elements can be taken from daily food. It is really important to eat well." Ma Guansheng repeatedly emphasized this.

"The regulation of physical and immunity is a complex and long -term process, and it is difficult to change in a short time. While striving to improve immunity, what we can do is to adjust the body to a relatively optimal state in the short term. The regular diet, living and living in accordance with the natural operation, and do not cause fear and burden. Even if the disease strikes, it is necessary to meet the challenges and defeat it in the best state. "Meng Yongsheng said.

"Guangming Daily" (11th edition on February 25, 2023)

Source: "Guangming Daily"

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