Is it good for health or bad for long -term sauerkraut?2 o’clock to teach you safely

Sauerkraut is a pickled food that many people like. It tastes sour and used to match porridge. The bottom strips are suitable.However, those who value healthy foods should eat less. Otherwise, obtaining nitrite that is not good for human health may increase the risk of some cancer.And eating sauerkraut for a long time is good or bad for health. This problem is worth studying. Let’s start analysis.

The raw material of sauerkraut is vegetables, and vegetables are the source of important vitamins and dietary fiber. If you can eat sufficient amount and variety of vegetables every day, it has a promotion effect on health.The sauerkraut is marinated and it tastes sour.

Other substances will be generated during the fermentation process, each with advantages and disadvantages, and it is really easy to obtain nitrite for a long time. For health considerations, you should control the amount of sauerkraut. At the same timeA little more, otherwise it will pose a threat to health.

Will sauerkraut carcinogens?

Regarding whether the sauerkraut is carcinogenic, we need to consider multiple conditions. If the marinated time is sufficient, usually there are more than three weeks of marinament before eating.Eat frequently and do not directly induce malignant tumors.

However, if the amount of sauerkraut intake is too large, and the marinated time is not enough, it is directly eaten. The intake of nitrite exceeds the standard, which may increase the risk of some cancer. Specific analysis is required.But for your own health considerations, it is better to pick up less food foods. It is not only sauerkraut, but also bacon, canned food, salted fish, ham, etc.

How to eat sauerkraut safely?

In order to safely eat sauerkraut, many knowledge must be mastered. For example, the frequency of eating sauerkraut is reduced. Occasionally, it is irrelevant to eat once or twice. Even if there is a small amount of nitrite inside, the body can naturally metabolize and will not pose a threat to important organs.

However, some people eat sauerkraut almost every day, and the amount of pickled things is too much. Even if the nitrite contained in it is a small amount, it will continue to accumulate, and the final amount will increase.If you want to get nutrients, you should choose other green, healthy foods.

Those who can eat sauerkraut can get the nutrients contained in the original vegetables without worrying about inducing malignant tumors. Among them, the pickled sauerkraut must be sufficient to eat.

Many people pick up sauerkrauts by themselves, but the marinated time is only a week after a week. At this time, the content of nitrite is the most. I often eat sauerkraut at the wrong time.Planted safety hazards.After relevant research, the amount of pickled sauerkraut has a decrease of the amount of nitrite for more than three weeks, and the amount of nitrite will not produce more and more due to long marinating time.

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