Is it easy to have a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy?These 4 precautions, the sooner the better, the better

Folks, pregnant women can only announce the news of pregnancy after three months of pregnancy, because they feel that the fetus is unstable in the early stages of pregnancy and cannot tell others about this happy event, otherwise they will collide.It is precisely because of such a statement that many women will be very nervous after pregnancy, fearing that they will accidentally occur in the early stages of pregnancy, and they are afraid of their own abortion.

The chance of women’s abortion in early pregnancy is relatively high, because the pregnancy sac is very unstable in early pregnancy and is easily stimulated by the outside world.If the quality of the gestational sac itself is not good, the chance of abortion is even greater.In addition, women have high sensitivity in the early pregnancy. When they are stimulated by external factors such as the outside world, they will contraction, bleeding, pain, and abortion.70%~ 80%of abortion occurred in the early stages of pregnancy. Women who have just pregnant still have to be careful. Pay attention everywhere and pay attention to everywhere.

1. Loose a loose

Although I was not pregnant when I was pregnant, even if I was pregnant, my belly would not be very large.But this is not the reason for wearing tight clothes. If you wear too tight or wear a waist, the abdomen pressure is very high, which will increase the chance of abortion.To wear loose and comfortable, it is best to put on maternity clothes. If it is not convenient, you must wear some loose versions. Do not put any pressure on the abdomen.

2. Don’t exercise violent exercise

Many women do not know that they are pregnant, they still do very severe exercise, and eventually lead to abortion. There are many examples.Women should pay close attention to their own menstrual conditions.Although pregnant women need exercise, they still have to pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy. Do not do too severe exercise and exercise moderately.If you do severe exercise and symptoms of abdominal pain and bleeding, you need to rest in bed, and go to the hospital for tires if necessary.

3. Do not have much volatility in emotions

In the early stages of pregnancy, the gestational sac is very unstable and is easily affected by external factors. Emotional fluctuations are one of them.Whether it is a great joy or a great tragedy, or nervous, anxiety, especially very violent emotional fluctuations, it will cause female contractions and increase the risk of natural abortion.There must be adequate sleep every day, don’t let yourself be tired, let yourself have a comfortable environment, and have a good mentality and a stable and peaceful mood.

4. Regular pregnancy examination

Many women feel that in the early stages of pregnancy, they cannot do too much examination. These inspection items increase the chance of abortion.This is a wrong idea. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is a very important stage. There are many problems that appear in the early stages of pregnancy.If you feel uncomfortable, go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time, and go to the hospital for a production check -up on weekdays.In this way, we can find problems faster and solve the problem more properly, so as not to delay the treatment time and cause very serious consequences.

In the early stages of pregnancy, women have a higher chance of abortion.There is just a relatively high probability, but it is not 100%, don’t be too nervous.In the early stages of pregnancy, we must do a good job in nursing. Specific mothers should pay special attention to protect their bodies, develop good living habits, and open a good leader for the whole pregnancy.

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