Is crab eating during pregnancy?Can’t eat lamb during pregnancy?How many years have you been pitted like a rumor?

From the moment a woman became pregnant, she became the focus of the family. She was also affectionately labeled with the "porcelain mother". She was afraid of falling on the palm of my hand.A few months of life staged various thrilling stories … However, many of these stories behind these stories are stunned rumors. How many rumors do you have experienced these rumors during pregnancy?Which rumors have you successfully entered the pit?

1. "Porcelain Mother" adventure will have a miscarriage during pregnancy

In a very distinctive restaurant, the family was eating lunch with a tasteful manner. Suddenly, the pregnant mother saw a beautiful spicy crab on the table next to the guest table, and couldn’t help swallowing.: "I haven’t eaten crabs for a long time, or we ordered a copy?" However, waiting for the pregnant mother to not be delicious crabs in front of me, but overwhelming the truth!What?Are you going to produce crabs?We all promise you whatever you eat. Only crabs are not good. Crab is a benign food.

Will eating crabs really have a miscarriage?Although crabs are benign foods, can they really not eat for some "food" pregnant mothers?

Facts: The nutritional value of crabs is very high, rich in nutrients, including protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements. These nutrients can meet the body needs of pregnant mothers to a certain extent, but there is a prerequisite: Pregnant mothers did not have allergies, diarrhea, etc. before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they can still eat crabs happily and happily, but because of crabs cold, "snack goods" pregnant mothers should not be greedy.Incantant bacteria and parasites, in the process of cooking, must completely kill the bacteria and parasites that "hidden" on crabs.

2. The adventure of "porcelain mother" adventure will get sheep epilepsy

In the early morning of a cold wind, with the snowflakes of the sky -sized phoenix dance, the pregnant mother couldn’t help sighing that the annual winter solstice was coming. She heard that the winter solstice was more matched with mutton, so she proposed that the winter solstice wanted to drink mutton soup at night.Suggestions, I didn’t expect a casual word to set off a storm.My mother -in -law said: You are pregnant and drink some chicken soup, old duck soup, trotters soup, you can drink any soup, but you ca n’t drink lamb soup, not only lamb soup, but even lamb without touching!The granddaughter of the old -fashioned family next door just ate lamb and drank mutton soup. When the child was born, she got sheep epilepsy. When she heard this, she could look forward to the lamb soup in her stomach.

But do pregnant mothers really can’t eat lamb and lamb soup during pregnancy?Lamb means very aggrieved, I don’t want to carry this pot!

Facts: The nutritional value of mutton is no less than a variety of meat. Protein, microorganisms, and trace elements are quite rich. Pregnant mothers eat mutton will cause baby sheep epilepsy.The situation of epilepsy and heredity cannot be removed. In addition, if the pregnant mother eats something that should not be eaten during pregnancy, it will cause damage to the baby’s brain. After the baby is born, she may get sheep epilepsy.

3. The adventure of "Porcelain Mother" can not take medicine during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers enjoy the comfort and coolness of the air -conditioned room in the summer. A big sneezing sounded the room, and the pregnant mother did not care. One day passed, the pregnant mother began to run nose, her throat was inflamed, her headache was exploding. Her husband began to startI was distressed, bringing a cup of hot water and a few cold medicines. The pregnant mother refused. She endured her physical discomfort and said that a cold can not take cold medicine during pregnancy, which will harm the baby!

Pregnant mother was tortured by a cold, carried hard, insisting not to take a little cold medicine, but did you really can’t catch a cold during pregnancy?

Facts: If you have a cold, you will have various symptoms. The pregnant mother who is supported by the hard -working support will be dragged down. If it is kept on, the condition will be more serious and the impact on the baby will have a great impact.If the pregnant mother caught a cold, if the medicine is not sure, you can take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take a cold medicine at will.

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