Is it dangerous for pregnant women to have kidney stones?Pay attention to these 5 points, can reduce risk

Kidney stones are a kind of stone disease caused by abnormal renal excretion function, causing waste accumulation, and may be caused by bad diet.Generally, in addition to huge pain in kidney stones, it will also affect kidney function for a long time. If pregnant women suffer from kidney stones, they must strengthen their attention, otherwise they will hurt themselves and their children.

1. Drink plenty of water

No matter who suffers from kidney stones, you must first drink plenty of water, because when the kidney stones are found early, the volume of the stones is generally relatively small. At this time, drinking plenty of water can promote excretion, and there is a probability that smaller stones actively discharge.However, pregnant women need to pay attention to the volume of stones, because if the stones are large, they cannot simply rely on drinking water to relieve and treat, and they need to be checked for a long time to avoid the deterioration of the disease.

2. Hot compress

Hot compress is a effective relief measure for kidney stones. When discovering kidney stones, it may appear on the pelvis area, or it may be in the ureteral area.When kidney stones cause pain, it is generally mainly spasm pain. Therefore, hot compresses on one side can effectively reduce the symptoms of pain, but after the pain is relieved, the patient still needs to be treated in time, otherwise it will affect women.Normal pregnancy.

3. Strengthen activities

Pregnant women also need to strengthen activities after suffering from kidney stones, because if some people do not like activities, they will cause calcium substances to gather in the blood, and these substances can easily accumulate on the kidney, aggravate kidney stones, and make the volume of volumeBe more bigger.If you exercise, you can help calcium flow to bones, avoid stones, and appropriately improve the strength of the bones.However, pregnant women should pay attention to avoid strenuous activities during activity. Appropriate exercise can play a good effect. During the movement, they should also pay attention to the health of themselves and the fetus.

4. Supplement vitamin

When pregnant women suffer from kidney stones, they also need to supplement a certain amount of vitamins, because vitamins can not only help the body regulate, but some vitamins can also maintain the endometrium of the urethra, so this can prevent the attack of stones.Pregnant women with kidney stones supplement vitamins, in addition to reducing symptoms, can also reduce the impact on the fetus.

5. Use the medicine with caution

Generally, when pregnant women suffer from kidney stones, conservative treatment is chosen, because patients cannot use surgery or other methods during pregnancy. At this time, conservative treatment should be judged according to the size of the stones and the specific parts.Way.If the stones are small and do not cause damage, you will choose to drink plenty of water or infusion to discharge stones.At this time, painkillers and anti -infective drugs are generally used. Pregnant women choose drugs according to their own situation. During the medication, pregnant women should avoid changing dosage and the category of drugs to avoid increasing the burden on the body.

It is a serious situation of pregnant women with kidney stones. Although kidney stones are not easy to directly cause huge damage to the body, women’s bodies are fragile during pregnancy and easily affect fetal health.Be prepared for treatment.In addition to cooperating with treatment, women must also ensure sufficient nutrition in daily life to avoid physical fitness.

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