Is it better to resign after pregnancy or stick to work?The heart sad experience of the person is worth thinking about

It is more important to work at work. Many mothers with children will face such a choice.Someone resigned from work and returned home to raise tires. After the child was born, he took care of the child and became a full -time mother.Some people are about to work until they are about to be born. They return to work after a short maternity leave. The child is handed over to the elderly at home. He is still a professional woman.

Have you regretted resignation after pregnancy?

Xiaomei is an accountant of a large logistics company. Although her job is busy, the treatment is also very good.Later, she married her boyfriend and became pregnant after marriage.Because she is busy working every day, her husband is afraid that she is too tired and the child’s development is not good.I have bought a house, and my husband’s income is also good. Xiaomei also has a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy. After considering, he decided to resign and raise your fetus.

The life of resigning at home was very comfortable, and a few months later, the son was born.However, at this time, they felt a bit difficult to live.Xiaomei spent a lot of money. After her son was born, raising children also needed money everywhere, and her husband’s salary was a bit stretched.

After a year, Xiaomei was very frugal.However, her husband still often complains about spending money at home, and it is difficult to make money.

Xiaomei wants to buy clothes, her husband will say, "You don’t go out to work, and buy new clothes in the cabinet. It is better to save the money for his son." When the son needs to buy something, the husband will complain about her againSpend money from meanting.

It is said that money is the most vulgar thing, but life is inseparable from her.His son was more than one year old, and Xiaomei wanted to go back to the original company to work, but her position had long been replaced by new college students. People graduated from the famous university.If you want to bid such an industry now, your education is not enough.

Looking at the original colleagues, some of them have had children, but they did not delay their jobs. After a few months of maternity leave, they went to work. Friends who were the same position as her have entered the management.Many, the life career is a double harvest.

Xiao Mei regretted it, and she felt that she was so reckless when she resigned her resignation.Many pregnant women will have similar experiences, facing whether to resign or continue to work.

There may be some uncomfortable in the early stages of pregnancy, and the resignation will be better, but the mother who resign and the mother who have always insisted on working in the future will be completely different.

① The condition of life is different

Pregnancy is very hard. Mom will have various discomfort in the body. If you persist in work, it will be tired.If you resign at home, you will be easier.However, the benefits of work at work are that the daily work and rest will be more regular.

If my mother does not stay at home, she may have irregular sleep, diet and other irregular phenomena.Moreover, when you go to work, you can contact some friends and colleagues. They will not be boring in spirit, and they will be boring at home.The pregnant mothers who resign at home and the pregnant mothers who insist on work are completely different living conditions.

② The family’s economic conditions are different

If it is an ordinary working -class family, compared with one person’s work, the family’s economic conditions are still very different.When the child is not born, the two people are more economical.

If after pregnancy, my mother resigned at home to raise tires, and it became a person to make money, and three people spent them together, so the economic conditions are not allowed to be the reason for many mothers to stick to work.After all, there are a lot of expenses for giving birth and raising children.

③ Family status is different

If I say, women who do not make money may not have a family status. Many people will oppose it.However, I think no matter how much your husband loves you, you can make more money or less, you can’t give up yourself to make money.My husband may make a lot of money, you make less money, but the family will also think that two people work hard together.

If you are a full -time mother, even if you pay more effort to take care of your children and take care of your family, it is just a family status that does not make money.Therefore, if you want to resign, you must think about it, and you cannot rely on your husband to live, so that you will gradually lose your family status.

④ Future career development is different

It is difficult for college students to find a job now, and some jobs can be encountered and unable to find.If you resign from pregnancy, when your child is big, come out to find a job, you will find that there are very few jobs suitable for you.The work that originally required a college degree, now I have to undergraduate students. Your original work position will not meet the requirements.

After giving birth to a child and bringing a big child, the mother said that it was eliminated by the society, and it was not exaggerated at all.Looking at the mothers who insist on working in turn, their positions may have been upgraded long ago, and when you don’t dare to think about it.

Whether pregnancy is resigned, it depends on her mother’s own physical condition and work intensity. I hope that every pregnant mother can be healthy and healthy, and have a beautiful future.

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